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  1. Goldenrocket

    AI aircraft

    I often get this problem while using flyable aircraft as AI. Most a/c work well with boeing737-400.air file. This file is mainly used by CalClassic for its very numerous AI propliner.
  2. Goldenrocket

    Flight Sim World is Now Live!

    Best thing: I got for free! So no regret by deleting it again. Awful!
  3. Goldenrocket


    Easiest way to apply John's suggestion ist to use "FS Scenery Manager". A simple tool available here. It's freeware and far easier than go through default settings. BTW, Jive1 has still not given some examples where exactly he got the coastline issues. Could eventually be helpful, for him of course.
  4. Goldenrocket


    You also might deactivate all entries in your scenery.cfg and reactive them until you have detected the entries causing the issues. That would need some time! I just try to help solving your issues. You still have the choice to follow other ways proposed here.
  5. Goldenrocket


    You obvisouly miss several files named HP9xxxxxx.bgl in subfolders Scenery\Name. Probably they have been overwrited or deleted while installing a scenery package. Search for next airports in these areas and itentify the default airport file like AP9xxxxxx.bgl. And then search for the same file beginning with HP and the same numbers. Here an example for Nassau Intl: the default airport is in file AP927230.BGL and the coastlines are generated by the file HP927230.BGL. Both are in de the folder and subfoldser Scenerry\Name\Scenery. If you miss such a file, check what you else installed for he area. Maybe Freeflow Bahamas..
  6. Goldenrocket

    Help deleting static aircraft

    You got a PM.
  7. Goldenrocket

    Help deleting static aircraft

    I could delete the static aircraft with Instant Scenery. They are part of the file extradd.bgl.
  8. Goldenrocket

    Help deleting static aircraft

    There is a file ga planes.bgl. You should delete it too.
  9. Goldenrocket

    Size of monitor

    Why reply if I'm using a 27" monitor, at a resolution of 2560 x 1440?
  10. Goldenrocket

    FS9 version of Orbx

    all these addons like EVO, Natural-World, ORBX for FS9 and so on improve nicely environment in vegetated areas. Unfortunately they amplify vegetation where it should be: at deserts like Sahara or just Nevada. Now I'm using "FS2004 wood & desert" of Marcel Aerni and desert areas are more accurate.
  11. Goldenrocket

    difficulties in updating FS9.0 to FS9.1

    Did you installed no CD exe before and FS9.1 update after? Because this way it doesn't work.
  12. Goldenrocket

    Strange formations of AI flights

    What shows Traffic Toolbox?
  13. Goldenrocket

    Uninstall ### AI TRAFFIC2012 World V.2.00

    Did you opened "Software" in your "Windows System Panel" and checked whether the addon has been registered there? If that happened you should be able do uninstall it there.
  14. Goldenrocket

    Graphics card FS2004

    Nevertheless you use a highend GTX970 ... A performant GPU indisputably increases FS9 display and allows to run it in a higher resolution.
  15. Goldenrocket

    Out of memory - Crash to Desktop (CTD)

    "Out of memory" doesn't mean a lak of memory. It's just the way to notify that FS isn't able to handle an incompatible file. As said above, mostly it's due to a bad AI aircraft or a scenery. However I never got OOM's due to uncorrect parking size, Either they are too small, and the aircraft don't appear.