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  1. okupton gave reputation to Boomer in Study Level Aircraft Addons for P3Dv4   
    Majestic Q400
  2. okupton received reputation from Nuno Pinto in Captainsim 757 Hotfix 2 released   
    Good to see Captain sim standing behind their products finally. Hoping they get remaining bugs squashed then I’m in 
  3. okupton gave reputation to PaulGR in Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery   
    LH introduced new livery earlier today so figured I'll make one to check it out in the sky :)
    D-ALFX - Fresh from paintshop.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Uploading to Avsim Library right now.

  4. okupton gave reputation to twojastara in My experience switching from 4 to 6 cores (P3D v4.1)   
    I couldn't resist getting two more cores and I have decided to switch from i7-6700K to i7-8700K. I have made few benchmarks monitoring FPS rate through SimConnect (using my own tool).
    My specs:
    before: i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz, MSI Z170A Tomahawk
    after: i7-8700K @ 5 GHz, Asus TUF Z370 Pro Gaming
    16GB RAM, Gigabyte GTX 1080 WF3, 512 GB SSD + 2TB HDD
    As you can notice, the i7-8700K clock was running at slightly faster speed (+6%).
    In VR test I had Oculus Tray tool with pixel density set at 1.5 and Oculus Dash 2.0.
    Test case:
    I have flown PMDG 737 on the same route from EPMO to EPWA through WAR at FL150.
    For each setup I have performed 2 flights - one with regular monitor and another one with Oculus Rift in native VR mode.
    I have been flying in exactly same, historical weather - 16th January 2018, 11:35 UTC with ASP4 and ASCA. Another addons include: FTX Global, Open LC Europe, Vector, Drzewiecki Warsaw X, Drzewiecki EPWA, FSGlobal Ultimate NG, Envtex + Envshade.
    My graphical settings were medium with most of the settings slightly to the left, or in the middle.
    Results (FPS):
    1. i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz (non VR)
    average: 58.6
    median: 57.6
    st.dev.: 12.875
    FPS chart:
    2. i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz (native VR)
    average: 28.4
    median: 23.1
    st.dev.: 9.149
    FPS chart:
    3. i7-8700K @ 5 GHz (non VR)
    average: 62.1 (+6%)
    median: 64.4 (+12%)
    st.dev.: 11.082 (-14%)
    FPS chart:
    4. i7-8700K @ 5 GHz (native VR)
    average: 27.3 (-4%)
    median: 23.2 (+0.4%)
    st.dev.: 7.775 (-15%)
    FPS chart:
    All six cores where running at 70-80%. GPU at same rate.
    There is slight FPS gain in non-VR mode, but it could be explained with increased core speed. Suprisingly, there is no boost in VR mode.
    However, what is worth notice is that standard deviation for i7-8700K is lower for around 2 fps (15%), and median is higher (12%) so it means we have more stable frame rate.
    I have also noticed less bluries and faster textures and objects loading. I think that additional cores are used to process background tasks that load textures, objects and autogen. And that is confirmed with the quote from LM developer:

    'The speed of the primary core will be the determining factor FPS assuming your settings have you CPU-bound. For raw FPS, less cores at a higher clock will yield better results. On the other hand, more cores will improve the speed at which new terrain textures, and autogen data load in.' (link here)
  5. okupton gave reputation to Jean-Paul in A380 piercing the clouds - Salon du Bourget 07   
    A picture I took during the 2007 Le Bourget Air Show. Cropped & resized to 2560x1440.  

    Download link 
  6. okupton gave reputation to HLJames in Monterey to Salt Lake City   
    MSE 2 California, Nevada, Utah
    ORBX Monterey Regional Airport
    Eaglesoft Citation X Extreme V2
    Thanks for Viewing!

  7. okupton gave reputation to Mik75 in Getting "Mad" at San Diego   
    XP11, Rotate MD80 1.4, Ortho4XP, freeware KSAN from the org, MaxxFX, tweaked art controls:

    Thanks for viewing!
  8. okupton gave reputation to Mik75 in A true king of approaches: LOWI ;-)   
    XP11: B732 (FJS Twinjet v3) flight from EDDL (JustSim) to LOWI (JustSim), Ortho4XP, stock WX, stock clouds, MaxxFX, tweaked art controls:

    Thanks for viewing! 
  9. okupton gave reputation to filou in Boring point of view,isn't it?   

  10. okupton gave reputation to Mik75 in Dynamic Lighting at its very best   
    XP11, FJS B732 v3. This addon has an outstanding texturing quality and is beautiful, to the tiniest detail, like the dynamic lighting, which shines onto the cabin window panels, or from the backlit overhead panel onto the switches... And that´s all happening with 40-50 fps and incredible smoothness! 

    Thanks for viewing!
  11. okupton gave reputation to Max-Liea in MadDog update from Facebook   
    Some photo BETATEST



    I'm love this aircraft 
  12. okupton received reputation from Dazkent in Looking for a bigger aircraft for my hangar   
    Majestic is one of the best out there. I’d take a look at that one 
  13. okupton gave reputation to Boomer in QualityWings status update posted; 146, 757 coming to P3D v4!   
    Don't want a Flying Pencil...I want a v4 763.
  14. okupton gave reputation to Boomer in QualityWings status update posted; 146, 757 coming to P3D v4!   
    Well LDS is hinting at a p3dv4 version of their excellent though dated 763, with new cockpit vc textures...
  15. okupton gave reputation to pmb in REX Skyforce manual available/release imminent   
    According to the REX facebook page
    the release of REX Skyforce can be expected within the next day. The manual is already available and can be downloaded from the link given on their facebook page.
    From a first glance, I would call the manual well-written and structured. We'll see if the same applies to the program.
    Kind regards, Michael
  16. okupton gave reputation to DylanC in P3Dv4: PMDG 737 landing FSDT KLAX   
    Definitely sounds like default P3D ATC with the Editvoicepack mod to speed up it's speech.
  17. okupton gave reputation to Chock in City of Light   
    Paris certainly earning the famous nickname of The City of Light in this shot of my VC10 departing from Le Bourget and turning over the city at 4,000 feet...

  18. okupton received reputation from rightseat in Aerosoft CRJ 25% off - only today   
    It performs well on my low end machine 3770 and gtx 760. If you can run pmdg ok, you’ll be fine I think 
  19. okupton gave reputation to airernie in GSX and Ray Smith Scenery   
    Some of you may already be aware of this, but I wasn't. 
    I am a big fan of Ray Smith's excellent freeware scenery (thanks Ray), however I recently noticed that some of his airports weren't being recognized by GSX even though both FSX and Little Navmap found them.
    I did a bit of looking on FSDT's forum and discovered that the likely cause was due to the size of the .bgl file. 
    In the past Ray supplied a separate OBJ file, which resulted in a small bgl (exp; KIND 73 KB).   However, the newer files now have the objects embedded in the bgl , which results in a much larger file (exp; KMKE 4,427 KB).
    GSX has a default maximum size it will recognize, which means it blows off files such as KMKE.  To enable loading of KMKE and other large bgl, a field need to be added to the Couatl.ini file.  Rather than try to explain it here, I would recommend a visit to FSDT's GSX forum and take a look at the message titled; "Ray Smith VHHH".
    I upped mine to 5000000 and KMKE now displays.  Of course there may be other larger ones, so the value may need to be upped again.
  20. okupton gave reputation to B777ER in Flightbeam KIADv2 <released>   
    FlyTampa needs to get a manager similar to what Flightbeam came out with along with native v4 installers. 
  21. okupton gave reputation to sfgiants13 in Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales   
    Flightbeam now 30% off too. Now I'm happy!
  22. okupton gave reputation to HiFlyer in The 747's final approach   
    Fitting tributes;
  23. okupton gave reputation to ryanbatcund in One shot: High Final!   
    Goodnite avsim!  Landing Ry 26 KTNP XP11.
    highfinal by ryan b, on Flickr
  24. okupton received reputation from sbague1 in Drzewiecki Design - New York Airports v2 released   
    Definitely not the greatest texturing on terminal buildings. I don't have ewr though. I still think bang for your buck, its worth it. Isn't there a 30% off sale going on now? 
  25. okupton gave reputation to DrzewieckiDesign in Drzewiecki Design - New York Airports v2 released   
    Please do not post hate speech about us - we always try to answer each and every customer message and accusing us of poor customer service is very much unfair. Nobody blocked you from our support forum. Sometimes customers' e-mail providers block our e-mails but this is not our fault. You can always contact us directly on e-mail and ask to manually activate your forum account. There is really no problem with that.
    Please provide us some screenshots of how that "forced fake light glows" look in your sim. The lighting should look exactly as on our promotional screenshots, unless something is wrong with the mip-maps settings of your graphic processor. I do not have many night VFR hours as a pilot but judging from I've see myself and from many video sources we have studied, our lighting looks realistic (as far as graphic display settings are set correctly). Additionally, did you try the dimmed light texture?
    Calling a License Agreement - "audacity" - is never a good way of solving issues. I am sure more authors would agree that editing any files, including AFD files, without a written permission from an author, is indeed a reverse engineering and often a violation of author's rights.
    You are very wrong. AFD files contain much more information than how AI should behave (f/e ATC approaches, excludes, flattens, navaids, placed objects) and often customers editing AFD files result in some of that content being removed, producing sufficient bugs in a product.
    I am not sure how you came to that conclusion (and I am sorry you did) but please note that the alternative commercial products for NY airports available at the market are much heavier in terms of FPS and VAS usage. Our set of 6 (!) airports can easily be used with our NY City X products and very complex aircraft like PMDG. The point was to provide our customers 6 good, up-to-date and flyable airports rather than modeling scratches on terminal buildings (which we can technically do indeed) but making a product unflyable even with one airport activated.
    This might mean that your e-mail provider blocks a lot of e-mail content, including our e-mails. Can you try registering on our forum with f/e free Gmail account?