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  1. Posted on their forums but it is clear that the new PBR is making conflicts with some developers who use different methods and it unfortunately added these missing elements when the lights flash.
  2. Has there been a solution to FSDT re-download subscription if you want to download in the future the installers? I own more then 10 sceneries for other simulators and ever since MSFS came out I either had to buy an extended download for an additional cost or in a recent loss of PC drive cannot download those installers again unless I purchase them again or be in their good graces before I can get the installers. AFAIK most if not all other developers have some sort of online portal/app or use Contrail where I can freely re-download the installers. Unless I buy the the market place where I can always te download it. So I truly am a head scratcher why if you’re buying directly from them I have to get this extended download. So has this been resolved yet? Seems silly that long time customers have to get an additional service just to re-download the licenses already owned. Just because they’re afraid of pirating.
  3. Or. Or. You don’t have to change anything and still enjoy everything. As many do.
  4. Exactly. In my mind this is the same as turning down the render scale. Only difference is that now I can use this if I wanted in games that don’t have this feature built in. Like P3D.
  5. Here is the link QW 787 for MSFS Update - QualityWings Simulations Forum (flight1.net)
  6. Francois is the hero we need right now.
  7. I got mine really with out any issues on Prime. Just ordered and got it 2 days later. Is the back order still that bad?
  8. “In thrust we trust.” Preordered mine via Amazon.
  9. I don’t really use any GPS or navigator. Just NGX, 777, CS757. Are there underlying GPS usage in any of those? Thank you.
  10. Guess who just waisted their time with a complete VANILLA Windows 11 reinstall of P3Dv5.2 only to get the same stutters? Me! This fool! P3D5.2 HF2 has been nothing but a nightmare for me.
  11. How do you find the FREESYNC / GSYNC play together for you? I am getting a constant "flicker" when on GSYNC. I have the LG 85 NANOCELL OLED 50"
  12. Or…. Hear me out everyone. Maybe it just is getting colder as we get closer to winter and this icing is now more likely?
  13. I flew out of JFK towards Heathrow on Saturday. It was an overcast day and a really solid deck with multiple layers. When I climbed through that ceiling I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe that there was a metropolis under it. The way the sun painted the tangerines and pinks onto those clouds and seeing the sunset between the layers. I have to say that it was undoubtedly the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in a simulator even reminded me of the same experience I have seen flying around my archer Irl.
  14. I don't think you can change the color of the sky unless you are using some post processing like Freestyle. I will say that I don't think I get the "same" sunset everytime with now more than 400 hours in the sim. The amount of fog, clouds, and aerosol always has given me a different expereince as MSFS actually models light bending, cloud formation, and sometimes what I get is nothing short of a masterpiece of a sunset. A mesmerizing experience if I am honest. So it suprises me that you feel that way. Are you using real weather? That certainly would give you a lot of variation if you are actually flying in different weather systems.
  15. Found the answer. For any future lost souls who may be wondering. The issue seemed to come from having "Hardware accelerated gpu scheduling" in Windows 10/11. Make sure this is off. Thank you
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