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  1. Thank you Kiek. Thats true, my flightr was less than 4 hours and there were 34 flights, exactly the flights that arrived in the duration of my flight (from LPPT to LEMD). I also love that the list says to me the aricraft leaving a gate. Like this, when i arrive i see empty spots as in real. So, the snapshot took 34 from the big list, because on the big list were also 34. thats true! thanks for the fixes!
  2. Hello Kiek. Now is solved. Thanks for hte fix. All the planes were today at the airport, as the RealTraffic data showed me. The Learning option is the best!. I arrived in LEMD, and all the planes were there as in real. The empty spots also like in real time (with some exceptions, of course) My question is: i should better put in the parking percentage of the destination airport a 100 %, because if not, even if the list is veeeery long, PSX will only inject the last proportional part. For example, at LEMD, i had: 30% of the airport. LEMD has 306 parking spots. but, PSX only injected 34 planes from the learning mode. But, on the learning.log, the list is laaarger. , But the snapshot only took 34. (i suppose because of the percentage???) So, my question is: should i put a 99% at the destination airport if im on learning mode with ILO? like this PSX will inject the biggest number of the list? thanks again!!!
  3. Thank you kiek. So, if i arrive at an airport with ILO and LearnDestination “on”, i will see the memorized traffic even if i change the percentage! Thanks for the fixes!!!!
  4. Hello, i have updated to the new version of PSX. Something happens... Even if Realtraffic says that there are 7 planes taxiing in my airport (now is Lisbon LPPT), PSX only inject 4 of them. Ignoring the other 3. I let the time pass, and reload all again, and it happens the same: Not all the planes taxiing are there, even if there are 3 planes on approach, and my distance is set to 40 NM, it only shows the one more near the runways. Littlenavmap shows there is not any other injected further. (in less than 40 NM) - On the other part, the learningdestination works very well, but 5 minutes before landing PSX says: "you cannot set the destination to the same airport where you are" even if i hadnt landed yet. -Suddenly i discover that if i change the percentage number, all the "learned" is finished and it injects also static. So if i want to have my learneddestination, i have to set the arking percentage of the airport before departure on the main archive .xml, (PSX doesnt let me change before departure and on the lfight. Only when arrived). thanks and sorry....they seem littel problem but i must say that this is now ocurring....
  5. Finally i checked again with the new version. All is working fine, even in GCTS. Hahahah. I will flight now to EGLL! The only thing is that, if i have 2 flightplan on my folder, (or more than 2), sometimes, PSX forget the main one and changes for another destination before arriving on the first destination.. For example, i made 2 flights to GCTS. On the first one, suddenly, before arriving, i read on PSX that now the flightplan was with the destination GCRR. So this is because he read another flightplan i had in the same folder. Suddenly, all the "learned" ai planes were deleted, and PSX put on GCTS live parking and also static. I couldnt revert that. i was angry with myself!:) PSX even said to me in yello words : PSX tells me to shutdown or something like that...(i dont remember) But, for the second flight i made, with only one flightplan on the folder, PSX did a really wonderfull Learning work. I arrived and all was in his place.!!! So thank you very much Kiek AGAIN for the good work and also for the new way of taxiing.!!!
  6. Of course, i will also do that. But first, a short flight, just for check what happens! im sure that im going to be surprised! 😊 today im checking it, after i will post 😄
  7. hello kiek, yes, as i said on the first post, section 1), i check ILO + Learn Destination. I dont want to sound pedantic, haha but i have made all my homework. So, thats why i wrote yuo. Anyway, if you prefer, i will do another flight of, aprox 1 hour, from some island to GCTS, to know if Learning option is really recordgin all the flights that arrive to gate. thanks!!!! and i will inform you!:)
  8. Yes, of course. That was my checking! I clicked on every flight and you can see the line up to its finish. You can even see the traffic of that period of time with time offset, being injected on the airport. I loaded my w on gcts, put the hour of my depart and checked how every plane arrived. and the main thing: PSX says that, wirh a 50 traffic percentage on parking of GCTS, only 4 planes are the total number of live aircraft to inject. (Thats an error, because “4” is not the 50 percent of the total)
  9. Hello Kiek. Thanks for your prompt response. I have checked those flights in Real traffic with the time offset, and 13 flights have had ground radar tracking to their gates. So for some reason PSX didn't record or record those flights...just the last 3 before my arrival. Also, the parking percentage is at 50%, and PSX only said that the maximum is 4 planes!.
  10. Hello Kiek. I would like to tell you about some errors that "Learning" is currently giving with the new version. 1) I make an LPMA - GCTS flight. (approximately 2 hours) "Learn destination" mode activated + ILO. 2) When I arrive at the GCTS approach, PSX injects the planes it has learned into the airport, but there are only 3 3) The parking percentage is 50%, however PSX says this: "parked live: 3 + static 0 (max 4)". But these data are wrong because in this airport there are almost 70 gate-stands. 4) I check in realtraffic time offset and in Flightradar24 how many planes have landed in the last two hours and I find that more than 15 That is to say, PSX has not memorized but only three flights of the 15. What happened? Thank you!
  11. It Works! I am very grateful for the wonderful job you have done, because today I verified on a flight: GCTS-GCRR, that the planes that had been injected on the destination´s airport gates while i was flying to it, were exactly what they were at that moment in reality. Everything matched exactly. Maybe for other people this is not important, but for me it has been great. Thank you very much for persevering and adding it to PSXTraffic. wow! I cant stop to make flights! thank you kiek
  12. The thing with the snapshot is because, after 30 minutes of flight, the snapshot only shew 1 plane parked. (my flight was around 30 minutes): So, i asked to myself: why is there only one live parked plane, instead of 7 (wich is the number of plane that parked during my flight) But maybe is becasue the PSXT is now deprecated. So i will test PSXTraffic as soon i arrive at home. Happy with the present! thanks again!
  13. Hi kiek. thank you very much for your help and kind words. Tenerife is burning right now. Many people are being evacuated but fortunately there have been no deaths. The truth is that these beautiful forests are burning very fast and it is very hot, but the island is strong and the Canary Island pine will sprout quickly, i hope. Thanks for your help. I'm sorry for so much doubt with the PSXT_MSFS and I am deeply grateful that you have thought of me for PSX in that option!!! a true gift. a hug!
  14. Hello Kiek, recently, I have updated PSXT_MSFS, with the aim of enjoying its innovations. In a previous post to this one, you assured me that, once LEARNER is running, all it does is memorize the planes that arrive at the destination airport, including their license plates and gates. I have made a GCFV-GCTS flight. And I have found the following: 1) in this update,(40.0.0) you can't tick on "flush". Somehow is greyed out, not only for this airport ... 2) The flight from GCFV to GCTS is half an hour. Learner has set to work, hypothetically, but when I'm five minutes from landing, static planes appear that have never been there at that time today.In the "snapshots" file there is only one flight that has arrived, when the reality is that seven have arrived in that half hour i was flying 3) Why do I have the "parking percentage" option if what interests me when I arrive is only to see parked the planes that have arrived for at least half an hour. Why doesn't PSXT-MSFS inject them? And why do PSXT insist on putting static planes if I only need the ones memorized by Learner? 4) I believe that Learner is not doing its job, because both in the "Updated_airports" folder and in the "snapshots" folder, the destination airport file (.xml) appears ONLY 5 minutes before landing. And it only memorizes the arrivals at that time. Why have a Learner if you can't do your job since my departure? I hope you can help, since, as on other occasions, my Realtraffic professional license is only related to the fact that Learner can memorize data while I fly to an airport. If upon arrival, it has not memorized anything, and only injects static airplanes, depending on the parking percentage, why does it exist? thank you very much.
  15. I love buying the MSFS2020 and Asobo telling me: "MSFS2024 you're going to love it"!!! Especially since they never fixed the actual air traffic. They look like a political party.
  16. Vcaptain747, thank for your answer. This was precisely my concern at the beginning of this post: can Learner record the data of the airport I am going to while I am flying to it? I have verified that it is not, because if I can only click on "flush" when I am close to the airport, it means that the traffic that I will see there will only be the recent one. It's just that, I can't understand why, if Realtraffic Professional, the application I'm paying for, gives me all that data, how come PSXT can't get it? And, if PSXT_MSFS has a snapshot, why havent this snapshot worked? really, thank you both for answering, because whenever I arrive at an airport there is something strange. hahahah. hope we can solve it!
  17. well, this is what is happens: I have my approach to GCTS and PSXT doesnt load any plane but two. As you said to me, i ticked in "flush" on my departure, and even 10 minutes before arriving. On the flightradar and also on Realtraffic, it says that there are parked more than 7 planes, but PSXT injects me two planes, that dont even fit with the real airlines. So, something is not working.
  18. thank you ver much!: you mean to do that on PSXT_MSFS or in PSXTraffic? For example, im doing GCFV to GCTS. Im on GCFV. If i tick after the destination airport is loaded, (i can read now on the GUI, user destination airport: GCTS), the flush is working with the airport where i am, and suddenly empty the GCFV, where i am. But, i wanted to make flush for the other and not wor this¿? thanks for helping me:)
  19. Hi, I'm opening a thread to make a little recognition, as well as a request. My acknowledgment says thank you, because thanks to PSX and Realtraffic, I have real air traffic in MSFS. And, therefore, the planes follow the most exciting procedures as in reality: SID and STARS with all their exceptions, depending on the circumstances. The negative part is that there is no ATC to interact with, but: Everything cannot be! My request is: Having the license of RealTraffic professional: I decide to go from one airport to another. In both, there is good ground coverage. For example: LEBL to EGLL. During the 3 hours of flight, I can put the Learner to work. When I get to EGLL, I would not be interested in seeing static aircraft according to the ".xml" file, but only the planes that have arrived and parked during my flight, and therefore, the gates that are occupied and those that are not. So, in that sense, I wouldn't even have to worry about the "percentage" of occupancy at the airport, because, simply, Realtraffic and PSXT have registered only the planes that have entered and those that have left, and the gates that they have occupied Is that possible? For me the "percent", or the differentiation between static and live...is not necessary. Since I have PSXT to make everything as realistic as possible, my concern is to only tend to what is real at each airport. I do not know if I explained well. thank you!
  20. oh, sorry, thats true I begun to make questions and forgot i hadn´t started a new thread. Anyway, thanks and i think i continue using PSXT because of the learner destination...and because i have realtraffic license, just for that. PS: THe last question was about flights that are only done for one day, special flights of rent planes made for tourists, government, etc..etc...they are not regular, but they are saved as regular.
  21. Hello, im testing the PSXTraffic new version. Im flying from GGMX to GCFV. The "Airport parking" has 10%, but is greyed out, and i cant change it. Although, the .GCFVxml doesnt say 10%. I have clicked Learn, just to see if, when im arrived, there will be there the planes that have been arriving since my departure from GMMX. is that correct? But, 15 minutes before arrival, the learner begins to learn (not before). And more of this, on the "airport parking" section, it dissappear the GCFV destination. When i type it, PSXTraffic says: "you can not fly to the airport where you are". ¿? On the other part, in GMMX, my departure airport, i saw parked the only "EL AL 739" that arrives during that specific hour. But, the problem is that i could see the same EL AL arriving at that time. (So: two EL AL 739 , the memorized one (static) and the real.(live). So, right now, PSXT continues doing better work if we are talking about precision, isnt? Because, i dont like to see the same plane that is arriving, parked in a gate. Its like having all airlines duplicated. Sorry, im just comparing, and discovering that with the Learner of PSXT, i could arrive and see only the planes that had arrived 30 minutes before me. and, my last question, if i click "flush", suddenly all planes dissappear and we can only see the ones that are on taxi. so...why should i need this option? another problem is that we have charter flights all over the world, and much more now on holidays, but they are considered like regular fligths when saved on the xml.... If i repeat destination, the same day on the next week, i will see the charter flight, but, in real life:is not there. thanks and sorry for so many questions!!!
  22. I made my take off, after one hour i discover all my doors were open since departure. No one died.
  23. I understand. Well then what a pity. I hope that an explosion of creativity generates new options!!! you are, as a team, including FSLTL and AIG, the only oases that we have for users in relation to the ai traffic that MSFS have sold us unfinished and that works very badly. thank you!
  24. oh ok. but, the pushback problem is not a question of realtraffic because i can see the plane clearly pushing back and not dissappearing never on the radar of realtraffic. . after he goes on taxi . but psxt takes him whil he is there and brings him again to his gate. i willtalk to realtraffic balthasar for the other thing. thank you!
  25. Hello. I've been seeing three behaviors that you might be able to fix, if possible: 1) the planes, when they carry out the pushback and start engine procedure, are a few minutes in a position prior to the taxi. But PSXT identifies them as planes close to a gate, and therefore, once they have pushed back, PSXT takes them back to the closest gate (many times the same one from which the plane left). This process can be repeated several times even. Is there a way for the plane to stay in position "b" once it has done the pushback before proceeding to the taxi? 2) Generally, I am finding that many planes are in one place, but suddenly they disappear in a very short interval of milliseconds and reappear in the same place, without wheels. They then take off their wheels and continue where they were. This happens at any stage of the airport (taxi, parked, prior to takeoff or even after landing). 3) Lately, I don't know what's happening, when planes land, they do so very, very slowly on the runway. Then they accelerate and then they brake. Some taxi out like crazy, even when realtraffic shows normal vectors on its radar. Well, I hope I haven't stressed too much. It would be great if you could fix it!:)
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