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  1. Great shots. Never forget the fun of trying to find Sutton's place for the first time.
  2. That's good news! Will the GTN touch be functional on a touch screen monitor?
  3. The throttles look wonderful, thanks.
  4. It was very nice to see the boss at work. Thanks for posting.
  5. This is quite refreshing to hear, thank you very much.
  6. Well, you certainly have my attention!
  7. Well then what do you guess 4.1 is going to give us? I feel like it's still Christmas.
  8. Salem and surroundings look great, the golf course there is a gem.
  9. A2A Accufeel I really miss the squeal of the tires and the bone jarring thump of my subwoofer when I drop it a bit too hard on the runway.
  10. Congrats Bill, fine looking machine with lots of horsepower.
  11. One more thing to check, look outside, does the rudder move when you press the pedals?
  12. Couldn't agree more, I personally like the 'thud' in the seat at touchdown.
  13. Seems odd to release a new plane that is not compatible with the current version of the sim (v4).
  14. Chase plane has a forum here...FSFX Packages - ChasePlane Support, might start there.
  15. I sure hope so, put a on it then we know it was a joke.