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  1. ErikBrouwer

    Terrain radar reduces FPS - P3D NGX

    Hi all, The PMDG NGX for P3D and the 2.5 release have brought me back to flightsimming after a year. I am impressed by both packages, but I have this one phenomenon that I was wondering about if anybody else sees this behaviour. I took the NGX for a spin from Heraklion into the mountains, and switched on the terrain radar. Immediately FPS dropped from about 20 to 10-11. (terrain radar looks great though!) I of course switched it off immediately, but I did not regain my FPS back. :-( Is this a known issue? Erik
  2. The textures show up with DX9 OK. With DX10 and the fixer, night textures at LGTS, HESH and LOWW don't show properly. I have tried adding a lightfield to HESH, but it didn't have any results.
  3. Good question, I am pretty sure that Vienna has nice night lighting on its apron textures, but I haven't ever tested Sharm el Sheikh with DX9. I don't want to go back, so why would I? ;-) I will see if I can test it later tonight. Erik
  4. Hi All, I have searched around for this, but I could not figure out if there was a solution possible for this. Some of my payware airports have dark ground textures during the night. This is especially bothersome during winter, when contrast with the white surroundings is quite big. Two airports I have found that have this behaviour: - FlyTampa Vienna 2.5 - FSDG Sharm el Sheikh (Aerosoft) I have the latest update of the fixer installed, and the compatibility slider set to full left (scenery). Is there any solution for this problem? Erik
  5. ErikBrouwer

    What's your WORST Flightsim Payware of 2013?

    Amen to that. As others said, I investigate my purchases before I make them but this was one of them that I bought just because of the reviews. It gave me lots of errors, when selecting a gate or service the appearing vehicles made my FPS drop 50% or more and with pushback I often ended up being dumped in some ditch with the towtruck behind my nosewheel crashed in the fuselage. (those who have been there know what I mean) Also, the COUATL-engine acted very frustrating. Fact is, after removing all FSDreamteam stuff, COUATL and their AddOn Manager I didn't suffer any more CTD or stutters. I reinstalled AES with the 140 credits I bought over the last four years and wondered why I ever considered leaving it behind. My list of great purchases over the last year is way longer though. With PFP X, FTX Global amongst others. Erik Brouwer
  6. Hi Paul, Thank you for the explanation. Any news on the 1.3 update yet? (Steve?) I run FSX on a sort-of dedicated laptop (Lenovo Y500) With an i7 Ivy (3,2GHz) and two GT650's in SLI. Fed by 2x 512GB SSD and 16GB of DDR3 RAM. Would you consider that enough for UsePools=0? I really don't know how to test properly.. Hope you have seen similar configs before.. Thanks, Erik
  7. Also looking forward to this fix, it definately feels like a flash of the black texture! (this is btw an issue Dx10 suffers of more than DX9, isn't it? For example - looking in one direction, then quickly panning to the other, all my AI is black and needs some time to catch up loading textures. Is this normal behaviour? Why is DX10 suffering of this and DX9 isn't?)
  8. ErikBrouwer

    Aircraft You Have Been On

    Out of my head: Boeing 737-300/400/500/700/800/900 Boeing 747-400 Boeing 757-200/300 Boeing 767-300 Airbus A319 Airbus A320 Airbus A321 Airbus A330-200/300 Airbus A340-300/600 McDonnelDouglas MD-11 Bombardier Dash8-Q400 Fokker 50 Fokker 70 Fokker 100 ATR72-200/500 BAe RJ85 BAe RJ100 Cessna C150/C152/C172/C182/C206/C208/C337/C421/O-2A/CJ Mustang/CJ1 Piper Pa18 Cub, Super Cub, Warrior, Archer, Meridian Socata TBM700/850 Beechcraft KingAir E90 Generalavia F22.C Lockheed C130J Douglas DC-3 Douglas DC-10 PBY Catalina Antonov An-2 Extra 300L Pitts Special Cirrus SR22 G3/G5