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  1. I've been trying to download the CanMeshX series by Ben Clark and have been unable to get some of the files. It seems that since the files were made available on 11/08/2015 that the server problem fixes took care of ALL the problems. It don't look like the fixes are done. If the library staff read this post then maybe somebody will look into the situation and resolve the issue. I'm going to give you some hints: 1. It's not a browser issue 2, It looks like the files are corrupted they need to be re-installed Ken
  2. After all that's said an done I can now download. But I still can't get the files I want what I want is the CanMeshX series by Ben Clark some of them will download and the others give the http error 500 message From what I can see is the series was made available 11/08/2015 I think this should be addressed. Ken
  3. Just tried to download some files I was successful in most categories EXCEPT FSX SCENERY tell the IT gurus to check it out Ken
  4. I just tried to download and received http error 500 server in maintenance. Let us know when the server is out of maintenance and running in normal Ken
  5. I've tried everything with all browsers, I can look at the library see all the info of the file but when it comes to downloading FORGET it. The ball is now in the programmer's court don't fumble!!
  6. I have already done what you suggest with no luck The message I get is " This Page Can't be Displayed " When I try to download the file
  7. I have been unable to download any file from the Library since the server upgrades was done. Everything worked fine before the upgrade now nothing what gives ?
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