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  1. RT: @Palms Who's ready to book their Vegas trip? RT and one lucky follower will get an exclusive VIP package

  2. its naining heavy int it

  3. i just wanna give sam dingle a cuddle :(

  4. got a wonderful email this morning inviting me to an interview for the job im wanting. SAWEEEEET. Emails are underrated.

  5. vooooooooodddddddkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. #nothingfunnerthanbeinganalcoholic

  6. just had some lovely chicken in white wine with home grown carrots and yorkshire puddings! #smug

  7. feeding bread to the ducks, Rebekah Brooks

  8. ######. vodka does me good un proper. night x

  9. stupid question, i know what you lot are like :P

  10. not sure whether to stay here one or go back to york tomorrow? I hate york when im there... so what should i doooo?!


  12. this is my 4th day in Wakefield, its kinda like rehab cos i havent left the house, but a rehab where you get shitfaced everynight...

  13. wish i was in Vegas...

  14. king blues - bonkers = MINT!

  15. im thinking about having a Zombiefied @katyperry tattoo added to my nearrrrrrrrly finished sleeve, what dya think?! haha

  16. when I get me private pilots license in October, i'm massively tempted to move to canada to fly float planes... good to build me hours!

  17. arrrrgh what to do

  18. teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa time

  19. went for a curry last night after the funeral do and apparently fell asleep at the table...?! Hahaa awkward.

  20. mainly me being moody mind, need my coffee grrr

  21. BED UP EARLY night

  22. harry potter can suck my chowder