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  1. BrasiliaNick

    Aerosoft CRJ worth it now?

    What is the state of the Aerosoft CRJ? I know they have had several patches since release and the release wasn't so hot..... Looking for something about that size to tide me over until the JS41 is ported over (already have the TFDI, love it! Also have the Majestic...great sim but I hate the dash 8 in general, kind of fugly to me but that is my $.02)
  2. BrasiliaNick

    TFDi 717 Question

    It is my go to plane in V4.1 right now. Great performance and fun to fly. As has been said before, don't think of the V4 beta client like the released is fairly complete minus some random FMC stuff you most likely would not use much if ever and there are certainly ways around them. Did I mention it handles well in hand flying too?
  3. BrasiliaNick

    Majestic Q400: full simulation?

    I have the Pilot version. For me, I did not see the need for failures etc personally. For this I am glad they have the different versions.
  4. Anything new on the Js41 front?
  5. BrasiliaNick

    Holiday sales are almost upon us!

    ORBX Socal and KSAN A couple of Carenado (yeah i know...but they have a couple of planes for FSE id like) if they do something.
  6. I do not own the GTN750, but just curious as to why you would use that vs the built in AP/FMS for heading hold?
  7. BrasiliaNick

    PMDG BAe JetStream 4100

    They havn't talked about that in a hot minute. I imagine they are probably going to shelve it in favor of the P3DV4 as that and Xplane seem to be the way of the future. But maybe they will surprise us and release the fix for it.
  8. BrasiliaNick

    PMDG BAe JetStream 4100

    It never really was supported in FSX SE could always run it in that but its missing some stuff. Flyable though just have to work around things.
  9. BrasiliaNick

    Best King Air for V4/4.1?

    Is it just the Carenado's or am I missing one?
  10. BrasiliaNick

    Amazing news! Js41 for p3d

    You can buy it for 5mil from the Ops Center....seems fair.
  11. BrasiliaNick

    Carenado Lights

    Some of the lighting is trash. Its weird, the Meridian lights work like a champ, but my 1900...the landing lights are basically non existent.
  12. BrasiliaNick

    Interested in getting a job at the airport (KIAH)

    I work at KTUL but I work for a company in Fixed Wing Medical Transport. My office has no windows (except out into the hallway) but I can hear ANG planes and all the airliners all day. If I poke my head out of the office, the southwest ramp and terminal is right there so I see some of the random liveries.
  13. BrasiliaNick

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I used to love watching the Skywest EMB-120's back in the day. Still my favorite turbo prop...its probably why I love the Jetstream so much. I have contemplated the Majestic Q400 but they just don't do anything for me. I understand it is well modeled and runs great, but the plane itself (the dash 8) just does not excite me. So now I am patiently waiting on the v4 jetstream. Since moving from FSX and FSX SE this is truly the one thing I missed. Still my favorite FLight Sim plane (even better than the NGX but thats just my $.02) and would love to find a VA that is US based that still flys them
  14. BrasiliaNick

    We need this on PMDG Planes :)

    Flew the 717 last night from STL to MSP, my first since the beta update with Truglass, and I have to say it was pretty neat. I did not notice an fps drop and it was active sky real world (just so happened to be pretty rainy in STL last night). Now with that being said, it doesnt do anything to make the plane fly better or systems better. Simply eye candy. I would trade off eye candy for functionality every day of the week. If PMDG never added it to their planes I would be ok with this. Cool feature but not zomg cant live without either.
  15. BrasiliaNick

    Landing Lights

    So I recently started flying the 1900 again in anticipation of the release of the v4 js41...except i have a weird issue where the landing lights dont really seem to work right as you can see in the attached picture. p3dv4.1 active sky, orbx, pta yadda yadda