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  1. TravisG

    looking for a runway surface mod

    There are many ways to model poor surface conditions with FS9, FSX or P3D. As rdtv91 noted, FSCaptain looks at the current METAR and ambient conditions to warn you and then to apply poor braking functions on taxi / runway phases. FSCaptain also offers the ability to tune any airport's ability to clear any ground contamination such that if you were working with a large & professionally-handled airport (EGCC, EDDM, LSZH, KORD, etc...) you could have exceptional ground crews to clear your surfaces. If you were at a smaller or inefficient airport (which you could define) then contamination removal would be slower. Like other add-ons, FSCaptain uses current METAR/Ambient conditions together with projections. However, for several years I've worked on the bits for a service which would provide a short-term 'weather history' instead of simply 'current conditions' so if LSZH were to experience a 48-hour blizzard... it could take somewhere in the range of 36 to 72 hours to have all surfaces clear of contamination. With some time, FSCaptain could factor 'current weather history' into its functions. ----- Totally apart from FSCaptain, the DynamicFriction.lua script which can be executed with FSUIPC offers lots of possibilities on its own. Years ago, I started running a custom script that will bog me down if I'm on 'non-hard surfaces' in rain/snow conditions. Imagine trying to taxi in mud.... :smile: I've recently started tests with a new script that will do the same with a surface type of 'Brick' so I can simulate an EMAS surface with some hand-adjusted airport BGLs. About two months ago I experienced a landing at my KROA 34 (on an overcase ILS34 approach) where my default CRJ7 did the same thing that happened with Governor Pence last week. (Overrun, EMAS, stop, evacuate.) Our simulators have lots of "hooks and whistles" that anyone can easily take advantage of. With regards,
  2. TravisG

    FS Economy like program

    Zigarten, Which add-ons are not supported by FSCaptain? We've done our best for the past six years to work with as many aircraft, sceneries, and other add-ons as possible, but if there's something that we've not addressed we would like to know.
  3. Simmer2050, Sorry for your frustration. FSCaptain has not shipped with aircraft configuration and load map files for the Mooney, so I had to go through the process of having the FCDU auto-generate them, and then I had to customize them for the style of flying you are wanting. In about 10 minutes I was able to have everything configured and I dispatched and flew a 3 PAX test flight, followed by a light cargo flight in the same aircraft. (KMER - KMOD and back again.) I did not have to edit the Mooney's aircraft.cfg file to change the atc_model - I left it as is. If you would email us your Admin and FCDU log files for your attempts, we will work out what the problems are that you're having. Otherwise if you would restore the atc_model value in the aircraft.cfg file, I've uploaded the FSCaptain aircraft configuration ( and load map ( files to our file sharing area. (I'm not able to attach them to this post.) FSCaptain has grown in the past year, but the core elements in this area - aircraft configuration and load mapping has been fairly unchanged for over four years. We have added new values to track, but like all other configuration elements it's usually a case of set it and forget it. If you have any specific items to discuss, we're always welcome to engage. One other thing - if you can let us know what was the version of FSCaptain which you last used, we could write up a "what's changed since then" file. Regards,
  4. Hello all, This is just a short note to let everyone who had been visiting the AivlaSoft forum know that after the forum software went "belly up," Urs has migrated the forum database to a new home (and new-to-us software). The URL for the new AivlaSoft forum is: With regards,
  5. TravisG

    EFASS or Aviasoft EFB...which one...or both?

    P*Funk, >Simbrief and VATSpy is all I ever need for IFR flying on VATSIM. If you're flying in the UK the NATS site even has a PDF that contains a list of preferred routes between >pretty much every airport in the UK as well as route segments. This doc includes the SID and STAR if appropriate and in the case of route segments the start and >end waypoint. (I couldn't include your quote directly as the forum software gave me a sad error of... merge_too_many_quotes ) Anyway.... is a good resource for FAA-controlled routes. You can run queries using their web form, or download a CSV table of all routes if you ever fly on this side of the Atlantic.
  6. TravisG

    EFASS or Aviasoft EFB...which one...or both?

    Gregg, First, thanks for your kind words about AivlaSoft EFB. It is a tool that's getting long in the tooth, but one that we hope still delivers utility for flight simmers. It really turned me into an IFR-capable simmer. ^_^ As to some of your points.... You can enter an ATS route string into EFB at the Route Setup | Select dialog. (As an example, "LFSB HOC UQ331 ODINA LSZA" is something I'll be flying in my afternoon.) About the injections, this is an option that you can control from the DataProvider on your FS PC. Go to Settings, Simulators and check/uncheck the option "Load / update Garmin GPS system". You can also choose to save MSFS PLN files with or without procedures in the "Save" options dialog, however the GPS module currently always contains any added procedures. (That will be changed in any future updates, and in EFB 2 .) I am not an online flier, so I haven't tested this since it was implemented - however I am of the thought that EFB would give some details while "outside of the simulator." I will check with Urs to see if I am imagining this or not.... <_< We have heard this from time to time, but for us (and most EFB users I assume) there is little to no observation of this. EFB's Display Unit does use a lot of RAM however. (It does not take VAS from the simulator though.) I wonder if this could be related??? When we approached Google to incorporate Google Earth / Maps into EFB, they wanted a license fee that... was more than the cost of most new automobiles. So we declined at the time. Perhaps they are working under different terms today, and also there are other options... Bing, OpenStreetMap, etc. We will revisit this usage with EFB version 2. If by "shortly" you mean "in 2012" well that was the original plan. :blink: There have been 3-4 versions of "EFB 2" since then, each offering more items, but each in their own way not pleasing Urs & the testers... hence the "re-starts." However Urs has committed to the current build. Alpha tests should begin before the turn of the season, so I am provisionally hopeful for a release towards the Holiday season. But I've been wrong before.... :unsure:
  7. TravisG

    FsPassengers and payloads?

    Hi there, FSCaptain can manage your payload & fuel loads, or if you prefer to use the PMDG native loaders, FSCaptain can simulate your PAX & cargo loading so you get the benefit of the PMDG systems being totally aware of what's being loaded plus the added benefit of FSCaptain forcing you to wait for everyone to board & disembark. :huh: We're fully NGX SDK compliant, so we are aware of the usual lights & signs and cabin temp, pressure and pressure change rate. Then again, we also monitor little things such as "Who's going to serve coffee if you haven't turned on the power to the galley?" and "Are you really planning on flying into that rainstorm with your engine igniters off?" If you would be interested, we offer an unlimited-time and unlimited-feature trial... limited only to departures from three PNW area airports.
  8. I was referring to an xml or internal signals interface which many third party aircraft need to have various signals interpreted by other add-ons like FSCaptain. A default aircraft would use the MSFS Airplane Landing Light variable to signal if the landing lights were on or off. Other aircraft may or may not have their own system for controlling / evaluating certain systems. The Carenado aircraft (such as the 208) generally use the MSFS system for the items we are concerned with. Yes, if you fly fullscreen and do not have an extra SimConnected PC on your network, you would need a panel gauge. I've made a first stab at modifying your panel files. May I send them to you via email? We could also take this to the FSCaptain support forum if you like, since we're in danger of hijacking this thread. :rolleyes: Regards,
  9. We thank you for your custom, Arslan! I see that you have registered on our support forum - please feel free to ask questions there. Regards,
  10. Jfri, Dutch flies the PMDG 737, so that's well interfaced. I have the Carenados and they fly well without an interface. Neither of us have the SimCheck, Beaver, or the A2As. (I have the RealAir Turbine Duke, but not the Lancair.) If you use (or would be willing to use) LINDA or some other LVar monitoring program, check your \FSCaptain\Documentation folder for the Introduction To FSCaptain Interfaces PDF. It can guide you in how to gather the data we'd need to make an interface for other aircraft. Hi Moose! The Majestic Q400 is very well integrated with FSCaptain! I'm currently working on some additions that were made available with the 1.008 update. Some things changed, a lot of things were added! The Hazard Pack is part of FSCaptain - nothing to be purchased separately. Using the Hazard Pack is free for all FSX/P3D2 users that use the EXE version of the ACARS until Mar 21st. (It's just that it's on sale for a few more hours. ^_^ ) PM or email me your panel.cfg files and I'll have a look at them. If the EXE version of the ACARS is something you might consider using, you won't need to install a gauge any longer!
  11. Jfri, In the past half-year, we've unveiled a new 1.5.0 version of FSCaptain with a gauge-less ACARS, plus interfaces for many new aircraft (including the Majestic Q400, Milviz 737, as well as Aerosoft's Airbus and Twotter Entended). What problems did you have with the Aerosoft Beaver? There were problems with that aircraft in the past in regards to it appear in the Administrator, but of the last few reported user issues, all seem to have been corrected. If you still experience problems with 1.5.0 and the Beaver, then I'd like to ask you to post those problems so we can address them. As an FYI, with the gauge-less 1.5.0, the Hazard Pack options are free to use in trial mode until March 21 2014 (when the seasons change), and there's currently a sale good until January 4th at SimMarket for about 18 EUR / 25 USD. And the Hazard Pack also includes (for free until March 21m 2014) the brand-new requirement to undergo Ground De-icing and Anti-Icing Procedures.... (I use FSCaptain with both long-haul airliners as well as with GA piston and turboprop aircraft.) With Regards,
  12. TravisG

    AI Aircraft SID and STAR Controller

    I've not set up my P3D2 AI yet (so many things to do!), but in exchanging notes with Roland today he's testing it and things look promising.
  13. FSCaptain 1.5.0 Beta 2 works with P3D2. (I hope to make my first revenue flight after lunch today.) Run the full version installer and point it to your P3D2 root folder. You may have noticed that Pete Dowson has updated FSUIPC to 4.923; it's well worth snagging that regardless if you want to try FSCaptain or not. Instructions and notes on how to install & use FSCaptain are on our forum. Support may be slow over the next day or so as we're about to engorge ourselves with Thanksgiving goodness.... -_-
  14. TravisG

    AI Aircraft SID and STAR Controller

    Eeek! I couldn't keep up with Roland and his manic "here's a new [something]" and "here's a new [something-else]"!" AISIDSTAR is a wonderful addition to what we know of as our generic MSFS AI ATC. (It gets my vote as add-on of the year!!) You can listen to your ground controllers. You can listen to your tower controllers. You can even listen to your bleeding enroute controller if you like.... But just ignore your built-in Departure and Arrival controllers because with this utility Roland has given us the ability to guide all of our AI on realistic arrival and departure procedures!! Wooah!!! Anyway, all I've done is to tweak procedures near and dear to where I'm at... just so that I can make my FSCaptain airline flights and not have civvies dash around willy-nilly in my presence. :rolleyes: Over the next week or so, I'll branch out to finish the remainder of the Nevadian airports under control of Oakland Center. Then I'm looking forward to guiding the souls going into and out of Iceland and other island airports in the North Atlantic. Because to mimic a now well worn (well-stomped upon?) mainstream catchphrase, "Winter is coming...." <_<
  15. TravisG

    FS Captain: your opinions please

    Keith, I wanted to call you out for your last post. Thank you, sir. What you have written is much how I had felt (and after a half-year absence from regular flight operations, still currently feel) when I first began my transition into RJs and other jet airliners. I often get nicked for the odd missed thing and yes, it really helps to make me do better on my next flights :biggrin: to see my own score go down a peg or so. :( Please accept a virtual glass of your favorite refreshing beverage --> :Cuppa: or :p0813: