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  1. i did it 5 time,all same result just seems to me hang and do nothing i used this link for obtaining OSM there is no option for counties ,there is only 1 option for germany . http://download.geofabrik.de/europe.html how can i have a part of country not all ,as u said just counties?
  2. Hi i'm trying to make OSM latest for germany,but it has been a round 24 hour that the application Word2xplane 0.7.4 is working ,is that normal?to take such a long time? here we go the log file ,please notice the time of each event! 01:11:30.711 INFO - Reading Config File C:\X-Plane 10\application\.\resources\config.xml 01:11:30.831 INFO - Added Facade Set simheaven_red 01:11:30.841 INFO - Added Facade Set simheaven_black 01:11:30.847 INFO - Added Facade Set w2xp 01:11:30.930 INFO - Reading Regions 01:11:31.189 INFO - Output Folder: C:\germany-latest\germany-latest 01:11:32.414 INFO - Creating LODs for Facades 01:11:41.671 INFO - Using local storage. 01:11:41.701 INFO - Unable to resume, OSM file is different from source used to generate 01:11:41.716 INFO - Processing C:\germany-latest.osm\germany-latest.osm.pbf 01:11:41.716 INFO - First Pass (Gathering Relations and Way Nodes) 06:04:46.511 INFO - First Pass Complete, stored 206438 relations, 205249936 nodes 06:04:46.518 INFO - Second Pass (Gathering Ways for Relations) 06:20:19.413 INFO - Second Pass Complete, stored 205249936 nodes 06:20:19.413 INFO - Third Pass (Gathering Nodes for Relations) 07:20:25.459 INFO - Third Pass Complete, stored 210861650 nodes 07:20:25.468 INFO - Fourth Pass(Gathering Coordinates for Nodes) right now still working ! specification are: Core i 7 4790K 16G RAM Z97X Gaming-3 ... thanks
  3. Hi please have alook at the pic ,does anyone knwo whats the issue and how can i fix? or thanks
  4. Hi How can i know about tile coordinates numbers for example of ""Mashhad"" City or Hashemi Nejad Int airport "" OIMM ""at Iran ? i need the numbers for make a tile with Ortho14Xp many thanks
  5. thanks thank you all works well ,here we go i created a video!
  6. thanks but i could not find the word2xp latest!
  7. would you please send me your scenery order at scenery_packs?
  8. many thanks for u r reply,but would you please guide me about the order too?should i keep my original 22.02.16: W2xp Europe ?
  9. I just finished my first tile ,which was at Germany,everything seems fine to me,but the roads,the roads are like the photos now,there is no car traffic anymore, how can i fix that please?
  10. the prpblem is i can not have a full version due my country restriction IRAN as i can not do any international payment,i manage to working with Ortho4XP i have installed that successfully, i should spend considerable of time for reading carefully the manual provided until have idea how it works, sorry for my weak Eng as i am student of french language !i wish i could speak or write in French,lol anyway thanks for reply Ok i should have alook at manual,at my opinion the interesting point is with Xplane all the requeirement are so difficult to do,specially for average PC users,but for anyone who passe that dificult step the result will be AWESOME,generaly its not like FSX have that kind of user friendly look,or installation,
  11. Hi thanks a lot but i mean a link that provide instruction how working with it, i just installed the sowftware on win7 successfully
  12. Hi thanks tony for your great effort at World2xplane.com great job!i admire it.. sounds great!is there any instruction or something for create such photoscenery?do you know any link? is the result would be same as those were provided by simheaven?> thanks
  13. Hi i know the simheaven website removed the ZL17 photoscneries due the cost of server etc..and its just ZL16 ... but i was wondering if anyone here by chance had those photoscenery as i really need them for Germany area EDDS or if can make torrent or upload them or something also i have a dedicated server if there is anyone who can upload i can provide him ftp access. any reply would be appreciated
  14. Www.PilotOfpersia.Com

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