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  1. Thanks Ganter. Appreciate the reply. Best, WilloW
  2. Hello Does anyone know which software version (for example U18.8A) the PMDG FMC emulates ? I would look, however, currently I do not have my PMDG software installed as I am upgrading computers. Thank you, WilloW
  3. Thank you for clarifying these issues. It seems that there is nothing to concern yourself about, unless you are pedantic that the coding is correct. you are correct in that every time you rerun the UTL installer, the xml file reverts back to the original poorly coded file. I believe it’s easier to just ignore the errors, in the knowledge that they are not problematic. I have noticed (on my setup), UTL and scenery written by Drzewiecki Design have these coding issues. Thank you again, WilloW
  4. Thanks for doing this. I will do the edits in the morning and see how I go. Catch you later, WilloW
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. I tried your suggestion, however, nothing has changed. I assume ULT id working OK. Here is a link to the actual xml file in question. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fiol1o24750qf9p/add-on.xml?dl=0 Thanks, WilloW PS - I just saw that Oliver has made a comment (thanks Oliver)
  6. Hello I have installed UTL and am using P3DV4. After installing and configuring UTL, I ran the Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer to check my file structure. (http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html) The software displayed an error with the UTL P3D add-on.xml file Does anyone know what the issue may be ? I tried to upload an attachment of the screen grab, but it seems this is not possible. Here is a copy in my dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8elwqbojh2d0d6s/UTL addon error P3DV4.PNG?dl=0 Thanks, WilloW
  7. Hi Bryon I searched for your e-mail, however, could not find it. Can the promotion video be embedded into a private website ? Thanks, Iain
  8. Hi Bryan OK thanks. I'll purchase and see how I go. I always attempt to find out if the software will work in my situation prior to purchase as refunds are difficult. Cheers, WilloW
  9. Thanks for the reply Byran Can this second audio device be on another computer ? Has the software the ability ro detect a sound device on the client computer ? Thanks. WilloW
  10. Greetings Can RAAS be run from a client computer so that sounds come from a second set of speakers ? Thanks, WilloW
  11. Greetings To add to Drivers comments. I used an ACE yoke until I replaced it with a OEM yoke and column from a real B737 which was converted for FS use. The yoke was quite good for a reproduction item but paled when compared to the real item. ACE initially replied to all e-mails and the payment was very easy. I waited close to 5 months - after full payment, for the yoke to be made and then shipped to Australia. During this time e-mails from ACE were very sporadic and I had to push for a delivery status - there were all sorts of plausible excuses to possible delays...... On receipt of the yoke, the clipboard was missing in addition to some wires that were not correctly installed. I repaired the wiring myself. I contacted ACE concerning the clipboard several times over the next 3 months - the e-mails were not returned, until I mentioned that I was going to post a negative review on a forum - ACE then replied indicating a clipboard had been dispatched. I asked for tracking data but this was not supplied. Nothing turned up and I contacted ACE again to be told the clipboard would be sent to me in another consignment that was due to leave for Australia - this was to save postage. Long story short, the clipboard arrived ~3 months later with a yoke for another Australian client in another state! I had to contact the client directly to arrange shipping to my state. I complained to ACE and they sent the internal shipping funds to me. Needless to say I would NEVER deal with ACE again. For some reason ACE does not reply to e-mails. Furthermore, the company is not prompt in anything they do - other than in taking your payment. Unfortunately this scenario is repeated time and time again with ACE and other unreliable re-sellers. DEAL ONLY WITH RELIABLE VENDORS. I wrote this post on my website after some bad experiences - http://www.flaps2approach.com/journal/2013/5/21/purchase-guidelines-avoid-being-disappointed.html Cheers, WilloW
  12. Greetings Recently I've been having quite few API DDL app crashes. Not every flight, but here and there. They appear random with one possible cause being accessing the menus during flight and changing settings, etc - not sure. Any ideas how to solve this issue. Thank you, Iain
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