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  1. 330kts at FL200, the Legacy is one mighty aircraft for touring!
  2. Les Saab 340A v1.5 for xp11 released

    Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, the XP11 update to the Les Saab 340a is now available from point of purchase. New features added X-Plane 11 now supported Fixed a bug with CRS 2 Dial Re-coded the CRS1 logic to better handle the GPS course adjustment Fixed a bug in the pump timer logic to test if timer is active prior to initialization New tiller hydraulic on/off button command added Fixed a bug within the sound code Fixed autopilot from oscillating in X-Plane 11 Reduced take off trim Changed radius of gyration for X-Plane 11 Adjusted engine PID logic Adjusted ITT Temperatures Aileron trim adjustments for X-Plane 11 Added PBR and new normal maps for X-Plane 11 Adjustments to glass objects and textures for X-Plane 11
  3. Glad it's back...lost without it, first thing I look at when I go to Avsim.
  4. No longer showing on Homepage (front lower right) in Firefox or Chrome (since 12 March 2018)
  5. Win 10 updates

    I haven't had any problems with win 10, auto downloading and installing updates. It has never overwritten my Nvidia graphics drivers, which I update when I get an update notification. Having said that, some have had problems with the drivers defaulting back to the windows version. I guess it's just a matter of seeing what happens with your system and adjusting to suit.
  6. Opinion-Paint Shop Vs Photoshop

    I have been painting liveries since FS98 my main paint/preferred program was Photoshop, until, I started using Affinity Photo by Serif. I now use this excursively for aircraft liveries and photo/image editing. It is just as good as, if not better than PS and you actually buy, the product, with lifetime free updates not rent it as with PS (I loathe this business model). I have also used Paintshop Pro and Gimp which can achieve good results with some work. You can download a trial fully functional copy from Serif and decide for yourself.
  7. Before buying QualityWings Boeing 787

    Perhaps you could search it on YouTube, there are numerous reviews, how to's and flight videos which should answer any and all of your questions.
  8. Regarding the TFDi 717...

    I have about 200 hours on the TFDI 717, and purchased it second week of release, I opted in for the beta versions and have watched it evolve into a truly magnification aircraft that is a tad short of what I would call study level. I fly Qantas routes varying range in short hops of 200nm to longer 1600nm (Qantas operate 20, 717 aircraft). There are still a few glitches that need to be addressed, particularly VNAV in descent and the TOD calculations vary, even on the same sectors flown with same alt/speed settings. Despite onging assurances TDFi have not released the painkit for the 717. Documentation is basic but accurate, but there a numerous YouTube tutorial available, the load manager allows for calculated fuel weight to be added or distance flown and is necessary to work out CG etc, but is easy to use. The onboard cockpit tablet allows charts and approach plates to be read directly from the cockpit. TFDi have recently introduced 'trueglass' which, when flown through weather has rain drops and streaks of built up water, showing on the glass - looks very real. In summary, the TFDi 717 is a good in depth aircraft that replicates all systems to a reasonable level of detail, it is fairly priced, has good product support and gets better with each update.
  9. CityScene Gold Coast has been released....as a resident of the area this is a very good depiction of the area, will supplement the Freeware YBCG Goldcoast Airport nicely. ORBX Goldcoast Cityscape
  10. Carenado S550 Autopilot

    You could try Youtube or Google, there are numerous tutorials, reviews and flights for the 550 that should answer all your questions. The aircraft has been around awhile.
  11. Can't edit aircraft config files inside P3D folder

    Sounds like you don't have full Admin rights, right click on the cfg file, ->properties ->security. If you have permissions to edit this file there should be a tick next to modify, if not, then edit to get permissions.
  12. Went Back To V4.1 Lags Stutters no NUM PAD inputs

    Have you checked that the key assignments are still present under control settings menu, they might have been somehow. wiped. Seems like there are some issues with the 4.2 update, from past experience back to v3, I've made a point of waiting a month before any updates are made available, to give addon developers a chance to catch up and LM to sort out any bugs in the P3D update. Tempting as it is, to update now, I'll stick with 4.1 for another fortnight or so.
  13. Australian aerodrome scenery

    Have to agree ORBX quality Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart would fill the void nicely ........one day
  14. Australian aerodrome scenery

    Steve, A better than stock versions of Perth and Hobart have been done. Ants has done a great version of Darwin links can be found on this site. Other great detailed airports are also available - YSDU, YSBK, YBHM, YBTL, YAYE, YMRY, YTRE, YBMA. They were designed for FSX but work fine in Prepar3d v3-4.1 Some have been fully updated for Prepar3d 3/4. All freeware or Donation. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/ A good source for Aussie scenery and aircraft repaints for VH- rego.