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  1. IranAir's EP-IBA waiting for her flight back to IKA. Due to a trade embargo she doesn't get refuelled at AMS.

  2. Yep, Holland is flat. And Dutch spring is awesome. Back to school tomorrow! #avgeek #flying


  3. I'm starting to understand why IB uses A340s. Planning a flight from S-America to Eur. with a twin is a payloadrestricting nightmare. #andes

  4. Last night an US F15E fighter went down over Libya due to technical problems with the aircraft. Crew reported to be safe. #odysseydawn #usaf


    #Supermoon has lost a little of its supermooniness, but is nevertheless stunning to look at tonight.


  6. Even without having seen her clip, Rebecca Black is one of my favorites already. Anyone able to be hated by 23… (cont)

  7. RAF Tornados flew 3.000mi from the UK to Libya and back, making it the longest-range bombing mission since the Vulcans bombed the Falklands.

  8. Tonight USAF B2's were active above Libya, CNN and AlJazeera say. #odysseydawn

  9. One last picture of this beautiful day, taken above the city of Deventer. Goodnight everyone!

  10. Libya says it has downed a Rafale. Ouch.

  11. Hurray, UN approved no-fly-zone! Let the Hornets, Rafales and Raptors roar! #libya #un

  12. N884AM arrives while PH-STT prepares for another training flight.

  13. US Air Force bases in Japan are now reported to accept diversions of commercial aircraft hit by the closing of SDJ, NRT and others.

  14. Great looking panel in a Lancair homebuilt. (PH-DTR)

  15. Today I posted my 777th tweet. Not an impressive amount, still an epic number! #avgeek

  16. Stunning Yak42 at the gen-av ramp at AMS. #avgeek


  17. The A345 I remembered was actually Tunesian, and has recently been put up for sale, after Ben Ali was put out of power.

  18. of course that's of no importance considering the many Libyans who stood up to fight for their rights today, and were killed doing so. 2/2

  19. UAV's may not only cause pilots losing their job, they will also cause spotters to quit, as they look hideous.

  20. It's 1am and I'm waiting to pick up my sis who's been to a concert with school. She's 12! When I was that ag… (cont)

  21. booked virtual seat 58J to JFK on @Lufthansa_USA's inaugural A380 flight. SeatTweet to win

  22. booked virtual seat 85G to JFK on @Lufthansa_USA's inaugural A380 flight. SeatTweet to win