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  1. Some of them tend to be a bit hostile towards newcomers. Questions that might be blindingly obvious to us experienced users are commonly shot down, sometimes by one or two of the admins. This is not good for two reasons, first, X-Plane.org by its very name suggests that it is affiliated with X-Plane.com even though it's not. Secondly, we need to be encouraging and helping newcomers, not putting them off for life. As you say Tony, the majority are very helpful and knowledgable, however there are a few bad apples, and they seem to make themselves known more than the many good people there.
  2. But you have commented on X-Plane 11. The Citation is from X-Plane 11 and you commented about its wing.
  3. There's five seconds of my life I won't get back
  4. I believe there will be but don't quote me To be fair its a lot easier to spell "minutiae" than to say it when you are drunk.
  5. I believe so yes. The surfaces, from my understanding of the presentation, will have real time reflections of the surrounding environment. They have also found a way to reduce the GPU load by estimating how reflections will look on lower end systems
  6. So sorry for my imprecision, just trying to help a fellow simmer.
  7. From what I understand most payware should be more or less compatible straight away. There might be a few things that need updates.
  8. If you have bought X-Plane 10 in the last week then you are entitled to a free upgrade to X-Plane 11. If not, you can purchase X-Plane 11 separately upon release for $59.99. Don't think of it as an upgrade, its a new sim.
  9. Just a slight correction there, X-Plane does not use DX it uses OpenGL as this is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS whilst DX is Windows only
  10. I think that t the "hold your hand" installer route will continue to be more common. The simple reason is that X-Plane as a victim of it's own success will attract more and more pirating. The major devs have right to protect their work and their livelihoods. That said, though the beauty of the plugin system is that it is open for both freeware devs to add non DRM plugins and payware devs to add DRM plugins. The biggest issue I see is as more and more of these plugins get more complex, there will be a problem of one plugin causing crashes for another
  11. Possibly the least helpful post on an otherwise well argued thread
  12. There is an MD11 in development for X-Plane 10 although it is a long way off yet as they are still finishing up on their MD82: Details are here. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/106394-mcdonnell-douglas-md-11-md-11f-project-by-ats/
  13. +1 I never understand why these big flight sim conferences never have anyone making a professional quality recording of the keynote speeches. In this day and age its hardly difficult to set up a tripod and camera to film them
  14. If by a troubling absence of visible X-Plane development you mean updates and betas every few weeks for the last five years, then I guess you are right.
  15. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong it is. IXEG 737 a flying rock. Wow, just wow
  16. As someone who started simming in the Bruce Artwick days, the thing that frustrates me most about today's flight sims are the people that are constantly complaining about them. Frankly, we have never had it so good.
  17. It would not be a good idea to start sharing orthos. Most of them use data from Google Earth or Bing Maps, to distribute them in any form would be breaching their intellectual property. They could potentially come down pretty hard on anyone doing that. Its the reason you do not see orthos being shared anywhere. Either make them for your personal use or buy them from someone who has paid for the license to use the data
  18. I am no IT expert but I think this is wrong. X-Plane will always save its files to it's own folder and not anywhere else. The idea of giving the .exe files administrator status is to make sure that the X-Plane folder has the relevant permission to read and write files to itself. Sometime when any folder is copied to another location, the read/write permissions can change making saving files an issue. Feel free to correct me if this is wrong.
  19. Graphically yes, it looks amazing and flies well. System wise it is not there yet, a few things missing. However the devs have not abandoned it and continue to work on adding in new features. This is a plane that will mature over time.
  20. If you like 737's then you should take a look at the IXEG 737-300. In many respects it surpasses PDMG's 737. particularly when it comes to sheer immersion and enjoyment
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