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  1. I see. This happens sometimes even without any blown tires and it's a bug. I've seen this two or three times myself and a lot of thrust is the only solution to break out of it.
  2. What do you mean by parking brake message and warning sound? There is neither for the parking brake other than the red light next to the lever. The only sound I can think of is that you might have pushed the throttle forward so much that the takeoff configuration warning went off.
  3. That's beside the point. MSFS does weird things when it comes to runways that are completely unrealistic at times and I wouldn't want to adjust myself to something unrealistic. For example, at KLAS the active runway is 26L most of the time and almost all AI traffic goes to that runway instead of 26R, which doesn't make any sense. Today AI traffic was departing 34R at KDEN while landing the opposite way, 16R...
  4. No, it's not strange at all. Flightbeam have proven what quality level they develop on for over a decade and there's no reason to assume they will push out a subpar scenery all of a sudden, so comparing their existing products with this and deduce the quality their KPHX is most likely going to be works just fine. The comparison with their P3D KPHX is also not alarming (?) at all because I had a look at both and find the ground textures and markings (and some of the buildings) in FB KPHX in P3D more realistic looking.
  5. Quote: It's not going to change much for me, they're still going to be released with the expected Flightbeam level of quality, performance and updates.
  6. Not sure about the hype that's being created here to be perfectly honest. This is a good scenery but it's far from being the "best KPHX in history" as Flightbeam's scenery has features that look better even in P3D, most notably ground textures and markings. The buildings in this scenery also aren't quite up there with FB quality, especially the tower doesn't look that good (it's basically flat textures) as do some of the other buildings. I'm probably going to wait for Flightbeam's scenery that should look better than this judging by their usual quality and their other MSFS products.
  7. (I'm gonna stop posting now...)
  8. Nope, just one click and waiting for it to post.
  9. (Okay seriously, what's up with the double posts...)
  10. It's not exclusive to Avsim though. Go have a look at every FSElite comment section under a PMDG article for instance.
  11. (Avsim keeps double posting my posts)
  12. You're new to PMDG threads, aren't you?
  13. It's definitely not totally silent as I've heard it when on AP, but I've gotten so used to the sound I don't really notice it much anymore and honestly can't tell right now how much it makes sounds.
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