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  1. No argument here. Currently very happy running MSFS and XP11. It's not an either/or choice. (I still have P3D4 too, for certain aircraft.)
  2. Pretty much the same for me across all three sims. How much time do I spend looking at the scenery? 50% How much time do I spend monitoring the aircraft systems? 50% How much time do I spend away from the sim doing other things? 0% The last one is a bit grey because although I'm never away from the sim I sometimes do things that are not looking at the scenery and not monitoring systems either e.g. reading the manual for the aircraft, looking at charts, etc. but these are things a real-world pilot might do too. For me, long-haul is any flight over 45 minutes , whcih doesn't leave time for anything else so I'm either 100% simming or 100% not simming.
  3. My dad would have considered himself totally out-of-tune with paranormmal phenomenabut a month or so after getting out of hospital - he had suffered a stroke - he was talking about a nurse on his ward "...and I could see she wasn't long dead." I'd only been half-listening and got him to back up and repeat, and he said he saw a nurse in old-fashioned headgear standing on the curtain rail of the bed opposite his, looking down at him and smiling. He must have had a thing for smiling women because he told us on another occasion that on another occasion he woke to see a woman standing over the bed at home looking down at my mother and smiling. My mother freaked out "I don't want to hear about it!" His attitude was, hey she was smiling so what's the problem, but my mother didn't want to hear anythig about spirits, fowning, smiling, or cracking up laughing. He wasn't imaginitive that way and had no interest in the paranormal at all. I'm skeptical but open-minded and I've worked in one office which I do believe was haunted, and also saw something very odd one night down at our local hardour, where someone was walking towards me along the pier and then vanished behind some fishing nets and never reappeared even though there was nowhere else for him to go.
  4. I've flown with 2D panels and always hated it. The only use I can think of for them is a specific screen for a specific purpose in a home cockpit setup. Otherwise I find them extremely unnatural and counterintuitive.
  5. "Hello ATC I'm a passenger at the controls of the plane." ATC: "Are you a hijacker?" "No" ATC: "OK stay calm, has there been a hijacking?" "No" ATC: "Did the pilots both have the fish?" "No." ATC: "What then?" "They're having a punch-up back in first class..."
  6. I spent some time flying there in FSX, with the PNG Bushtrekker scenery package. Great fun and some very challenging airstrips whose creators must have either been drunk or just hated pilots. If such a package came out now for MSFS or X-Plane it would be an instant purchase from me.
  7. The good thing about science is that it does keep its mind open for alternatives and is in a constant state of self-correction.
  8. I usually open the window after engine start to listen for the change in sound, then think "cool", close it again and that's that.
  9. That's not just a rumour. Check out some of their videos too see the kind of (almost obsessive) attention to detail they bring to their creations, e.g. The only problem with them is that their releases are so infrequent, and they might no cover the aircraft you like e,g, I know their Comanche is a great product, but I just can't warm to thal panel so I've never bought it. Thankfully they also have the Bonanza V35 in the complex sngle space.
  10. Very much so. The Simcoders REPs in X-PLane elevate default aircraft and Carenado aircraft to almost study-level. It's a wonderful idea that sadly never came to P3D but hopefully will come to MSFS so that simmers don't have to wait for someone like A2A to decide to do an aircraft for it to get the five-star treatment. The XP11 default 172 REP adjusts the steam gauge AND the G1000. The helps me since I'm not mad about the G1000 cockpit, but better modelling of its functionality gives me more of a reason to fly it.
  11. Yes indeed. Not sure why that's the case. I have Deluxe Edition so the question is do I want another 172 to add to my A2A 172, my Airfoillabs 172 and my REP 172s (G1000 and Steam). At €18.95, I think that's a "yes".
  12. New from Just Flight...additional systems depth for the Skyhawk. https://www.justflight.com/product/172sp-classic-enhancement?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=172SP Classic Enhancement for the default C172 Skyhawk&utm_content=172SP Classic Enhancement for the default C172 Skyhawk+CID_a55988941e37b0aef9a7e3f6f38af11d&utm_source=cm&utm_term=172SP Classic Enhancement So many quality Skyhawks to choose from now for each of the three main sims. Happy days.
  13. *Shrug* Perhaps. I'm pretty new to XP. But my system exceeds the requirements for XP12 so for me this is a non-story. It would have made more sense if you'd been clear about this from the outset.
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