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  1. Can anyone tell me how the 3D people library are implemented into a scenery. The program itself is activated in the sim addon scenery folder. Activating in the addon scenery doesn't place people of your choice in the area of your scenery. So I am interested in how these people are implemented info a scenery. Thanks https://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=root&SearchTerm=3d+people+library+&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Go=Change+View
  2. I decided to try this airport scenery in P3D V4.5 and much to my surprise, all of the people silhouette textures are now populated, I would still like to know how I can remove all of those people in this airport scenery. The picture above ^ with the dark silhouettes is in P3D V5.3 HF2.
  3. There are these dark figures in this scenery that I would like to remove; it looks like the textures for them are missing hence the dark silhouettes. Would appreciate info on how to remove them. Thanks. Edit: Some other sceneries use the People_3d_Lib.bgl file in the scenery folder while using textures to complement the figures. This scenery doesn't appear to of implemented the 3d_lib bgl file or textures. So I am a bit flummoxed as to how this scenery is populated with so many dark people figures. .
  4. Then why is it when I disable GSX in P3D V4 the concrete runways will not disappear and in P3D V5 when GSX is disabled the concrete goes ways. Something is amiss, In P3DV5 with GSX activated the aircraft are hovering above runway, deactivate GSX and the aircraft will fall and make contact with the runway along with a crash sound. and the concrete runway disappears and is replaced with black bland runway, I ought to know, I've seen this happen with my own eyes.
  5. I do appreciate your response to addressing the issues of KMEM with P3DV5. When you say that you will look into the issue at hand that in fact you will. I know that there is a compelling and more alluring market ($$$) for you and other devs with that shiny new sim (MSFS). If the situation were reversed, where you were the customer, and the Dev seems to not make any promises but only to look into the matter I know you would be disappointed and feel put off like some of us customers are. I know you put a caveat out there for P3D V5 users but some of us still like/use P3DV5 over MSFS and I know it you were to fix it and then sell a new improved version you might get some people to line your pockets (again) Wouldn't that be nice? You do have a bug in GSX in P3D V5 where it corrupts your scenery BGL file - Not so in P3D V4 - I have both sims. I would think that you would be up to the challenge to iron out the kinks this scenery has in P3DV5. I have a feeling you are just going to walk away from it and that is pretty much what I suspect.........
  6. All the aircraft "float" a bit above ground lever at the Memphis Airport (KMEM) from FSDT. I tried to elevate the ground level and that seemed to fix the situation where the tireswill come in contact with the ground however, a lot of the concrete disappears when I do this. This picture shows when I elevated the ground level (ADE) the tires contact the ground but a lot of the concrete is gone even from the runways - spotty at best. This is the stock view and the tires are off the ground and the dude appears to be floating as well. But, all the concrete shows. So is there a better way to make adjustments so that any an all aircraft do not float above the runway/tarmac?
  7. i am interested in adding an animated windsock to my scenery. I know that this can be done using SODE and ADE will add a non animated windsock, (I tried that one) - is there another method of adding an animated windsock to an airport scenery? Thanks.
  8. I agree it is in the middle of nowhere and not worth the effort. it was something that I thought I'd get some experience in trying to correct. It was a location that I was made aware of from a different fltsim forum.
  9. True but LM will take seemingly forever,if ever to correct. I've seen scenery faux pas that have been unanswered on their forum for three years.
  10. Thanks for the bump back. i tried your suggestion and as you can see in the overhead shot some of the airport is still below adjacent areas. It's hard to make that poly tool to stick down a square area to flatten. You can see my dark brown area the margin on the right.
  11. I'm trying to flatten the file but for some reason the entire runway/airport is not flattened.
  12. No, This is stock P3D V5 scenery. I also posted this at P3D forum so far....no takers.
  13. This is what I see for the Kambut Libya airport in P3D V5 - I tried to adjust the elevation in ADE and only the runway is raised.
  14. Was there a operation manual included that explains the startup procedures? In some situations I noticed that the people on the wing are sometimes not there and sometimes they are. Just curious what causes that.
  15. David, I sent you a PM. Thanks. I would like a copy of your flatten file. I too noticed that too.
  16. I deleted images in the post.
  17. This is view of CG hangers in the ADDON scenery. What I don't under stand is this area does not show in ADE. This is addon of KNGP - note the area in red box. which should be Coast Guard Hangers on the seawall shows in P3D but not in this floorplan. This is floor plan of stock KNGP (NAS Corpus Christi and show where the CG hangers are and shows in P3D5
  18. Both the stock and addon sceneries are at 19.999 feet (same). The helo pad marking are hovering above ground. How do I lower it?
  19. Thanks for the response. I did check both stock and add on elevations and are exactly the same as 18.999 I also noticed that there is hanger bleed thru from stock to addon. I did discover that I after I save a copy of the stock airport in ADE that I can select the hangers in the saved stock and delete them then that will show just the hangers in the addon scenery. There control tower in the stock scenery was in the wrong locate (according to google earth) and was bleeding thru as well. So I removed the stock tower, the addon tower was in the right location. The scenery was originally for FSX but still is a well detailed airport with Coast Guard hanger by the seawall. I am trying to remove the duplicate bleed thru that is also in wrong locations.
  20. Anyone manage to port NAS Corpus Christi, Texas (TX) by Jim Dhaenens to P3D V5.3? Some of the stock taxiways bleed over to the add on scenery. https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/9241/fsx-nas-corpus-christi-scenery/
  21. Have to ask, was this "mission" for P3D V5? Didn't see one for V5 nor V4 How do I install it?
  22. I use the P3DV4 version of the Skysim's DC-9 and noticed that when the plane comes to a complete stop, a few orange safety cones will appear along with the wheel chocks. When I advance the throttle I notice that as soon as two knots, the safety cones disappear. Then when I coast to a stop, no brakes used, those cones will show. The MDL file shows those cones, so I guess they are baked in, but I would think that when the plane shuts down that those cones would then appear. Kinda strange and not realistic IMHO.
  23. Was having issues getting AVSIM to show on my browser, looks like all it well now.
  24. Nice plane, a pity that is can only be obtained by joining Facebook. I am not a member of FB nor do I wish to be one. Surely there is another link to download a copy without the Join Facebook mandate. Why is it only available at FB?
  25. I picked it up yesterday 4 May 2021. Wish someone would do a VA-25 paint (original toilet bomber) Was surprised it was not included.
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