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  1. thank you! all is working now again. so thanks for the new version and for fighting always for progress! 🙂
  2. hello. i try to download the new version beta of psx but when i click in download it says: the page you selcted is not found. (error 404). on the other side, version 22 was great for me. i have read on your last releeased notes post that new beta version might have problem with taking off and taxi rolling... could we use the latest version until the day that works better<'? or do you recommend we continue using the new version. im a user of realtraffic , paying monthly, and i would like to take advantage of it. thanks,really thanks for your help: we dont have any other traffic pack! and msfs real ai traffic is terrible!
  3. Maybe. The funny thing is that those planes never jump in exterior view, but only when im on cockpit:)
  4. Oh thank you. right now, there is no change and no ai plane is with his nameplate.... maybe something changed because of the new sdk and ai traffic. i crossfingers! i have another little question: do you know the reason of the little "jumping" that ai planes have on airport ground? thanks.
  5. Hello! I have used today the PSXseecon Traffic for MSFS. All is working very well. I have ticked the "from -> to" but havent seen any information on the top of every ai plane. My "show traffic nameplates" is also ticked on , on MSFS. coould you help me? thanks!
  6. Hello! I have a question. When i see ai model on the airport, they never get docked to jetway on msfs. Ai planes are only docked to jetway when its "ai traffic" online or offline, but not in the way of PSXT. my question is: is there a way to get it? when the ai model is "injected" at the gate, is there a way to be recognized from jetway? thanks!
  7. thanks but. i dnot have ifr academy and i dont need it. i have just a deluxe version of MSFS. thanks!
  8. Hello, somehow, i have lost on "special option" you gave me someday, to make AILG reading the atc_id variations. By now, my liveries.xml only read the model and repaint but not all the atc_id taht i have been collecting during years. is it possible that i can have that "optional" one?

    i wuold appreciate ytoo much

    thank you!:)

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    2. abranpuko


      thank you very much but...i cant download it. 

      while i clik, it says to me that the page is not available. 

      could tyou help me? and really thanks!! i 

      of course, i will invite you to that couple of beers and more!!

    3. kiek
    4. abranpuko


      thank you very much!!!

      and sorry for writing here. i didnt want to disturb!

  9. Hello, i have a problem When i want to return to menu, i cant. its always stuck, and i have to exit MSFS and load it again. does someone know how to return to menu after a flight without that stop!?
  10. hello, i have downloaded new version. is this normal in the Learner exe?
  11. Exactly. Thats what its. Real clouds : clouds.
  12. Ok... I will write in a way you may appreciate... MSFS is great. It has sometimes live traffic with no live ai model and no live repaints. It has also, sometimes, strange behavior but... It has live traffic. Better?
  13. Msfs is very good. But... There is no real live traffic.
  14. I will help you. Let me somedays and im going to post here all my steps! We are here to enjoy msfs!
  15. hello... well... i couldnt write before because i was busy. 1) traffic is not ivao, is converted from fsx ai models and generated with realtraffic application and the wonderfull PSXTSEECONTRAFFIC. 2) i wanted to post a few photos to gie some kind of "illusion" to people who is always saying that MSFS is veeeery bad. (for example, sometimes, myself!)....iwas so happy to see ai planes that i wanted to share with te community. 3) i never hear the people in "no-land" but the "yes-land" one. 🙂 4) use JBTools to organize ai traffic and after, lyoutgenerator to update the JSON files. the only problem i have now is some ai lights (still blinking on tail) and the terrible bat black landing lights from some models. the rest is PERFECT!
  16. My MSFS converted traffic works! https://ibb.co/KNtY7Tr https://ibb.co/cNtS1Ns https://ibb.co/hDG62bW
  17. it comes with a hotfix for pedals!
  18. Yes? Do you have an Iberia 359? Or an delta 333? Or maybe a air europa 738?... Mm i dont think so.
  19. There are not 737 models, for example. So.. Its not real traffic.
  20. They sold us a product without live traffic while saying there was live traffic. Then end.
  21. Hello, your tool is working very well. By the way, does it continue considering the "special" word on title, like a data to not repeat that repaint when injecting? thanks!
  22. Oh great. Thank you again and sorry for the question i posted before. Im spanish and sometimes don't understand! Thanks for this special version. Im going to test it!
  23. thanks! i have downloaded and used it but it doesnt put quotes on atc_id= what is it supossed for? 🤯
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