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  1. Hello all, In January of this year, I had finally saved up enough spare change to afford something on the low end of a much better yoke for my flight simming: The ACE flight yoke. I did my research on the company, and I had heard both positive and negative things, but it seemed all in all to be legitimate (if slower than advertised to deliver the product) and it was the only such product I could find that I could afford. I had been talking with the company through their primary means of contact, Facebook, for several months asking questions and seeing what was possible. They had been very responsive and helpful in their answers. I finally made the commitment, asked for a 747 style yoke, I transferred the money to them (about $500 USD), and they sent me an invoice with everything I specified and told me the lead time was two weeks. It is now mid-way through November, and in this time my numerous attempts to contact the company have almost universally gone unanswered. Emails, addresses that don't exist, no Facebook response, and in the last year their website has been taken down too. Almost as soon as I paid, I stopped receiving answers to my questions. The last correspondence I had was in August IIRC, they belayed to me that they were having trouble with the shipments of some components that were necessary and were considering offering me only a PARTIAL refund. They never specified how much this refund would be, and my immediate response to their message has since gone unanswered as well. I had heard this was a legit company, however, I am feeling sincerely and utterly duped. I paid through an online transfer service, not PayPal, so I can't get my money back by force it seems. I am completely disappointed and out a significant amount of money that I could use towards much better things at this stage of my life. Is there anything at all I can do here?
  2. That last one is now my desktop background. Looks like you're using PTA - Would you care to share your settings? This looks incredible.
  3. Hi Victor, I have not tried your sky set either. I will do so! If you could make me a set, I would be forever appreciative!! If I may say on a personal request, if you so kindly choose to create one for me, my biggest point of contention with sky textures is the bright horizons and the fact that they stay relatively the same color from high altitude. The real sky darkens significantly as you fly higher, and I sorely miss that in P3D. Thanks a billion!
  4. Didn't know about those. Will certainly try them later after I finish this next flight! Thanks for the pointers.
  5. Hi all, In more recent months, I've been slowly moving from oldie goldie FS9 to P3D 3.3. Although I'll miss a lot of my FS9 addons, I have to say P3D is an absolute blast, and with things like PTA and the NGX, flight sim has never looked so real. Except for one thing, that I just can't seem to get right... Sky textures. For a while, I tried REX 4 for my sky textures. The day time textures were... alright, at best, not hugely realistic to what I've ever seen anywhere in the world, but the sunrise and sunset textures were largely attrocious, of the sets I tried. Sure, they look good or create interesting screenshots, but they are far from realistic in any sense, especially at altitude. At least, that was the case with every single set I tried (not all, but certainly I tried the majority before giving up on it...) So then I went on to freeware solutions... I don't yet have the money for the new AS so unfortunately I cannot try that one. I first tried the old FSX set 'Sky Textures for use with ENB' which I had used long ago many times. However, while sunrise and sunset were "better", they still weren't realistic, and the day time was even worse than in REX. So then I moved on to HDEv2, which has so far been the best I can find, but it still not satisfying me... The majority issue is all the day time sets I can find include a rather bright horizon, almost white or grey in colour all the way up many degrees in the sky, 30 or 40. Sunrise and sunset just don't look like real sunrise and sunset... Some pics of what I'm shooting for below, anything like these would be brilliant, or if someone knows how to make your own sky textures, I'd be glad to learn how
  6. Hey friends, I would like to assure you all that the new 3D lights are still being worked on. I've been trying to enlist the help of someone from FSDeveloper as I have run into a roadblock and neither I or Sascha have been able to figure out the problem. They are still very much in development and I (hope) to have them out in the near future. Sorry for the long wait friends. Chris
  7. Sorry fellows, perhaps I should've said more. Yes, it's safe, I use it. It's a fully featured 717 for FS9 utilizing the HJG model
  8. http://www.blue1va.net/public_files/tweaks/GC_VANS_MODS_v6.3.zip Only thing you need for the full experience is IGS 1 from Simmarket. A bit pricey but the panel as absolutely marvelous. You're welcome :smile:
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to configure my water to look the way I want now that I've reinstalled FSX Steam. I have FSWC up and running and all works well, except for the actual water itself. No matter what settings I apply, the water doesn't change in FSX. The Water20.fxh file does get updated (new timestamp after I run FSWC and apply settings), but nothing in the sim changes. Things To Know (based on searching the issue) - I have made sure to press 'Apply' - All my paths are set correctly and there is no other version of FSX installed (i.e. boxed) - I have water set on Low 2.x in the sim, which should be sufficient to render the changes What I have tried - The Public Preview (couldn't even get it to run, crashes on startup with a 'can't find fsx.cfg' error) - Using the Lite version, and manually switching out the shader files from the Lite version - Running as Admin (I have UAC off but I tried anyway) - Running in Compatibility Mode Any help?
  10. Here's another one I just took a few minutes ago
  11. I can't speak for FSX/P3D, but I've found that setting cockpit zoom to 0.65 and visibility to 3000 in every box within FSUIPC offers a very realistic perspective in FS9
  12. For those who like to get updates through Facebook, check out the new Facebook page for my website https://www.facebook.com/SimulationistsUnite/
  13. Hello guys, I've been trying desperately to make my custom XML wingtip vortices work closely to the real world. My only snag is that FS does not seem to (or I cannot figure out how it does) simulate humidity or dewpoint. I tried to see if, just maybe, it was an undocumented variable. No luck. Then I thought that more humid air is less dense, so I'll just make them appear when the air density given an altitude fix is under a certain value. Nothing, the dewpoint variable does nothing in the FS weather menu, which means no air density change, which means no humidity simulation. So, how on Earth did you guys manage to figure this one out? If it's not too much to ask. Chris
  14. Also ensure that 'Landing Lights illuminate ground' in your Aircraft settings is checked.
  15. Friends, I've decided to post all my flightsim related work on my new website! http://theflightsimulationist.weebly.com/ The Flight Sim FAQ is a blog updated weekly with hard to find information or flight sim tips I have dsicovered/learned over the years. The first post is up! I also have a personally blog and a small forum for those who wish to utitlize/ Previews and screenshots of everything I have done/am doing are being posted as I udpate the website. Stop on by and take a peek Chris
  16. Hi Brian, I don't think I need to. I've been testing a lot today, the issue is strangely gone. I've done two 737 flights and a 767 flight, nothing strange now... I'm not sure what to think. Maybe my computer just needed a good ol' restart I'll let you know if anything else happens. Chris
  17. Hello, I've been having strange issues with some of my FS2Crew Voice Commander editions. I run FS9 and I can ensure my mic is heard properly as VATSIM comms are clear and it does work, but not without issue. On all versions, I can start a flight just fine with FS2Crew and start going through the preflight procedures, but whenever I call 'Preflight/Before Start Checklist' there's no response. I say it again and again, nothing. I have learned that pressing the down button to advance to the next checklist, then the up button to go back to the desired checklist will fix the issue. On the iFly 737 version, I have to do this to get every checklist to function. On the Level-D 767 version, I got what I can only assume to be a very rare bug while on approach to LAX. Without warning my copilot stopped responding and would just say 'Check' to any and all voice commands. Advancing the checklist and turning voice on and off did nothing. On my 737 version, the above mentioned issue is one of my main problems, but sometimes while approaching any airport my copilot will say things like 'Approach Checklist Complete' or 'Landing Checklist complete' without having done the checklist and without me saying anything at all. The last issue is that on some points in the checklist, he will get stuck, for example one time this happened during the before start check and he would just keep repeating 'CDU Preflight' no matter what response I gave it. Any help?
  18. Should definitely recieve a sticky or notice status. Many people might also have this issue.
  19. They posted some screenshots to Facebook, it looks absolutely incredible personally.
  20. Personally I'm all for the 757, that would be enough for me to switch to FSX/P3D entirely. Level D is not releasing one, time to face facts, I doubt Level D will ever release anything new. Come on PMDG! Cater to me and make MY dreams come true!
  21. Chris341

    Your age?

    17, 05/08/1998 and quite proud of how much I know about flight sim and its history
  22. It works without any problems with GEPro, as for FE it will replace the sky textures and other elements, but the clouds will stay the same.
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