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  1. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=pmdg_747-400bcf_national_air_cargo_n952ca.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search
  2. A simple reinstall seems to have solved the problem. I guess I just had a bad a file somewhere that was causing this rather strange problem. I will report back if anything changes. Thanks for your help and suggestions everyone!
  3. I usually just use FSUIPC to measure my VAS usage, but since I've had this problem I've been keeping process explorer open on my second screen so I can monitor it more closely. I think you guys are right, I definitely have some kind of memory issue here. I ran the windows memory diagnostic utility but it didn't find anything wrong. I've never had any problem with VAS before as I like to keep my sim relatively simple. I think I'm going to contact the guy who built my pc tomorrow and see if he can shed any light on this.
  4. The flight ended with another OOM. But this time I had almost 2GB's of VAS to spare. I've now removed all of my add-on scenery so my sim is basically default. I'm going to be upgrading to P3D in the summer so if all else fails, I guess I'll just have to reinstall the sim. Thanks for your suggestions everyone.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have subsequently removed all of my recent scenery installs. If I don't click ok on the OOM message, the sim will continue to run but will no longer load any outside textures. Is this normal for an OOM situation? I'm about to start a flight between LHR and JFK and will report back with my findings.
  6. Hi everyone, my flight sim has been very stable since I got my new computer a few months with only a few CTD's and no OOM's. But over the last few days, i have been running out of memory on every flight. This happened first on a flight between Miami and Quito. The new Quito airport is not present in the flight sim so i downloaded some simple freeware scenery online. During the flight, i left my desk to grab something to eat and I came back to find the dreaded OOM message. I just clicked ok and the sim closed in the usual way. I put it down to something being wrong with the free Quito scenery i downloaded, so i removed it. My next flight was between New York and Anchorage and after around 3 hours with no warning, another OOM. A few days later i decided to do a BA flight between LHR and JFK which again ended in an OOM. My next flight was going to be LHR to ORD, on this flight i was going to make sure i monitored the VAS very carefully. On the ground at the gate with nearly 100% AI traffic it was holding steady at around 3.6GBS's. Before pushback i decided to be safe and turned the AI off, it then went down to around 3.3GB's and remained steady (bear in mind I was using the pmdg 747 with uk2000's EGLL). I taxied and took off and climbed to Fl350 with no issues at all. By this point, VAS was down to about 2.6GB's so i turned the AI traffic back on which didn't affect it. As i was crossing the Atlantic, VAS remained low until crossing into Canada where it jumped to around 3.0GB's. Then a short while later with no warning with VAS at only 3.4GB's, the dreaded OOM message pops up. The strange thing is i have not made any changes to my sim at all over the last week or so this has been happening. The only change was downloading that freeware Quito scenery. Plus, i don't use any global scenery add-ons, everything is default. I do use some freeware add-on clouds, but I've been using them for years with no problems. What could be causing the OOM message to display with VAS so low? Any help appreciated with this strange issue.
  7. Interesting, the default cold and dark panel state was the only one I didn't have this problem with. I've created all my panel states starting from cold and dark and I haven't come across this bug since.
  8. First, load the default cold and dark cockpit config and then run through the power-up procedure starting the APU or connecting external power. Then save that config and set it as your default panel state.
  9. Hasn't worked for me either, still getting the error. My PMDG aircraft have been grounded for over a month now. Hopefully, there will be a fix soon...
  10. I found that requesting a route after entering a flight number would always cause a no routes available error. So now I enter my origin and destination first then request the route before entering a flight number.
  11. Can't really comment on the BBS or Wilco A330's as I've never flown them. Personally, i'm waiting for the Aerosoft A330 which should be released early next year.
  12. First load the default cold and dark panel state. Then run through the pre-flight start up procedure starting up the APU or connecting external power basically copying the default long or short panel states. Then save this config and set it as the default panel state. This way, the aircraft will load the panel state without the errors. This is the workaround I'm using and it seems to work.
  13. I was wondering if this issue was still being looked at ? Starting with the short preflight panel state also causes the same issues. These are the default panel states and have not been modified in any way.
  14. I'm using the default long preflight panel state. No EZDOK or any other camera. Also, I have failures disabled in the fmc.
  15. FSX steam edition. I can confirm I am running the latest version.
  16. Hi everyone. I have been flying the 747 with no problems at all. But for my last 2 flights, I have been seeing the following EICAS messages. I am using fs2crew so the preflight procedures are always the same. The strange thing is, the body gear steering is working normally helping the aircraft around corners. I'm not sure about FUEL RES XFR, I checked fuel system synoptic on the lower EICAS and everything was ok. Same for the other system pages as well, everything normal. Please ignore the TCAS OFF message, that was actually turned off. Thanks.
  17. I have the same problem when requesting a route. Although I am able to enter a company route.
  18. I can confirm there is no "-" in my product code. Also, im making sure to only include the code its self when selecting it with no space at either end. I also tried copying it out of notepad but still no luck. When I paste the key into the box the window starts not responding or simply just closes. This is about the 4th time I've installed radar contact after various flight sim reinstalls and new pc's and never had a single problem.
  19. Hello, I've just purchased a new pc and I'm going through the process of reinstalling flight simulator and my addons. The last thing I need to do is install radar contact. But unfortunately, I cant. When entering the registration key that was sent to me in an email the registration window just closes. I am entering it exactly as shown in the email with no spaces. I'm using windows 10 pro with FSX steam edition. Thanks.
  20. I use simbrief. A great flight planning tool that is free to use.
  21. You could try the CLS 747 classic series. The vc isn't bad but it's light on systems.
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