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  1. My guess is the 747 is the fabled FSX/P3D to X-Plane port. We already know the DC-6 was the XP to FSX/P3D port
  2. Not strictly true. The move to XP 10 64 bit broke virtually every complex aircraft but because the devs knew it was coming things got patched quickly. I agree with the FSLabs running poorly in FSX, in fact I uninstalled FSX because it can no longer compete with my P3D, XP10 and XP11 installations. I sincerely hope that they can optimise the A320 on P3D because there is no doubt its a great plane
  3. Yep, I feel like I could have put that $120 to better use. I tried it in FSX but the need to tone down graphics on an 11 year old sim just to get it to run got very boring. Was avidly awaiting the P3D version but am not even going to upgrade until I see some user reviews.
  4. The fundamental problem with a terrorism related theory is the simple fact that the whole point of terrorism is to create mass hysteria with minimal resources. To that end, terrorists need the oxygen of publicity to further their aims. There has not been one credible claim by a terrorist organisation that they carried out this "attack" Even if it had gone wrong they would have made some perverse statement about it claiming to further their cause.
  5. Its my shot and yes with Ortho4XP you can create an overlay to allow the default autogen to sit on top. It looks really good
  6. You can drag and drop the X-Plane 11 folder wherever you want without issues. It does not write anything to the registry, its completely self contained.
  7. I often see this film v computer argument but it's not a great comparison. The reason film and video can look smooth at 24fps is because it is shot at relatively slow shutter speed, usually double ie 1/48th of a second. The effect this is to introduce small amounts of motion blur into each element of the image that is moving which in turn smooths the look out. Computer games as far as I know do not have this motion blur hence the need to have higher frame rates to give the perception of smoothness.
  8. http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php I count 20, pretty common aircraft. As for PMDG yes its the DC-6 which is not available in FSX yet, the others are coming. This has been stated pretty often by PMDG. Plus the stuff that already exist in X-Plane such as the amazing IXEG and the LES Saab 340 which many FSX users do not know about because these are dedicated X-Plane products. My advice, get the X-Plane 11 demo and try for yourself, no cost, no obligation and no need to wait.
  9. From the ones I have tested. Skymaxx Pro works with RWC but there are some graphical issues with clouds. Skymaxx 4 is on the way and will be XP11 compatible but this will probably not be until XP11 is final. IXEG works well in XP11. You need to change the APU setting in plane maker to get the APU working and there is a gizmo soft crash when you load. This is due to a changed data ref in XP11. Ben Russel the gizmo dev has request Laminar to set this back to what it was before. There will be a free full update of the IXEG to XP11 but probably after the v1.1 update. I have heard the FF A350 works but cannot confirm. I have the FF 767 working but you need to copy over the GN430 nave data from the Custom Data folder in XP10 to the same in XP11.
  10. As someone actually using the full beta version of X-Plane 11 I agree, I think it will take the lead and very soon. Judging by the reaction of the many FSX/P3D users that have actually tried it, there seems to be a very large majority who have said they will embrace the platform. That doesn't mean they will abandon the 32 bit platforms but with a greatly increasing market share, ESP developers will have to look at the Laminar product as the future.
  11. You don't need to bind it, its already built in but to the right mouse button. Click and hold the right button and pan around.
  12. It's a 737-300 not 400. Both are classics
  13. We know its in beta 6 so its a fair bet it's not that far off. If it's this month great, but if its next month the world still turns and life goes on. It will be here soon and I for one am looking forward to it.
  14. Looking through the comments on the video it appears XP11 may be released by the end of November but not guaranteed. They are stating definitely by the end of the year
  15. Yes you do have to repurchase the licenses to use PMDG models in P3D and there is not a way to pay an upgrade fee
  16. I agree, another $45 to fly effectively the same plane. The combined price of the two is more than the FlightSim Labs A320 yet its no where near that standard.
  17. Problem is now I and a number of others seem to have blown all our activations trying to download. When put my activation number into the download manager it says unable to activate. I have filed a ticket but there was no confirmation that this had been received, either on the download manager screen or by email notification
  18. No, I share your concerns. I bought this morning and have spent the best part of the daylight hours trying to download without success. Now I have blown - it would seem - all my activations without actually downloading a single kb. Problems I can understand, silence about problems I have less tolerance for.
  19. Well that's the point, it will be another six days before I have time for flight simulation hence the frustration. Lesson learnt, don't buy on day one.
  20. Still trying to download using the REX download manager having bought at the REX Store. Been trying for 5 hours now and getting nowhere, managed to get just one small cab file downloaded on a 100mb line. Getting a little frustrated now.
  21. Getting a similar problem with serial activation on the REX File Transfer Manager. Guess they are having server issues. Their forums are down too.
  22. If you scroll down the comments on the original video posting at the developers blog, you will see a conversation between Frank Kane (who is Sundog) and Ben where Frank is offering advice and assistance to Laminar. Its clear this is a Laminar development. Maybe it keeps cost lower, whilst P3D might be created by Lockheed and has a much larger user base, Laminar is much much smaller and may feel the licensing fee for Triton cannot be justified.
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