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  1. Thank you very much for your input, advice and the warm welcome back! I'll definitely look into some of the advice, but it's probably going to be baby steps right now. Looking very forward to spending more time on this hobby again!
  2. Hello everybody! Perhaps some of you still remember me, I had to take a long (well, way too long ) break from flight simming, but now as university is nearly done, I am trying to get back again, still stuck with FSX-MS, as I don't want to spend money on a new platform and go through the process of migrating my stuff. Did I miss any great things in the last two years or so that I should probably be aware of? Cheers, Flo
  3. Jeff, how did you insert the link to the pictures? I'm not sure if linking pictures from Facebook actually works, but if it works, I think it needs to be done this way: <Insert link here>[/link] Other than that, you could simply use some other online hosting service, like Dropbox, which works for sure. Best regards, Flo
  4. But considered as pirated, since its creator have not asked for permission from the original authors!
  5. Why not use the "Repair" function?
  6. Jay, as I understand it, the OP is very well aware of the fact that the GPS does not provide any vertical guideance. What he wants is the approach procedure displayed in the GPS (and that the plane is able to follow those procedures), just as if it were a STAR programmed in an FMC; he wants the GPS to guide him to the point where he could intercept the LOC and G/S, switch to NAV mode (at least in default AP logic) and then proceed along the G/S. As said above, you could understand it as a FMC programmed to lead the plane to final approach using a STAR until the ILS intercept. @twojastara: Are you sure you have the correct ILS freq dialled in and set active? Also make sure that the runway in use is equipped with ILS (might not be the case, IIRC sometimes you have an ILS approach to a parallel RWY making a side-step after establishing visual contact with it), and that you switch to NAV mode on time. You might also want to try if disengaging the NAV Hold function prior to the switch to NAV and re-engaging it immediately after that switch fixes the problem. There might be a glitch that the AP logic of FSX does not switch from tracking the GPS route to tracking a radio signal, but I'm not compeltely sure about this.
  7. Please don't misunderstand me, but I'm not so sure if that's really a good idea, because I do not know exactly how many people are really interested in this database (I find it very informative, though), and pinning too many topics can be really annoying IMO. May I suggest that you add it to Favorites in your browser instead?
  8. Unzip the download and then try this: from the Readme.txt file that comes with the scenery. In case you need assistance adding sceneries to the scenery library: Go to settings -> Scenery Library on the FSX main screen. Somewhere on the right you will find a button labelled Add Scenery. Click that button, and browse to <Your FSX directory>\Addon Scenery\QATAR. Select (not open) the Doha_Landclass folder and click the "Add" (or whatever it is labelled, I'm not sure right now) - in case you're a Win7 user, nothing will happen; instead you will have to click on the white space in the dialog box, which will then close, and the folder should appear in your Scenery Library. Proceed the same way for the Doha folder. I hope that helps. Best regrads,
  9. I am no computer expert, I haven't even heard of that "Thermidor" thing before, so I might be wrong here. However, I have the feeling that a. given the amount of people using Ezdok (and its relative age, plus no recent updates) it is unlikely that it actually is dangerous, and b. you say that this particular warning occured to you in context with the Fligth1 wrapper (which IIRC is also how Ezdok is sold?), which I also highly doubt to be malware. Furthermore, I have had the experience that certain Anti-virus programs regard many flight sim addons as potential threats, simply because they're not so common. Why shouldn't that be the case with this particular program? So ultimately, I'd most likely try to have a closer look at what Ezdok might be doing, but in general I would still consider it safe and ignore the warnings.
  10. So after landing it won't turn at all? That's odd - sorry to say, but in that case I can't help, at least not at the moment, but maybe I find the time to check in the afternoon.
  11. The front wheel animation is linked to the rudder, and that wheel will only move when the plane is already moving (the same also applies for the plane turning). I'm not sure about real life, but I can imgaine that it is not possible to turn the front wheel of a B738 while stanidng either, as there simply is too much friction - just think about how hard it can be to turn the steering wheel of a standing car, and that has a mere 2 tons or less. Also, it might be that such animations are not shown in playback or video mode.
  12. Add 2 737-800s of Royal Air Maroc to that list.
  13. I have the internal limiter set to 30. In comparison to unlimited, that might give me slightly lower average FPS, but it avoids extreme differences: With FPS set to unlimited I get FPS between as low as 3 and more than 50 within short periods, so I accept that FPS don't exceed 30, but they stay more or less consistent.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I admit I was tempted but 14€ seemed a bit pricey for what it does to me, so I wanted to wait for reviews. The screenshots do look good, so I may well take the plunge and buy this.
  15. I second that idea, especially since multiple postings seem to appear more often again. Maybe if it could at least be time-limited like the "Edit Post" option?
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