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  1. Good evening together,


    if the question was asked already hundred times.... sorry ;-)


    Just bought it on simmarket. When I want to install at the point where the activation starts and asks for order number, E-Mail and last name I just get the messages "Order not found" or "Internal failure".


    Its just that the server is completely overcrowded? Or has anybody a solution for that?

    Thanks alot, Nicolas

  2. Hi Mark,


    I made several flights with the new installation with no issues. Made a flight on Wenesday everything was perfect. Flight on Thursday that problem came up. I changed absolute nothing on my system since then. And the other planes are also fine. Whatever, on sunday I will reinstall it.... again ;-) Sometimes I think the real game in FSX is not flying around, its installing around ;-). You have won if you get your FS running with all addons and no issues ;-)



  3. Hi Tyler,


    thought that too short before you wrote your entry ;-) So I tried clear skies, but same problem. Also tried the QW757 and default 737 and no problems here. The problem comes only with the NGX. Climbing above 5000 ft is not possible. Below, I can feel no problems. Takeoff and landing are working as always. Very strange. ;-) I will try a reinstallation tomorrow. Maybe that will help.


    Thank you,



  4. Hi,


    today the first time, since I own the NGX I noticed following problem.


    I had a complete reinstall of my FSX system. At the moment I only use the NGX, Orbx Blue, FS2Crew and Opus Live Weather.


    I always follow the same procedures since I own the NGX. Cold and dark setup, configure my NGX, takeoff, enroute, landing. Everything is ok since my new installation.


    Suddenly since yesterday (nothing changed on my system) I follow the same procedures as always, after takeoff the NGX is leveling off at around 4000 ft and does not want to climb anymore. Engines running at nearly fullpower but the plane does not acellerate and does not climb. I tried several Autopilot modes and manual climbs. Whenn I start climbing, the speed goes down more and more until I stall.


    Does anybody had that same issue? Anybody knows a solution for this weird problem?


    Thanks alot ;-)



  5. A nice saturday afternoon to everyone ;-)


    At the moment I'm enroute on my MD-11 from EDDM to KJFK. Flying now anywhere over the North Atlantic I asked myself what are the three speeds showing on the PFD and the ND (see picture).


    Its just a guess from myself, never tried to find out what they really are until now ;-). So:


    On the ND the GS stands for Groundspeed? So the speed over Ground is 456 knots?

    The TAS stands for True Airspeed? 478 knots, in this case higher because I have a Headwind?


    Correct so far?


    But what then is the speed shown on the PFD, the 275 knots. Always thought that is the airspeed? Why its around 200 knots lower than the TAS shown in the ND?


    Thanks for any answers, Nicolas

  6. Always something new ;-) I enjoyed many flawless hours on my NGX, but suddenly I have that issue when I takeoff or landing on all my airports I always hear that MM, OM, or IM sound. I'm sure that sound hasn't existed on my flights before I noticed that a few days ago. Could also be possible I have ignored it over one year since I have the NGX, but I cannot imagine that ;-) I really don't know why this sound comes up suddenly. I don't have changed anything in my FSX. Can anybody explain me how to turn this stuff off?


    Thanks alot :-)


    Nicolas Reich

  7. Very nice find, thanks for sharing!


    Wasn't really expecting much in quality and variety from this one when I downloaded it, but It sure stands out there on one of the best freeware airports I have for FSX!




    I absolute love flying there.Much better than some payware I have. Another "masterpiece" I forgot is the Napoli freeware scenery.


    <<Link temporarily removed by MOD due to possible malware - Sorry, I've checked and gotten an alert from there too - for now its best to remove the link. If anyone can prove its false positive let me know, drop me a PM and I'll put it back in - Momtchil>>

  8. hi,


    i'm always looking for nice interesting freeware destinations in europe for my ngx ;-) For example I found two absolute awesome freeware sceneries. One is the airport of Kiev




    The other is the airport of Geneva





    Absolue payware qualitiy and complete for free. Are there more Airports like this for free?


    Thanks nicolas

  9. ...which was, as I remember, posted anywhere here in the PMDG forum, a few weeks/months ago. It was quiet professional looking few minutes clip with several takeoff, landing and inflight scenes of cockpit flights with a ryanair 737-800.


    And if I'm not completely wrong it was with background music from Coldplay(?). But that ist what I cannot remember clearly ;-)


    Does anybody know which video I mean? Already used search functions etc. with no succes. Thanks for any help. ;-)


    Nicolas Reich

  10. Hi together,


    I know I have already read here about the issue, described in my topic, but i didn't found a solution for that. When I'm in my VC i cannot see the wingtips of the plane or the nose when I go all to the front of the VC. Is there any quick solution for that? Thanks for any kind of help ;-)


    Nicolas Reich

  11. hello together, 


    I still really love to fly our old md-11. Just an awesome plane ;-) I only have the problem with the not correct aligned runways on takeoff and landing. When I do an ILS approach, after following the waypaints what are on the extended runway centerline, the runway is always bears always to the right or left on my navigation display. The same on takeoff. I line up stright on the runway withe the right heading, on my nav display the runway also bears to the right or left and is not straight. 


    The strange thing on that is that I don't have that problem on my NGX or PMDG747X. There everything looks straight and correct on my ND. I already have read the thread about the magnetic variations on FSX and followed the instructions there. 


    Does anybody have a solution for that? Would be great. Thank you, Nicolas 

  12. Hi Jim,


    thanks for your answer and for your advices. I use UT Europe and I have done many researches on Google but never found any solution for that. My problem is also not the brightness of my screen. The problem is all the fields between the many villages look like they were illuminated bei any kind of artificial light. In reality I think from a plane at night you cannot see anything than black at night expeckt for the city lights. If I do a flight over europe everything on the ground looks like a big illuminated world, expect for the forrests. They are nearly dark (I know complete darkness is not possible in FSX). For example night flights over Australia with the ORBX scenery are great. I already have given up finding a solution for that, or I just dont fly over europe at night, but last time I arrived in europe at darkness from a long flight from Asia I thought I'll giv it another try finding something to solve it. ;-)


    But as already said, thanks for your advices, unfortunately nothing of that helped. If anybody knows something I would be happy.


    Nice evening together ;-)



  13. hello,


    I just installed a navigraph update for the md11. now i noticed some incorrectnes on my flights in australia. runways are not correct displayed in my ND. it seems they dont't have the correct heading. and when i choose an ILS approach the line which leeads you normaly straight to the rwy has some litle curves on it. does anybody know how to solve this?


    thanks alot, nicolas

  14. I really love the MD-11. But since Iflown the Leveld-D with the Voice Commander I cannot fly a plane without it ;-) Anyway, expect the MD-11. I still fly it very much, and I would be one of the guys who will buy a voice version "even if its just" like the 747 version (which I also own, and makes always fun tu use it)Nicolas

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