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  1. No problem, we have waited this long so a few more days won't hurt. Any chance we could get early look at the manual before release?
  2. Hi, I was flying between Nassau and San Juan today at 11,000 feet and I had all 4 engines shut down. I looked up at the overhead and I realized that all the main tanks ran dry. I'm aware the fuel system needs to be managed correctly using the tank selector and cross-feed valves, but I thought this was done by the flight engineer ? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone. I have been trying to add the freeware ASN weather radar to the VC but I have been unable to make it work. I have read through the instructions in Radar options pdf but all I seem to be getting is a small transparent 2D gauge while the radar in the VC doesn't change at all. Here are the changes I have made to the panel cfg: [Window03] size_mm=100,150 position=2 visible=1 Window_pos=0.05,0.65 zorder=4 background_color=16,16,16 alpha_blend=0.80 gauge00=RolasnRadar!ShellRadGauge, 0,0,100,150, sweep|beam|icing gauge01 = CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard RADAR W5, 90,50,330,250 [Vcockpit36] size_mm=512,512 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$MV_WXM background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=RolasnRadar!ConeRadGauge,85,40,335,265, sweep|beam|icing gauge01 = CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard RADAR W5, 90,50,330,250 Any help appreciated, Thanks.
  4. I'm wondering that myself. Funny how the engine start tutorial video has no sound.
  5. Hi everyone. Just stumbled across this: http://jss-simulations.com/products/ VC and external model look quite good. Always wanted a decent C-160. Looks like it's available from flight1.
  6. They ran a poll a few months ago asking what plane they should develop next.
  7. It would be a dream come true to see an AN-12 fly into exeter. I live right under the approach for runway 08. The endless stream of flybe dash-8's gets a bit dull after a while.
  8. We do get the odd wide body at Exeter. Air Transat A310s used to be regular visitors, used to see a few First Choice 767's aswell. A few years ago I saw an RAF L1011 and VC-10 come into land. RAF A400s and C17s are often seen doing touch and goes.
  9. Nice to see my local airport getting some attention. :smile:
  10. Thanks Bryan ! Will purchase soon as I get back from my holiday.
  11. Hi everyone, I just tried to use the majestic dash 8 for the first time with radar contact. Before entering the runway i switched the transponder to ALT. But after take off I was asked repeatedly to verify my squawk code as if the transponder wasn't on. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Looking good ! Will there be a cargo model ?
  13. Here is a great program for calculating de-rate values : http://secure.simmarket.com/toper-calculator-tool-b777-v3.0-(takeoff-performance-calculator).phtml
  14. Its available here: http://samdimdesign.free.fr/
  15. Anyone else having a problem with the angle of attack indicator going crazy while on the ground ?
  16. England (home) Spain x4 Turkey x4 Ireland Israel Jordan Egypt x2 USA x2 France
  17. Only the first 100 customers got it for 45$. It says on there facebook page.
  18. Yes I have the problem but I'm using the keyboard. I'm also having problems starting the engines. My ignition light is staying on so I have to press the start button again to turn if off . Very strange.
  19. Keep um coming ! This is so funny ! :lol:
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