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  1. It's COMPLETELY irrelevant because that's NOT why I have a problem with eSellerate. You're trying to turn this into a sales pitch and point out all the positives. Save it and let potential customers make their own decision. Most will not have a problem with it if the product itself is great and the ones who will aren't going to be won over by the arguments presented so far or your personal opinion on the matter, guaranteed. A trial functionality can still be integrated into the code with little to no DRM at all. It all comes down to the comfort level of the publisher/developer and not the DRM. Don't pretend like it's only possible thanks to eSellerate, you as a programmer, should know better. From a technical standpoint, it is very much possible. Fact. Stay on topic. Why you compare Starforce to eSellerate is beyond me. I consider both unfriendly and inconvenient simply because, they are, to me. That doesn't mean they're one and the same in the way they function. Do not put words in my mouth, thank you. Great, but that wasn't the initial argument here which you've chosen to ignore. It's common sense that the majority aren't would-be customers, well known AAA publishers have acknowledged as much, like CD Projekt RED. With the figures you brought forth earlier, I would say you've more than proved my point. Unless you can prove otherwise, there's not much else to say. You're drawing conclusions all over the place. Nothing I've said so far is wrong, not a single thing. Our opinions differ, that's all there is to it. You don't have to respect mine (it makes no difference to me personally), but you will have to accept it, as I will accept yours.
  2. I can appreciate a trial feature for software, sure, but that's irrelevant and strictly a business decision. You feel the services provided by eSellerate allows for a trial because it's within your comfort zone but that's YOUR PERSONAL feeling. We're seeing developers, big and small, releasing products with little to no DRM despite the fact that it is indeed a niche market. Activation is fine, I've said that all along. Neither Starforce or eSellerate are lite DRM. Any form of fingerprints and stamps, background processes, encryption, limitations to activation uses or mandatory deactivation due to identifier being in use. It's all part of the newer generation of DRM which aren't considered lite. The first generations of DRM began as a simple activation and I support that a hundred percent. Always have, always will. I do actually. You even openly admitted it yourself. Here's what you said and I quote; a. believe it or not, the number of people that TRY to activate a blacklisted Serial Number are in the TENS OF THOUSANDS PER YEAR. b. the ones that subsequently purchase a product are about THOUSANDS PER YEAR I rest my case. I agree DRM is a necessary evil in the industry but like I said, within reasons. As a software developer, you will lose out no matter which approach you choose to take so put your customers first. Virtuali, lets agree to disagree on to what extend DRM should be used. You can count me in as a customer if you ever change your DRM policies and I will personally buy some of the products through you to make good on my promise.
  3. No, I'm not wrong. You're drawing conclusions here. I never said eSellerate was like Starforce. I said I don't like neither. Again, I know how it all works (I'm a programmer myself) and thus why I don't condone taking such measures in protecting IP. eSellerate is different from say Starforce but it still creates a hw fingerprint and enforces consumers to take extra steps (deactivation/activation). You say it's friendly, I say it's inconvenient and unnecessary. Is it there for the consumers? No, it's there with anti-piracy in mind. Convenient is; activate, boom, done. Permanently. That's convenient and consumer friendly. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong. If you believe DRM like eSellerate is the way to go, then by all means. I'll never support it and I have every right not to. I don't support Apple and my Windows doesn't need registration. There are numerous ways to own a Windows license. But activations are perfectly okay, as long as there are no asterisks whatsoever. People pirate because they can't afford the products. I don't condone piracy, I'm in fact very much against it and support lite DRM. That being said, the majority of people who pirate aren't potential customers so what little profit you gain from using DRM like eSellerate, you lose from alienating other customers. I've seen people complain about it on your forums and elsewhere, Virtuali. Do you really buy that customers jump in joy when they find out they have to deactivate a product? Hardly. As for breaking even, other companies are getting by.
  4. I know how it works but DRM like eSellerate, Denuvo, Starforce etcera are not consumer friendly. I believe in protecting your intellectual properties but within reasons. There should never be a limit to x amount of activations, machine fingerprints, background processes, deactivation requirement or anything remotely close. It's not a knock on your products, it's a knock on the DRM in use. Like I said, it's a matter of principle to me and always has been - just like I treasure online privacy and in real life. Piracy cannot be defeated and studies show that DRM does more damage than good. Point in case, you lost me as a customer.
  5. Anything from FlyTampa. Superb quality throughout, great performance and customer support. Some of the latest offerings from Taxi2Gate are great as well. You can't go wrong with these two. I can't speak on behalf of FlightBeam and FSDT/C9 as I don't support products with unfriendly DRM but I'm told they're good too. I'm tempted to get KDEN but I will not as it's a matter of principle.
  6. DanishFlyer82

    ORBX v1 installers

    As carlito777 has pointed out, for FSX/P3DV1 installers, you are better off installing them manually (please refer to the article posted in this thread) as other tools will emulate FSX and thus install the FSX version. For FSX-only installers, you may use migration tools.
  7. DanishFlyer82

    So.... P3D 2.4 and ATI video cards

    Mind you, VSR is currently limited to R9 285 and above with support for other R9 models coming 2015.
  8. DanishFlyer82


    A few pictures or a video with rain effects from VC would be greatly appreciated. Thinking about getting this but I want to see what it looks like in P3D first. Thanks!
  9. DanishFlyer82

    So.... P3D 2.4 and ATI video cards

    Unless your card was faulty, it's not the GPU. It's likely the settings and incompatible addons. For example, I've been able to replicate single digit fps scenarios with incompatible and badly optimized addons (like the Carenado Phenom). Simply stay away from those. With A2A C172 and Orbx scenery, I'm getting 60+ fps if I turn off the limiter (I usually fly with it locked at 30) on a R9. The AMD criticism is not at all warranted.
  10. DanishFlyer82

    P3D 2.4 not letting me complete airliner flights

    I haven't touched the LOD so it's set at the default (LOD_RADIUS=6.500000)
  11. DanishFlyer82

    So.... P3D 2.4 and ATI video cards

    It's running fine on my end (R9 280/7950). Latest stable drivers.
  12. DanishFlyer82

    P3D 2.4 not letting me complete airliner flights

    Second Test Flight EETN-EKCH-EIDW-EGHI (non-stop) Addons used: * FTX England * FTX Global * FTX Global Vector * FS Global Ultimate Europe/Africa * Drzewiecki Design Tallinn X * FlyTampa Copenhagen Kastrup International * Aerosoft Mega Airport Dublin * FTX Southampton Airport * Aerosoft A319 * Ultimate Traffic 2 (65%/15%) * REX 4 Texture Direct (1024 textures, dxt1/5, non-HDR textures. Everything installed) * OpusFSI No scenery was disabled. No OOM, no warnings. I would say Prepar3d is pretty darn stable.
  13. DanishFlyer82

    P3D 2.4 not letting me complete airliner flights

    Test Flight (EKCH-ENGM) Setup: i5 4670K @4.9GHz (3.4GHz) R9 280 (non-X) 3GB @1150/1550MHz (980/1350MHz) - equivalent to a stock 770 16GB RAM @2133MHz 1920x1080 Settings: Locked at 30 FPS. HDR enabled, Volumetric fog disabled (no impact on my system but I don't care much for it), Cloud density set to Medium and 70 miles, Object shadows set to 6K (plenty), Shadow quality set to Low (sounds horrible but still looks good), Terrain and Cloud shadows set to 0 (but enabled), Interior and Exterior Vehicle set to Cast and Receive. Water reflections set to standard. Scenery complexity set to Extremely Dense. Autogen vegetation density set to Dense, Autogen building density set to Normal. Everything else has been set to maximum. Prepar3d.cfg: [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=16 [Main] AlwaysFullLoad=1 AM=16 works wonders on my system. Perfectly balanced and nets a nice gain of 4-5 FPS under severe weather conditions and airports like EGLL (Aerosoft). There is no change in FPS if not under full load (not related to the above AlwaysFullLoad=1) Addons: FTX Global FTX Global Vector (everything enabled during this test flight) REX 4 Texture Direct (1024 textures, dxt1/5, non-HDR textures. Everything installed, including clouds) FlyTampa Copenhagen Kastrup International (everything enabled (including Copenhagen City .bgl), all jetways and using updated AFCAD, 1024 textures - non HIRES) Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo V2.04 (everything enabled) Ultimate Traffic 2 (the ENTIRE section under the Traffic tab in P3D has been set to either 0 or disabled. Everything. Inside UT2, Display Traffic is set to 65% and 15% (airlines and ga) Aerosoft A318/A319 (I used the A319 for the flight) OpusFSI FS Global Ultimate is currently uninstalled. I will install it this weekend and do another flight to see if it makes a difference. Result EKCH: 28.2 FPS (average, recorded) from gate through initial climb. Weather condition: Overcast ENGM: 25.7 FPS from approach to gate. Weather condition: Heavy snow Locked at 30 FPS inbetween and no VAS issues whatsoever. No alerts from FSUIPC either. I've also successfully completed multiple flights from EKCH to LOWW with Aerosoft's Brandenburg enabled. I never thought I would come to love P3D but weeks of meticulous tests and refusing to give up, it's now performing better than FSX ever did and with far better visuals to boot. I'm impressed with what LM has done so far and very much look forward to the next patch! Do yourself a favor, temper your expectations and keep your settings in check and I see no reason why you would run out of VAS all the time. Don't max the settings out just because, take your time and find that sweet spot. It's well worth it.