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  1. If only the FAA would recognize my skills and give me something for them so I can fly a real airliner!!😁😁
  2. Saw this too and I’m wondering the same thing for my Pc
  3. Personally I love it. It flies well and gets me from point A to B. I can’t really say that it flies the same as a 757. Now it does not fly the same as the Level D. The level D had a very fast reaction. In fact I always felt it was too soft. On the controls. This 767 doesn’t have the same handling as the CS 757. The CS757 feels like it wants to sway into its inertia requiring a lot of input to stabilize. This 767 is a joy to handle. It doesn’t not have that same over controlling feel that the 757 has. Cockpit. Yeah the base structure of the 757 is there and obviously for the reason that they already had all of those components. So why would they remake it? They should continue to build on the foundation they have with the cockpit but I fear they might not be able too with out breaking lots of things. FPS has me concerned there is a lot of eye candy in this bird. That being said. I’ve never dipped below 20 frames on it even leaving KEWR last night. Systems need an improvement but you will not be frustrated because of CTD or incomplete systems that won’t get you to your destination. I’m doing my first long haul right now to HNL its going well. My sentiments? I’ve been wanting a 767 for a long time. So I was willing to pay for it. CS has done great job in bringing the modeling to today’s standards. We already know 70% of the crowd is angry at their pricing. In the end for me it was a very simple equation (Did I want it?, Was I going to get my money’s worth of enjoyment?) Answer to both of those for me is yes.
  4. I am a complete fan of the 767. So as I had stated previously, I would be an early adopter. My opinion which seems to be unpopular for many ( It flies great, it has a great sound system compared to the past offering) Its a stable beta compared to some of the addons that have done something similar. TFDI comes to mind ( I was also a early adopter). If I look at several other developers that make a "Beautiful" aircraft and then charge a substantial amount for an aircraft I can probably find several threads where we bashed them as well. The difference is that it was not as "Popular" or "HOT" as the 767 is. So of course there will be less comments as less people cared for them. For example Carendo products (Honestly, how many of you MUST have a Phenom in your hangar) At the end of the day this all comes down to business. This aircraft has features that are not in house from Captain Sim. for example TSS sounds. Which If IRC was about $20-25 for a sound package? How much is a developer such as TSS charging Captain Sim in % of sales for it to count? For those talking about COVID19 as the reason why they should be more conscientious then I twist that around to them..... This is a small business, with people that most likely do not have any other income right now in their respective countries and are working from what I can see around the clock on this aircraft. Do they not deserve to earn a living? They've stated in their forums that they are one of the SDK partners for MSFS. So there's a possibility that when MSFS releases we will have a working aircraft to port over if its not already being tested on their end. Some of you may know who I am, some may not as I keep to myself when ever I can. I've been simming since 2003. Back then when PMDG came to the market people were outraged with the 39.95 price tag for a 737 and 747. Then when the simulation demand was to be more "In Depth" the pricing went to $69.95. Then when P3D released and they had dedicated versions and we had to pay $134.99 people again became "Outraged". Only to find themselves flying those addons years if not months later. The reality, if you want people to better their offerings and develop more for you it will always cost more. Developers that are not figuring out how to monetize their time with this hobby will inevitably stop developing. Look at Level D. The best simulation we had at the time, they didn't upgrade it and monetized it and then went away because their investment of time is not worth the return. Leonardo was another that momentarily went away, and then they came back an figured out how to monetize it. In fact they have released a new version and are updating it for a new version for V5 (Which some may say shouldn't be the case) and are charging for the update. Because their time cost money. I ask you all to take a perspective, this may be expensive for some. But for some when you wish you could be flying and you may not be able to for numerous reasons you quickly see that to keep a dream alive when you may be in a "holding pattern" of real world flying it is a good escape and the price never will compare. I made a video showcasing the performance off Fly Tampa CYYZ in V5. Watch it if you'd like, watch the content online from others, and then decide if you are willing, or you may in a place at the moment where waiting for a sale might be best, or you are the kind of person that is planted on your position and belief. That's fine, just don't make your beliefs the mandatory belief for others.
  5. Sounds like REX is loading the winds aloft and your airplane is overloaded for that altitude. What happens when your are climbing through? For example if you stay at FL320? What does your Mach say? And IAS?
  6. %programdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V5
  7. Just use FlyChrono same thing and free,
  8. Hi

    Wayback in 2013 you were helping someone with a logitech controller problem and spoke about changing delta values. I also have this problem. Could u plz elaborate on how and where these changes are made.


    1. Alcides Segovia

      Alcides Segovia

      Wow. That’s going back in the day. It’s basically in FSUIPC. 

      When assigning the axis to the controller there is a button called delta value. The delta value you basically click that button move your joystick about the amount you for it to register the movement and then click the delta button again.  

      That tells FSUIPC how much the joy stick will be moved before it registers the movement in the simulator. 

      I recommend looking up FSUIPC delta values for more information. 

    2. TrevorS



  9. Not for me, they must not have ever installed the FSLABS and I still fly it.
  10. I was an early adopter of the 757 and I will be an early adopter of the 767. Those are my favorite birds. My only gripe is that it was released when most airlines are saying goodbye to them. I truly enjoyed me early simming days with the LEVEL D 767 and have been missing them ever since I had to move on to P3D
  11. This is just the beginning of a new life to this platform and I am so excited to see what the hot fixes will do if this is just me playing around with the NGXu and Skyforce 3D. Never have I seen a sky like this on in P3D. My Sunday is now completely booked!
  12. I think it might be an issue with the new BETA Atmospherics.
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