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  1. BrasiliaNick

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    just finish the port of the Jetstream. Doesn't have to be perfect. With the GTN 750 you had planned on I'm sure all us Jetstream drivers would be mighty thankful.
  2. BrasiliaNick

    F1 GTN750 Unusable After P3D4.4 Update

    *cough* grab the Reality XP GTN 750 and never look back *cough*
  3. Twin Piston my favorite is the Carenado/Alabeo 421. Takes the F1 750 or the Reality XP 750 (which is way better than the f1 one). Looks good. Does not fly terribly. Only some minor issues with the model mainly in the night lighting. But a great twin to fly.
  4. BrasiliaNick

    AOA Trainings at 30% discount

    Some items are one time purchases, some are subscriptions like the aviator pro. check their website.
  5. BrasiliaNick

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Wasn't even on my radar but at 20 bucks its a no to shoehorn the RXP 750 in place of the fmc...maybe...
  6. BrasiliaNick

    Aerosoft CRJ worth it now?

    What is the state of the Aerosoft CRJ? I know they have had several patches since release and the release wasn't so hot..... Looking for something about that size to tide me over until the JS41 is ported over (already have the TFDI, love it! Also have the Majestic...great sim but I hate the dash 8 in general, kind of fugly to me but that is my $.02)
  7. BrasiliaNick

    TFDi 717 Question

    It is my go to plane in V4.1 right now. Great performance and fun to fly. As has been said before, don't think of the V4 beta client like the released is fairly complete minus some random FMC stuff you most likely would not use much if ever and there are certainly ways around them. Did I mention it handles well in hand flying too?
  8. BrasiliaNick

    Majestic Q400: full simulation?

    I have the Pilot version. For me, I did not see the need for failures etc personally. For this I am glad they have the different versions.
  9. Anything new on the Js41 front?
  10. BrasiliaNick

    Holiday sales are almost upon us!

    ORBX Socal and KSAN A couple of Carenado (yeah i know...but they have a couple of planes for FSE id like) if they do something.
  11. I do not own the GTN750, but just curious as to why you would use that vs the built in AP/FMS for heading hold?
  12. BrasiliaNick

    PMDG BAe JetStream 4100

    They havn't talked about that in a hot minute. I imagine they are probably going to shelve it in favor of the P3DV4 as that and Xplane seem to be the way of the future. But maybe they will surprise us and release the fix for it.
  13. BrasiliaNick

    PMDG BAe JetStream 4100

    It never really was supported in FSX SE could always run it in that but its missing some stuff. Flyable though just have to work around things.
  14. BrasiliaNick

    Best King Air for V4/4.1?

    Is it just the Carenado's or am I missing one?
  15. BrasiliaNick

    Amazing news! Js41 for p3d

    You can buy it for 5mil from the Ops Center....seems fair.