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  1. I just installed V3 to fly some LR on the 767 and 757 when ever I get the itch to fly them. After CS releases the 757 its almost dead. E-jets once in a while is also something I intend to use it for.
  2. I am not even getting it to pop up when I run it using the TropicalSim installer to run it.
  3. I’m sorry. Who is he? Seriously want to know. I’ve never heard of him.
  4. How?
  5. Is it a complete freeze or like a stutter every so often? if so it might be UTlive as I experienced that stutter every so often but a quick restart of the sim fixed it.
  6. Had a 970. But I love my 1080 TI. V4 canbe very demanding. Especially with dome add on and dynamic lighting.
  7. No it’s not unfortunately. They have taken their time with the upgrades. We just got the P3D compatibility for W10 right before v4 rolled out so that’s that. Which I no longer use because elf the OOMs As for long haul the 777 is right now the best but you are right it’s pricey. There is also the BBS A330, some people are happy with the new version that they released not to long ago. I personally don’t own it so I can’t speak more that what I see on forums and YouTube.
  8. They didn’t charge in a new 737 that was ported over. This seems to be a complete remake.
  9. I am really excited. The cabin looks like a port from the previous one with the exception that they extended it. My question is as follows. Systems what can I expect? AS Weather? Terrain Data? Everything else looks pretty good. Including how the FMC has depth into it.
  10. I'm getting this. I was happy with my CS757 plus you all have to remember that the 757 was their very first FMC airliner. Prior to that they had basically F-lite airplanes. Now they have a lot of experience with with their aircraft. The 777 in example is not a bad aircraft. So I'd they completely redid the 757 I am already a customer.
  11. Foreflight has fuel pricing on any airport in the US, don't know about the international ones.
  12. They just posted it’s the 757v2. Looks a complete recording of the flight systems and appears to have a more in depth system logic than its predecessor. Really excited for this aircraft I love the 757 and it’s versatility and honestly the first 757 wasn’t bad it did the job and looked really good.
  13. FSX-SE

    I can't live with out GSX. Its the best pushback and parking guidance system out there. However the PFPX I also use on every flight.
  14. Yikes those pics look good!!!!!
  15. I also am in the “No@ group. I say that for the same reason I didn’t buy the 747. To me it seems like an aircraft that has very little use for me. It’s now obsolete and to put all that time and energy into it will be in my opinion a wastebasket when we can focus on other aircraft that no one is paying attention too. Embraer E Jets, C series, ERJ’s. I will I’ll say if anyone will do it it will be them as they already have the original code they can develop further into from.