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  1. Briefing and Public Address Scripts.


    I have been looking for the scripts for use with the voice version to handle them myself and having Googled it notice a few others are also looking to no avail?


    So today I have listened and typed up the scripts and now wish to share. They're not 100% word perfect but they are very close.


    I have done in PDF & Word 2010 if you like the word version PM me with your email and I'll gladly send it so you can edit / tweak to improve.


    Hope this helps.




  2. Yes, i was corrected size of main program panel by 66 percents- its more better for 1 meter monitor )))



    size_mm=642, 37

    pixel_size=642, 37






    gauge00=FS2Crew2010\Versions\PMDG737NGX\Gauges\FS2CrewNGXVoice!FS2Crew_MainPanel, 0,0,642, 37

    gauge01=FS2Crew2010\Versions\PMDG737NGX\Gauges\FS2CrewNGXVoice!FS2Crew_Audio, 13,13,3,3

    gauge02=FS2Crew2010\Versions\PMDG737NGX\Gauges\FS2CrewNGXVoice!FS2Crew_VoiceMain, 7,7,3,3


    Alexey Luzin


    Could someone tell me which & where this file is to edit.


    Thanks in advance

  3. My 5 cents :-)

    Vatsim flight with ATC and FS2CrewNGX. Not ideal but not so bad, IMHO :-)




    Hi Baikal, just in the process of watching ur video.

    Wonderful quality, God knows the size of the file.

    1st question. The FS2Crew toolbar looks smaller than mine but still readable. Is there a setting somewhere to change the size?

  4. No not joking, I had an issue when going through the pre-flight check list FO "Pressurization Mode Selector" Capt "Auto" I had to say next or checked to be able to move on or try the american accent. Having "ADDED THE WORD" it works fine now everytime, or is that just lucky? There are a couple of other words in the flows I can't get to work correctly (how to respond to fuel during the before start checklist)

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