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  1. Thanks for your replies guys! I'll definitly try out some of your suggestions! Yep i am. I've just saved an approach which begins about 7-8DME from the runway, and im using this to practice. FMC tells me vref with flaps 30 should be 148, so i set 153(vref+5). Grossweight in the FMC approach page was set to 64.5, but it sets it automatically as far as i know? - Arthur
    HOw do you save a flight?? Do you use autosave or something else?? Thank u..

  2. Hello... my issue is the following: i start up in cold and dark state... and obviously i hear no sound of running engines... but when i move to an outside camera view and then i come back in the cockpit i hear the sound of the engines running... but the aircraft is still no powered... why?? I've the hotfix 3 installed.. Thanks...

  3. Hello, two times today i've had this problem, while in the final approach, the screen of the PFD, ND and lower DU frezes... i continued my final descent but the screene remained the same.. if i clicked on them to popup i saw it moving while on approach (for example i saw the altitude go down) but in VC i saw the screenies frozen.. Why? Thank u..

  4. It seems that in the introduction manuals it is written that are 4 four panel state: cold and dark, long turn, short turn and ready for take off... but i find only the first three... is it a my problem?Thx...

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