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  1. Where can you get FS9 these days? Asking for...er...a friend...
  2. You can't beat the Italians for churches. We happened on a small-ish church in Rome called st. Andrea delle Fratte quite by chance just a couple of blocks from the Trevi. From outside the main entrance it doesn't look like much... ...but inside...wow... Beautiful paintings, side altars, carvings and two angels by Bernini. Barely an inch of undecorated surface (not counting the marble). I'm not a believer, but I do like a nice church. 🙂
  3. This is why the "we'll release it when it's ready" approach, while it can be frustrating, is a better way to go. If MS really did release early because they were going for the virgin simmers market segment, I think that's a grave mistake. Buyers like that are likely to get frustrated, write the game off as a pile of poop and move on to something else, but leaving the MSFS reputation permanently tarnished. Only dedicated simmers are likely to stick around to see it become what it promises to be. IMHO, of course.
  4. The trouble with being at the cutting edge is that sometimes you're the one that gets cut. It's much more comfortable behind the curve. 🙂 I don't like being an early adopter and I've never pre-ordered a game in my life. What's the point? If it's a download it's not exactly going to sell out leaving empty shelves, is it? If people don't want to suffer the the pain of bugs and missing features, they shouldn't buy early. The gaming industry shouldn't be like that, but unfortunately it is. I imagine I'll pull the trigger on it in 6 - 12 months, as I've done with all the best games I've owned.
  5. Reminds me of Tony Hancock as the artist in The Rebel... "I'll just knock out a quick still life before breakfast..."
  6. They won't be getting anything from my bank account. I've just carried out a Stalin-type purge of aircraft my FSX/P3Dv4 installations and liquidated every except A2A, Realair/Vertx, Majestic, and PMDG plus a couple of other specific products e.g. Aerosoft Twotter and Catalina, Flight1 King Air. Every thing by Just Flight and Carenado has been culled, and also all freeware, although I'll be reinstalling Manfred Jahn's DC-3. My intention with MSFS, assuming I buy it, will be to fly the default aircraft first and discover the edges of their quality envelopes before looking at third party stuff and even then only buying the best. That doesn't leave room for any for the (admittedly gorgeous-looking) offerings cranked out from the Carenado sausage machine.
  7. I'll take a donkey...and the Army of the Reserve. We'll outflank the Austrians in Lombardy. That'll show them. Oops, wrong game...
  8. I still have FSX in addition to P3D v4, because my FSX(SE) includes a few aircraft and sceneries that aren't available for P3D and I've don't feel I've flown enough yet to be happy to cut loose of just yet, and that includes the more expensive tubeliners. It's my own fault for being such an aircraft add-on sierra-lima-uniform-tango.😀
  9. Excellent book. I still have my copy handy.
  10. It's funny how so many rush to call time of death on the existing stuff as soon as something shiny and new comes out. It wasn't that long ago that P3D v4 was being hailed as the "the future". Looks like its time as the future lasted just over three years. Fate and flight simmers are so fickle... I suspect that until PMDG, FSLabs and A2A have products ready to go for MSFS, the drips and monitors won't be needed for P3D just yet.
  11. The big hook for me with MSFS 2020 isn't seeing my own house (but of course the first thing I'll do is look for it!), it's the ability to get everything I look for in a flight sim out of the box, without having to purchase and load a number of other apps to get it, with all the compatibility/performance hassles that involves. Imagine just starting up one program to make your flight... I've been away from all the 2020-related discussions for some time so I'm still catching up on what's in and what's out, but it looks promising, much more so than I imagined it would.
  12. The new MSFS seems to offer an awful lot more so I won't be moving to P3D v5 unless there's a really compelling reason. I'm still happily working with FSX:SE and P3D v4. $60 on P3Dv5 would be $60 that I could put towards MSFS instead.
  13. I did that in VR I'd end up barfing up what I'd just cooked. I don't think the cooking sim concept works without some form of "smellyvision" anyway.
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