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  1. XP11

    Beautiful shots! And a nice registration on this one! ;-)
  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thx so much! Your comment is appreciated!
  4. Go and get it at: https://store.x-plane.org/A320-Ultimate_p_688.html#tab-1
  5. Thx a lot! ;-) And I hope, not to get banned... :-)
  6. ...in the Eclipse NG by Aerobask, airports are freeware by tdg (from the org), scenery is Ortho4XP ZL16-17 and X Europe, wx and atmosphere by xEnviro 1.07 and MaxxFX: Thanks a lot for viewing!
  7. :-) Good choice! And I hope, you went flying!? ;-) Btw, there are some very good russian aircraft available for XP. Like the uber study level TU-154, and a very nice An-24...
  8. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Glad, you like it! :-)
  9. ...of my flight simmers heatr! ;-) On approach into EDFM: Aeroboask Eclipse NG, XP11.11r2, ortho4XP, X Europe, xEnviro 1.07, MaxxFX, stock EDFM. Thanks for viewing!
  10. Thx a lot for commenting! Glad you like them! :-)
  11. It’s got decent enough system modelling (for me), all synoptics displays are there. A freeware Terrain Radar plug in from the org integrates flawlessly into its ND, the electronic checklists help you to get started, and the decent stock FMC loads SIDs, STARs, transitions and approaches. And the navdata are updatable via Navigraph or Aerosoft. All in all, very fun plane to fly, worth every cent. And she looks beautiful! :-)