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  1. Alcides Segovia

    PA380 - BB340 Merge

    Can you share the instructions privately?
  2. Alcides Segovia

    chimneys sticking into the ground.

    Has anyone ever seen this issue?
  3. Alcides Segovia

    PTA vs Tomato Shade

    Tomato shade has been the most revolutionary add in I’ve used on my sim. The realism I get with the dynamic PBR reflections on the aircraft have made my sim into a beautiful aircraft that I just can’t get over. Lockheed needs to make this addition of features to the aircraft because everything just looks incredible. Here are are some examples of mine.
  4. Alcides Segovia

    PMDG Account Login

    I checked the spam folder and the junk mail and it’s not there I also cleared all my filters for deleted messages to see if I was being deleted by accident but that also didn’t work after attempting to resend. Is it possible that you can tell me what domain it comes from something I can look for it I’ve been searching for “PMDG” and “precisionmanuals” in my Gmail search and searching all mail and I am not seeing it come through. Please help 😪
  5. Alcides Segovia

    PMDG Account Login

    I’m having an issue redownloading my product. I go into the login portion of and I login with my email and password. It ask me for the password to be reset and I enter the CAPTCHA code only to never receive an email with my link to reset it even when it says I will receive it. Anyone else running into this problem?
  6. Alcides Segovia

    Finally, people boarding my FSX planes!!

    Thought this was only for P3D v4
  7. Alcides Segovia

    LH 747-8 with my name on it

    Boaty Mcboatface and Flyee Mcflyface. Also Tuggy McTyface
  8. Alcides Segovia

    LH 747-8 with my name on it

    & Al. And Flyee Mcflyface.
  9. Alcides Segovia

    Photoreal Night Project

    Nice stuff.
  10. Alcides Segovia

    CYVR 071924Z and SkyForce3D performance

    I too am getting murdered by it. Flying over eastern Canada on my way down to JFK. It was a slide show.
  11. Alcides Segovia

    PMDG NGX alternative panel lightning mod

    I have one but it’s using the FSLabs spotlights. Available on my blog.
  12. Alcides Segovia

    Google Earth Sky Textures v2

    Looks really good.
  13. Alcides Segovia

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    @777200lrf I am comparing it to the aircraft I have in my hangar. Thus why I said. TFDI/PMDG feel. Most people that gave those planes understand that. Please stop attacking people because you wouldn’t buy it. I’m giving my views on a product I purchased for people that might purchase it in the future.
  14. Alcides Segovia

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    This thing is awesome. I finally had a chance to install and fly it. The systems are really good depth. The quality of the switches and the buttons is really good. Has kind of a TFDI/PMDG feel. The screens are great quality. System depth is good for a soft release. Aircraft is completely flysble. Doing a transcontinental right now. Things to improve 1. Aircraft fuel and payload editor on a tablet,or FMC (Suggestion has been opened on their forum reply if you own so they add his feature) 2. Engine spool up has to be modified. 3. Tracking has to be tweaked. On the SKOOR3 out of JFK LNAV at times was chasing the course. Other than that it’s a really great aircraft and I am really happy with it. Finally a 757 of the likes of Flight Factor in P3D!
  15. Alcides Segovia

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Strolled to their Facebook page and found the post. Bought it and going to try it now. Initially apparently you only get the 757-200PW and 35 Eastern airlines fuselage livery.