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  1. Never on Sunday, Monday's too soon, Tuesday, Wednesday just won't do, Thursday, Friday, we can begin but our Saturday Love will never end. So said Alex!

  2. World's scariest landings on C5 is the most inaccurate, poorly researched piece of TV, ever. An Airbus 737? Tanks of fuel in the back?

  3. What's the story with women and leaving lights on? Is it just the one I'm married to?

  4. A wonderfully frank listener reply on the RR facebook page, when asked what they thought of Christine Bleakley vs. Holly Willoughby on Dancing on Ice.....''It's not about the presenters it's about the dancers/skaters bleakly can read an autocue just as well as holly but she has smaller **.''

  5. The Tourette's society accept David ###### ###### Cameron's apology and say he'd better not ###### bollocks ###### do it again.

  6. My parents got an iPhone for Xmas so my brother and I could both talk to them on FaceTime. Sadly they never seem to have the phone anywhere nearby so I have to ring the house phone to tell them to find the iPhone to answer the FaceTime call. Dear departed Steve Jobs, I'm doing my best here. It's not easy.

  7. At a wedding where the DJ is a MacBook plugged into some big speakers. Even wedding DJs are being automated out of a job!

  8. Jedward are the biggest bell ends ever. Just sayin'

  9. Once again, chocolate orange for breakfast. Only on Christmas Day!

  10. Bedtime for those of us playing records whilst everyone else is seeing why Santa brought and eating chocolate oranges for breakfast. Nighty night and Merry Christmas all!

  11. iTunes Match would be great if it didn't make my iMac crash all the time. #likehavingwindowsagain

  12. I really should go to sleep rather than farting around watching iTunes match try to make sense of Deuce 'Call It Love'. It's not in the store, move on.

  13. 'Get some sleep Pam. You look tired.' Bourne on ITV1 HD, worth a late night!

  14. Saab has gone bankrupt. Architects and graphic designers the world over cry into their black polo necks...

  15. Is Kim Jong ill? Sorry...

  16. Sibbers makes the Telegraph live X Factor coverage: '20.50 That guy who pants himself pink and wanders round the streets exhorting people to vote for Amelia Lily - they really don't feel the cold up there, do they?'

  17. People that need to get a sense of humour today : trade unionists and people who own hotels and ring in to complain when I make a gag on air about nicking the dressing gown. That is all.

  18. Watching old episodes of Friends in HD is weird. Everyone looks so, er colourful!

  19. One of the activists at Dale Farm has been badly injured after a car reversed over him. Police are urging the driver to come forward....

  20. Show done. Cappuccino on the go thanks to the evil nespresso empire. Off to see parents across t' Pennines tonight. Home alone until Sally gets home. Might have a cheeky ten minute siesta. Ooh yes.

  21. This ios5 lark is taking longer than planned!

  22. Why can't the Manic Street Preachers ###### off back to 1995 where they belong? Grrrrr.

  23. Off to a joke shop to stock up on novelty items for my help for heroes stars in their eyes video. Pavarotti doing Nessun Dorma is too hard. Might do Billy Idol instead. Blonde spiky wig - sorted!

  24. 'Because it just works'......RIP Steve Jobs.

  25. Boris vs Paxo on Newsnight. This is worth the licence fee alone!

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