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  1. Cpt. Rick ty really so much for the hint. I will try it asap. (I'm on flight right now on the other window ......lemme land to LIPE 1st) Well 2*HD5870 in crossfire are not as bad, but for FSX you have got plenty reasons! no race between them. As for what I could undrestand (pls correct me if I'm wrong) FSX should be more CPU 'eater' than GPU. So last month I changed also my old 960 CPU. Now my rig mounts a brand new i7-990 (water cooled) on an x58 chipset (rampage III Black Ed - unfortunatelly PCIe2 not 3) no stuttering at all, and the image quality is great. but fps is - in my opinion - quite low for such hw. (I'm a bit confused) What I can't understand is why with C172(fsx default one) I get 20 to 25 fps media and with PMDG NGX is always at 30 fixed! and this make no sense for me should be opposite as the C172 should not be as heavy as the great NGX. (unless the stunning great 3dlights redux that I've mounted only on fsx default aircrafts is eating lot of fps??) In anycase ty so much for the sugggestion you gave me ....just entering STAR Par1N ...ciao L8r on, by this night, I will let you know how it works with 4xss - I will test C172 at LILE. cheers Andrea Edit : Ty Cpt.R. I tested it and fps got a downgrade - on C172 18-20FPS. but still panning, rotating & zooming seems quite smooth. Sorry for not including another image but I dont want to fullfill this great thread.
  2. Ty Ryan for your great great thread and for the suggestion you gave me short time back. I uninstalled my old 2x5870 and replaced with evga gtx 680. Another world! I setup my system as per this post and all is really great. I'm sure that with gtx680 I can achive also best results, but I prefere not to touch anything else - if not suggested. There is a new version of inspector ( that has more elements in sections AA/TF & General than the previous one. I enclose an image of it. Suggestions for better performances are highly appreciated. regards Andrea
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