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  1. Hello there! As a student of PhD in french literature , it is not so convenient for me to write with errors,but it seems there is not another option! i wish i could write in french! by the way, thanks for your kindly comments,... honestly,all the credits goes for Tony as a creator of World2xplane and there is another guy who created a software called Ortho im not sure about his name.i really appreciate their efforts,fantastic job !both of them..also appreciate the effort of alpilotx and his good website. so i just read the manuals ,reading reading & reading! the manuals,to know the structure the ruelsthe base,to find out how it works,all the forums and so on...by the way i will give instruction for anyone who are intereste. also i've created a specific section in my website dedicated screenshots and updated them regulary.. here I worked for 15 years with FSX ,created many learning video & reviews so far...and also X-plane recently ! here my videos FSX & X-plane: Here I would write a list with advantage and disadvantages for each of them in comparison! Regards!
  2. Hello as u may know there is numlock keys with assiciate default camera position for example num 4 as cockpit view, how can i change this default position permantely? thanks
  3. Hello for europ i need these series : ff_library Europe_Library OpenSceneryX R2_Library world-models w2xp_Europe right? but what set of libraries i will need for asia? i 've made a custom latest for osm data specially for my region..also created related tile as photoscenery, what about the others? thank you
  4. is there problem with the website: https://world2xplane.com/ ??
  5. but there is no data it seems at the picture! is that normal?all around in the word is included at BI source?
  6. thanks, by the way Tony you dont have any suggestion for this: http://www.avsim.com/topic/487185-a-question-about-ortho4xp/ ?
  7. Bonjour ! Voilà ! my screen shots so far!
  8. hi suddenly Xplane crash at EDDM here is some last line of log: Initializing callbacks Initialization finished 0:01:30.546 I/FLT: Init dat_p1 type:loc_ram apt:EDDM rwy:08L 0:01:30.546 I/ATC: p1(N01XP) FP filed - EDDM to LFMC at 10000 via KPT TZO SES LUC , type=2 Audio is not editable. 0:01:35.178 D/ATC: Validating altitude for p1(N01XP): filed: 10000 usable_rte_dist: 324.648987 maxDescent: 81000 maxAlt: 81000 minAlt: 10000 chosen_alt: 10000 0:01:35.178 D/ATC: p1(N01XP): Cleared IFR 0:01:35.178 W/ATC: Frequency 96 for flow AUTOGEN: North runway 08R at EDDM seemed invalid and was overwriten! 0:01:35.178 D/ATC: p1(N01XP): Squawk 4700 0:01:35.253 D/ATC: p1(N01XP): Taxi (17 points issued) [sASL ERROR] Setup error 40963 --=={This application has crashed!}==-- any idea ? thanks
  9. Hi please introduce me the most beautiful area you've already flown at XPN with photoscenery.. i would like create a tile for that region & I want make a movie! Thanks!
  10. i would like to make a tile for that region(pic below) but it seems there is no information=size 0G ,so i can not make tile? is there any other method to doing that?
  11. Hello , thanks for reply,i found the problem that was related to installation of .Net all versions .
  12. Hi After new installation of XP it seems add one ALABEO aircraft has serious problem in graphic look at the legs outside of the aircraft also wierd thing going on on propellers its not look like propeller any idea? thanks
  13. yes t thanks ,yes i use that for creating tile, also we can use w2xp_Europe_osm w2xp_Europe_net like that,right? Est-ce que vous êtes français?car je vois LFMT dans votre liste? also do you have any idea about that kind of problem? notice the trees middle of the roads!
  14. Hi after create a tile around,EDLV weeze Germany, how can i fix that?!! thanks
  15. as i created my own tile and there is not roads rivers etc...,should i use w2xp_Europe_net just beside w2xp_Europe? it is not necessary to copy the content of inside folder to another? i am not sure thank you in advance
  16. Hi its already fixed,i have 50 fps inside same cockpit again! that was related to the lock to frame rate inside XPN ,since my last tweak between the option mentioned and vertical sync at Geforce control panel untile achieve best result , thanks for your reply as always
  17. almost all of carenados also Alabeo Alabeo PA32_Saratoga_II_TC
  18. Hi it sounds strange but when i am inside the cockpit my frame rate is seems to me locked at 20fps,when outside going to 50 or more ,this is high eng pc,i have yesterday 40 inside the cockpit!,i have no idea how something like that happened to me, any idea please? thanks
  19. Hi i dont know why any addone aircraft i'v used steering to the left sidegreatly and need some rudder action very effectivly to be corrected. (no wind) while there is no problem with default one any idea? thank you
  20. TANX ,is this availabe for all country or just Germany?
  21. but how?because there is is no such option in this link: http://download.geofabrik.de/europe.html
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