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  1. Flying the 737ngx with a huge smile

  2. Can't wait for the 737ngx, ok I can wait because I am waiting! lol

  3. Better update my apple devices again!

  4. First tweet from new iPad,

  5. Made it to our seats, good view from here

  6. had rain, had puddles had a good time

  7. New tent = rain, at least no mud!

  8. Bring on the Curry

  9. I dislike Citrix Xen, I dislike Citrix Xen, I dislike Citrix Xen. Oh yeh I dislike Citrix Xen!

  10. My sis taught me about gumtree! Where have I been?

  11. Saved myself a small fortune by changing my mobile phone tariff. :-)

  12. I knew I should of gone for a 3G iPad! Thank goodness for MiFi dongle. :-)

  13. The moon is an amazing sight tonight

  14. On route Innsbruck, got tailwind of 67knts, should get there bit quicker!

  15. Today I'm a PC, Tomorrow who knows!

  16. I'm completely addicted to the great iPhone game Paper Glider - how far can you flick & fly your paper plane?

  17. Thomson takes first delivery of 22 new Boeing 737s | Thomson Holidays Communications Centre via @AddThis

  18. App Store on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Now Mac.... Can't escape the temptation to buy apps!!!

  19. Joined Thomsonvirtual and lovin it. Looking to fly first vatsim flight very soon.

  20. Taking flight simulator to the next level, joining the many home cockpit builders. Wish me luck...

  21. Listening to EIDW Dublin Del/Gnd/Twr on #liveatc