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  1. Sorry to dig this old thread up but i have the same problem. Just jumped into the the 777 again after about a year and when running the before start checklist on the ECL, the display stays open and im unable to close it for the remainder of the flight. After this the FO will no longer interact with the ECL. This is on the 77F with button control.   

  2. Hi everyone, I recently decided to give X-plane a go after many years of flying with FSX/P3D. After spending a few days setting up the sim, i've decided to reach out and see if anyone would like to join me on the flight deck for some shared cockpit flights, specifically on the Flight factor 767. I am new to the concept of shared cockpit flying so ill be learning as i go. Anyone interested please do get in touch.  


  3. 4 hours ago, fluffyflops said:

    I bet Oleary already has a couple of a/c ready to put into EXT.  However id guess hes not interested in domestic stuff out of EXT, and his other problem is youve got easyJet up the road in Bristol with a massive prescence with 15 or so a/c there all doing bucket and spade and domestics too.  When i was at easy ops,  Bristol was the 4th biggest after LGW,LTN,STN  not sure about now.

    Most definitely, im thinking maybe DUB,AMS and possibly open a new route to Paris (ORY or CDG not XCR) to fill the void left by Flybe.  EXT seems to be in a rather awkward place with NQY to the south and BRS to the north both served Ryanair. A lot of people i know are more than happy to take the drive up to Bristol to grab an Easyjet flight. 

  4. Very sad news indeed. This defiantly spells bad news for many of the smaller airports in the UK. I live in Exeter where Flybe was based and flew with them many times to European and domestic destinations, always with an excellent standard in service. Flybe accounted for 80% of passenger traffic out of Exeter meaning a very sharp decline in passenger numbers for the airport. Maybe Ryanair can step in and take on some of the old Flybe routes? Thoughts going out to the many employees that have lost their jobs, many of which i have become accustom to seeing over years.  

  5. On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 2:05 AM, Matthew Kane said:

    The four you found also have nothing to do with the grounding and re certification of the locking mechanism. But like I said look at the statistics and clearly you are not doing that because you are still looking at the media for examples 😫

    There are many planes with the same design as the Dash 8. In the last 20 years, how many Fokker 50's or Fokker 27's have had as many landing gear problems? Same goes for the Antonov AN-24, 26,30 and AN-32. I'm sure there's probably some I've missed aswell. They all have the same gear folding into the engine design. How often do you see the same problems occurring again and again with any of those types? Have a look through all Dash 8 entries in Aviation Safety Database yourself, many are landing gear related. I'm not saying something happens every week, just more than most. The fact it can be used in arctic conditions and unprepared strips is irrelevant. Antonov AN-26's and AN-32's are both widely used in Africa flying into some of the worst runways in the world without half as many landing issues.      

    As for the fact i quoted media articles. Weather it's a story by CNN or an official safety report, the incidences still happened. The media aren't likely to make these stories up. If they did, i'm pretty sure they'd have lawsuit coming their way from the airline.     

  6. 2 hours ago, Matthew Kane said:

    They had three incidents back in 2007 but were related to the locking mechanism due to corrosion. The issue was sorted and re certified. No injuries or fatalities related to it, considering this is a now 36 year old aircraft that is an exemplary safety record, but the media likes to bash aircraft. Always look at the statistic and ignore the media when it comes to aviation.

    This one obviously has nothing to do with the locking mechanism and looks to be a mechanical failure.

    I agree, the Dash 8 is a solid aircraft. But landing gear issues are very common with the type. I just had a click through all the Dash 8 occurrences in the Aircraft Safety Networks database and a huge majority do seem to be landing gear related. Both nose gear and main gear failures. 

    Also, i did a quick search for Dash 8 wheel looses and found 4 more incidences:        





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  7. I've also experienced stutters when coming in to land. I had no idea it was attributed to UCGX, i just thought it was some bad addon scenery. I only have around 150 scenery layers. Its happened with both the pmdg 747 and the fslabs Airbus.

  8. Thanks for the advice guys, some really helpful stuff here. I have one more question regarding fueling. What is the correct way to distribute the fuel in the tanks? For example, in vcarlo's post above the minimum fuel required for this flight would be 5,266ibs. How would i go about distributing this figure in the tanks? Fill the center tank first then the wings or wings first then the center?  Or is there a way of entering a specific fuel number via the payload manager and fueling the aircraft that way? 

  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering what method people have been using to find out how much they will need for a flight. I did a flight yesterday and landed with less than 150 pounds of fuel remaining. Are there any fuel planning/altitude charts freely available online? Thanks in advance for your answers.     

  10. I've been having the same problems with my pc consistently restarting after the latest update. I gave in and sent my pc back to the guy who originally built it for me. He reinstalled windows which did solve the restarting problem. Like yourself, i have P3D installed on a separate drive. I finally got my pc back today and was happy to see all of my P3D stuff was still in place on the other drive. But unfortunately, nothing would run, not even simple programs like navigraph charts cloud or even TOPCAT. So I've spent the day uninstalling and then reinstalling everything. I'm guessing it would be a licensing issue.     

  11. Hi everyone, since the latest Windows 10 update Radar Contact has become almost silent with the ATC voices being extremely quiet to the point where i am unable to hear them over the aircraft. Everything was fine yesterday before i installed the update, I haven't changed anything in my setup since then. I've noticed the same thing has happened to the GSX ground crew voices as well. I'm running P3Dv4 with Windows 10 pro. Any help appreciated with this strange issue.   

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