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  1. Gauges in my opinion have always looked much sharper and more realistic in X-Plane so I would imagine they are the real in-sim gauges, not cut and paste photos
  2. From what I understand the X-Plane DC6 has been in development for at least two years maybe more. Nobody knows what else has been in development for X-Plane at the same time, but there has been hints of a second project. The first one is always going to have the longest development time but I would imagine converting the current range will take less time. Especially as all the relevant research has already been done for FSX/P3D and they will have learnt a lot from the DC6 Jason Row
  3. Let's hope so, thats how virtually all current X-Plane developers do it, and they still maintain their piracy protection with simple installations.
  4. I agree, I desperately want to buy this but not until I have seen some reviews and or comments criticisms. RC4 is an excellent program and if it works as well in XP10 as FSX then this plugin should a a winner.
  5. True, but hopefully the money they do make and more importantly the processes they have learnt will lead to speedier development of future projects. Release day purchase for me, been following this for a long time with growing excitement.
  6. For those of you that have Radar Contact 4, there is a plugin due to be released very soon that integrates RC4 into X-Plane. Add in MCE for X-Plane and I believe you get full voice controlled ATC. Alternatively there is always Vatsim, IVAO and Pilotedge, all of which support X-Plane 64 Bit
  7. Too many to actually list, 120+ so far. The fact that 95% of them have a coast line might be a clue that I worked on cruise ships for some considerable time.
  8. yidahoo

    Your age?

    I was 37 when this thread started.
  9. Mine would have been mid 80's Dan Air BAC 111 from Gatwick to Ibiza. On the return journey Gatwick was fog bound so many planes diverted to Bournemouth and were bused back to Gatwick. Whilst the big airline passengers got new modern buses, us Dan Air reprobates where given a throwback to the 1950's which presumably was not road worthy as we only went on the back roads. A 2 hour journey took 5, 3 longer than the flight
  10. You have every right to an opinion, in the same way I have every right to ignore it. Seriously, I can only assume you know FSCamp so well that you know exactly what he will think of X-Plane. As others have said, converting photoscenery is not easy, however you might find some stuff here that may be useful. http://simheaven.com
  11. Thanks Byork, I will keep my eye on the post. Back on FSX at the moment because I enjoy FS2Crew
  12. Was there any further progress on this, I have recently bought the default 737 version and am having the same problems. As with Tony, it seems isolating the FS2Crew_VoiceMain entry in the panel config allow the panel to load but without functionality. I would love to get this going, I much prefer Prepar3d over FSX
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