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  1. Hi there

    I have some issues with the PMDG 747-8F in St Maarten Int. Airport it's:

    1- rain inside the cockpit. How can I fix it.

    2- prepar3f crash every time when i toke off after 10-15 min

    3- Landing, taxi and logo lights are too dim. How can I fix it.

    4- No View of Right wing aft from the passenger cabin.

    5- Auto brake not working in landing i don't see the red bar in my screen when it is active and holding the aircraft.

    TECAS Not working too.for another aircraft scan.

    That what i see now.. Also i have 2 questions if some one can help me with:

    q1- How can I remove and change "Captain's EFB" view to be before captain sate view? It make me crazy!

    q2- Is there in 748 a camera like the 773 for the landing gear? or not?

    q3- in Ds2Crew do Electric checklist? i don't find it.



    Mansour Alsenaidy



  2. Hi there,


    I have hard time to learn how to use FS2Crew for 747 but in some step he didn't do what i need. For example, Starting engines

    flaps done for 10 or 20, flaps up after takeoff, APU off and .....

    I am using VOICE but I gave up with it

    any help? Please!

    I am using P3D v4


    In 10.000 feet

    i need hem to turn off wing light not logo light. Please!

    Thank you for your help!



  3. On 9/21/2017 at 0:13 AM, VHOEI said:

    G’Day Mansour,

    I’ll give you some help in finding the toggle in the FMC to allow you to open the captain’s PFD and ND. 

    So, to begin, load the aircraft that does not display the Captain’s PFD or ND into the simulator. Now, if the aircraft loads cold and dark/without power, follow this next step, if it doesn’t, then ignore this. 

    Go to any CDU (FMC) in the flight deck, then locate the menu key on the CDU (FMC). Click and hold the menu key with the mouse until the CDU powers up and the screen comes to life. 


    Now ice that we have power to the FMC, we can go into the PMDG options section and fix this “issue.”

    Now that you are on the front screen of the CDU, in the bottom left of the screen of the CDU, you should see some text that says PMDG OPTIONS. Click on the line selector key that is to the right of it. From there, you should see something that goes along the lines of, 




    On the left hand side of the CDU. Click on OPTIONS and cycle through the pages via the NXT PAGE and PREV PAGE buttons on the CDU (which are slightly below the screen of the CDU) until you find a line of text that says CAPT PFD DISABLE/OFF (again, something like that). It should have YES written in YELLOW to the right of it. 

    Click the corresponding line selector key (LSK) to Chang this option to NO. A pop up message will appear (if it doesn’t, alt+tab on the keyboard to show it.) warning you about disabling this.  READ THIS CAREFULLY and click OK and you are good to go. 


    If it is not in the options menu, then it may be in the SIMUATION or AIRCRAFT menus. Just scroll through them until you see it.

    By enabling this, you may loose stability in your simulator. 

    Thank you so much for your help!

  4. On 9/16/2017 at 7:55 PM, downscc said:

    Hi Mansour, the 2D popup has been a source of trouble for many users by causing the simulator to stop working and close so PMDG created an option to allow or deny the popup from working.  You will find this in the PMDG Options.

    I see where the PMDG Options? is it on the FMC or where i can found it please!

  5. On 9/10/2017 at 3:40 AM, downscc said:

    Full names on all posts here please.  I've read the above posts to see if I could figure out was your problem was and honestly your problem descriptions sound more like you don't know how to use the simulator.  To be fair, you may have tried but "I can't see the pilot screen" has no meaning to me.  Please try to explain in detail your problem, and please add your full name to each post.


    Okay, the issue was when i am inside the cockpit pilot site i need to pop up ND screen I have to press Shift+#8

    so I can see big or when i am on wing view but with the last update for P3D v4 it is not working

    I am using win 10


    Mansour Senaidy

  6. 20 hours ago, scandinavian13 said:

    Did you ever activate the aircraft after installing? Had them previously installed and activated, it should not require you to activate, however, you need to uninstall before it will allow you to update and/or install into v4.

    I install the new update in P3D v4 but i have these issue?

    any help??

  7. Dear PMDG developer,

    Good morning,

    I download the last update for PMDG 747-400 v3 and 777-200ER and 777-300

    I am using P3D v4 with windows 10

    I have some issues with the PMDG

    with 747 I can't see the pilot screen of the screen of speed and the altitude ... you can get it if you pres "Shift + 8"  Also with PMDG 777-300/200

    With 777 I can't open Failures page, ATS ... etc I can open the chick list only. Also the camera screen I can't see the light when I open the light

    Is there a camera in 747 and 777-200 or not?

    So any help with that ...



    Mansour Alsenaidy

    PMDG 777 & 747

    P3D v4

    WIND 10

  8. Hi there,

    I know it is not the correct place for it but really i need help

    if any one can help me. Please!

    In VATSIM online I can't see the traffic only CRJ700 White aircraft

    can you help me to fix it I am new in VATSIM

    How can I see the real Traffic like 747, 777, 737, A320, A321, A330, 380 and Airlines type?


    I am using P3D v4

    wind 10

    new computer

  9. Dear Captain Kevin,

    First of all, I would like to thank every one ho help me here and tutoring me and I am very happy that i post a topic and every one can learn from it. 

    I see your video, so what you mean is this thing between the tow flaps "name .... ?" in the wing is what make the aircraft to turn right and left on high speed at cruse altitude.

    Have you try full dumping?

    you are using FSX? What is the addon for the white air coming from the engines?

    I forget to ask about "HI FLOW" on the head panel when did we use it in our flight

  10. Dear downscc,

    what do you mean about "pedals" I don't have any addon only PMDG 772, 773 and 744 aircraft's. Also AS16 and ASCA. GSX. FS2Crew for 777. FSUIPC4.4.961.

    For fulling for short flight can i put my file in center tanks only?

    So what you are saying is there is now camera in the real 747 aircraft like the 773  or 772?

    what about the fix page in FMS only 2 pages in the real 747?

    How many times have you flown the B747v3 Tutorial? i see all the tutorial in YouTube.com. If you have a paschal video let me see it. Please! so i can learn more about it and also the old video for AOA.


    Dear Captain Kevin and Captain Al,

    Thank you for displaying that for me, leave the Rudder you are correct but the spoiler is moving when you are disengage A/P and you are flying manually you can see that by your self you will going to see the spoiler is going up to slow done the aircraft to turn. spoiler that I mean is on the wing it comes up when you are touching down on landing to slow you down not the one between flaps on one side of the wing.

    just look to the wing view on landing you will see it coming up

    see this video at 1:11 and 8:40 and 9:47 that can show you what i mean


  11. Hi there,

    I have some points with the PMDG 747-400 V3 when I fly it, I am not using any Joystick at all and I am using P3D v3.4.22

    1- I saw some add about the auto brake on landing is not working at all not like the 777 or 737? Also if i arm it before the landing gear is down it is not working too. also in the taxiway I can't slow done the aircraft  too.

    2- when I am taxing and give my engine a little power to move and I put my throttle in to ideal the speed is increasing and some time it go to 50nm with out touching the brakes. what i know is if the throttle in ideal the Airplane slow done to stop not to speed up. what i think it is an issue.

    3- Fulling

    full dumping for 747 & 777 - i can't see the full coming out from the wing? Not same what I see in the FSX with 747v2 & 777.

    full using on the last fight - how can I use my last full on i start my sim for the next day? same like the oil option on FMS.

    full tank - Can I use the tank for fulling For example, for short flight can I use center tanks only not in the wing

    4- I don;t know if i can tel you what I mean and I can explain it to you

         when I am flying with autopilot on, and in my root after waypoint it will go to the next point but let say the next point is in the Right so the aircraft will go to right and everything is okay but I can't see the spoiler in the right wing will come up until the aircraft turn right and go done. also the Rudder why I can't see it going right or left too with autopilot is on.

         you can understand what i mean when you are on approach and you are trying to line with the RWY to land and the autopilot is disengage see the spoiler is going up and down in the wings and the Rudder going right and left.

    5- the wheels on the landing gear and the brakes are very very sensitive. All my flights on landing I have tires and brake yellow and damage.  

    6- camera in 747-400 in P3D only 777-300. why?

    7- fix on the FMS why there is two pages only?

    8- in 777 you do a good job with CDU if I press "shift+5" I got captain side and "shift+6" i got First officer. can we get this on the 744 Please! Please!


    Thank you so much and My Best Regards for all


    Mansour Alsenaidy

    SV995 - IVAO

  12. 38 minutes ago, overspeed3 said:

    If you mean it goes to the black command screen and stops, just leave it alone: My took more than 25 minutes to complete the update... but each person's internet setup is different, so yours may take less time...

    Yes, but i live it for one day and it is the same my friend. it doesn't do anything. it is stopped like that 

  13. Hi there,

    I have a question about the new update for PMDG 747-400 V3 when I open PMDG Operations Center I got notification a new update i except it and make it run  I got the back scream "I don't know what they call it" it stuck on it and doesn't complete the update I read the topic and it not work with me.

    Any help. Please!


    Thank you so much and My Best Regards for all

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