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  1. Hey Alex, Thanks again for the info. I actually found a solution! I found a client called "Pacifist" where you're able to observe and extract files within .PKG files. I think there's a terminal command to do this as well, but this was easier. So now I have all the DC-6 aircraft files, and I'm able to at least give this thing a try in the latest version of XP11. I know several things will likely be broken but just wanted to at least see this beautiful beast before the official update from PMDG for XP11. I know several other users out there on Avsim, X-Plane.org and other forums have had the same question here so let this be a temporary solution! I'm traveling at the moment but I'll report back when I'm back home on the Sim. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for the reply. I only have the digital copy of XP11 so not sure if I would be able to have access to those earlier versions? Have you tried this with earlier versions of XP11? Another idea I had was creating a folder hierarchy identical to XP10 in order to trick the installer package that I have an XP10 installation, however, I don't know what the XP10 folder hierarchy looks like. Also, this is an entirely baseless idea of mine and will probably end with the same installer error as before. Any other workarounds? Is it possible to unwrap the installer package to view and copy the assets over to my XP11 aircraft folder? Not sure if there's a utility for this. Just curious if anyone else has had any luck? Thanks! Brandon Burkley
  3. Hi Everyone, Going to preface this with YES, I know the PMDG DC-6 is currently not compatible with XP11. However, I decided to purchase this plane after Randazzo's 13 June 2018 update knowing this will be supported sometime in the future. For now, I would like to at least try this plane out in XP11, as I know many people have based on forum discussion and YouTube videos I've come across. I do not have a copy of XP10. The installer package I downloaded does not work for XP11 installations. Is there a way to extract the files from the installer package (I'm on a Mac btw), in order to install this manually into XP11 without having XP10 installed? I've searched this forum up and down and can't seem to find a specific answer to this. Thanks for your help. Brandon Burkley
  4. Any news on resolving this issue yet? So far I have had to uninstall all of my 747 installations, then reinstall the 744 and 748 to get things working properly again. Still patiently waiting for a bug fix on the LCF. Thank you for your work on this.Brandon Burkley
  5. I believe there is a problem with the installer. I did as Ryan said - uninstalled from Control Panel and then restarted my computer and unfortunately got a BSOD :( After restoring and trying to reinstall with the new installer, I get an error when trying to validate my Order#. It says, "The system cannot locate the resource specified. Setup will now terminate."-Brandon BurkleyEDIT: Just got the installer to work after restarting. The problem persists with landing gear and crashes with the other freighters.
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