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  1. Recommended: NYT Story on the iPad’s Impact on One Disabled Child http://bit.ly/dbfTnM

  2. Zip Bed by Florida Furniture http://bit.ly/ctcvqx

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  8. Dictator's son sues Garuda Indonesia for in-flight mag remark http://bit.ly/924xfI

  9. 17-yo Girl Must Digest Brain Fluid to Survive [science] http://bit.ly/crkHJH

  10. GIF: I Will Haz U, Balloonz, At Enne Cawst! http://bit.ly/bM4jJH

  11. New York, New Jersey transit pilot iPhone payment system http://bit.ly/9SWUnr

  12. Infographic of the Day: How Segregated is Your City? http://bit.ly/c6asUp

  13. James Cameron Plans to Shoot “Avatar” Sequel 6.8 Miles Underwater: http://mashable.com/2010/09/18/avatar-2-x-prize/

  14. This Image Is Not a Photoshop Trick [image Cache] http://bit.ly/deQytY

  15. Chinese Traffic Jam Extends 60 Miles and Nine Days http://bit.ly/9DRnSr