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  1. Hi everyone I wanted to know if there is a way to "correct" the throttle curve on an aircraft. What I mean is, I have an aircraft in which throttle movement is smooth and gradual up to 45% more or less, then extremely sensitive between 45% and 75% and then smooth from 75% upwards. The smallest motion between 45% and 75% causes large variations up and down and I find it hard to set precise N1 settings in that range - this is very unpleasant, as this range is critical for approach and landing settings. I have already tried correcting this with the calibration slopes on FSUIPC. While this has improved the issue slightly, it's still nowhere near fixed. Is there any other way I can fix this, by editing either the .air file or the aircraft.cfg? Or is there another approach with FSUIPC? Please note I do not wish to change power, fuel consumption or drag settings, I just want a smoother throttle curve in the range I mentioned. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Antonio
  2. Hi everyone I have the PSS 757 (bought from Just Flight as 757 Professional) and have decided to reinstall it after a few years without using it. Everything works fine, except for a small detail: every few seconds, my FPS "spike" down - I'm locked at 60 and they go down to 50. This doesn't seem much, but it's enough to cause a noticeable stutter which is very annoying. I've tried with lower fps locks, but the same happens (40 going to 30, etc). I searched around for similar problems and fixes (removing the VC, lower EFIS settings, etc) but having tried them there is no change, so I'm assuming they're not causing the problem. Also, the spikes happen in every view, inside or outside. Has anyone had and was able to fix this problem, or might otherwise suggest an approach to fixing this? Running FS9 (of course ) in Win 7 64-bit, ATI 5870 card, latest FSUIPC and AIRAC cycle. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Antonio
  3. Hi there I've been working on a repaint of the SkySpirit2010 767 for FS9 and apparently a registration can be applied above the cockpit windows using the OS767Option2.bmp file and corresponding alpha. Despite several attempts though, I haven't been able to make this texture visible yet. From what I've read, the visibility of this file in the FSX version is controlled via an .xml file, however this doesn't apply in FS9. Can anyone help me with the correct way to make this texture visible in the FS9 model? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  4. This month marks three years of activity for Jetlantic Virtual Airways. Three years that saw us start out modestly but full of enthusiasm, with one base and six aircraft. Little by little, we gained experience and momentum and Jetlantic grew. What was at first a small but dedicated group of pilots, gradually became a community and a thriving virtual airline. With passion, dedication, commitment and above all a special attention to our pilots' opinions and experiences. So three years on, under these principles, Jetlantic has grown to be a virtual airline designed to provide a superb simming experience. And there is no better proof of that than our current roster of over 50 active pilots and our status as an officially recognized partner airline of VATSIM and IVAO. What better way to celebrate than inviting you to share our experience? Celebrate our third anniversary with us by joining and discover: - a fleet of over 70 aircraft of various types (Airbus, Boeing, Fokker, MD, Embraer, ATR, Avro, BAe, Beechcraft, Cessna) - textures available for the best FS9, FSX and PREPAR3D addons - nearly 300 destinations served worldwide through scheduled, charter, executive and cargo operations - 23 bases across 10 different countries - JVACARS, a custom, user-friendly ACARS system - DAEDALUS, an automated custom pilot evaluation system - a multitude of awards and aircraft type ratings to enhance your career - custom manuals (Getting Started, Flight Operations, Flight Tracking) - pilot resources (Pilot Center, Technical Library) - dedicated forum, Facebook group and Teamspeak server - a friendly and welcoming staff team ...and our motto: Have fun! Because that's really what it's all about. Join now by visiting our website: Further enquiries:
  5. Hi everyoneFirst of all, my thanks and congratulations to all of those who have developed this wonderful aircraft. Not only is it a delight to fly, it's also a great change from the more "mainstream" FS offers around. Although new to it, it certainly has won me over ;)I do need help with an issue: I have version 1.40 correctly installed with all the upgrades as per the instructions. I also have the ISG suite installed and want to use the Smiths FMCcoupled with the SP-177 but I am having some issues. Despite many attempts, I can't seem to get the LNAV to engage. I know there have been some issues from what I have read in the forums, and I have tried all solutions given but to no avail. I am using the SP177 .with ISG and TCAS .cfg, I have activated the ISG in the TM.ini file as well as in the title line of the aircraft.cfg.However when flying I can never get the autopilot to follow the active flight plan waypoints. Sometimes when choosing the LNAV option with the FD activated and NAV selected in the RAD/NAV button, the FD bars seem to move in the correct direction, but the aircraft does not follow :sad:Has anyone had this problem? Could something in my installation / configuration be wrong? Or am I using the autopilot incorrectly? Any help would be much appreciated.ThanksAntonio
  6. January 07th marks the second anniversary of Jetlantic Virtual Airways. And we are proud to celebrate this date with the unveiling of our new website. The result of many months of planning, development and testing, the new site represents not only a new look, but above all a major systems upgrade.What you can find in the new Jetlantic:- DAEDALUS system - automated pilot and flight evaluation- JVACARS system - custom, state-of-the-art, user-friendly flight tracker- automated Type Ratings and Awards management- Tours system- TeamSpeak server- integrated entrance exam platform- charter flights division- stats and ranking center- new manuals (Getting Started, Flight Operations, Flight Tracking)- screenshot gallery- restyled forum- 62 aircraft, nearly 300 destinations served by over 2500 weekly flights- passenger, cargo and executive operations- FS9 and FSX texturesOur most sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us on this journey so far, and we sincerely hope to continue doing our best as a humble contribution to the simming community.If you are looking for new challenges within a great team, pay us a visit and join Jetlantic Virtual Airways!Best Regards
  7. If you are loking for new challenges, here's a suggestion: Jetlantic Virtual Airways Jetlantic is a Portuguese VA, whose main hubs are Madeira (LPMA) and Porto (LPPR), with focus cities in Bournemouth, Gibraltar, Ponta Delgada (Azores) and the Faroe Islands. Jetlantic operates a fleet of more than 30 aircraft, including scheduled, charter, regional, cargo and long-haul ops. Jetlantic's fleet is 100% addon, including (for now) the following types: WILCO A318-100A320-200A330-300B737-300B737-300F PMDG B737-600B737-700B737-800MD-11B1900D LEVEL-D B767-300ER PSS B757-200 DIGITAL AVIATION F100 Jetlantic's operation currently includes over 160 airports and 1000 weekly flights and allows its pilots to operate in some of the world's most challenging airfields: Madeira LPMAInnsbruck LOWIGibraltar LXGBV