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  1. I cannot believe Christmas is so close. Good thing I already got Tracey that new iron. :-)

  2. Monday back around and Christmas decorations are STILL not up. Got some up, but not it all. Should have it all up by New Years. :-)

  3. First day I have really started feeling better. Thanks for all the kind thoughts...

  4. Taking it easy today. Not feeling well at all. Just love being sick over a long weekend.

  5. Back at work for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Feels good to be in the office believe it or not.

  6. Dad will be here tomorrow. We are just about done with our cleaning.

  7. Outside during our fire drill. Like being back in high school.

  8. Monday morning... Tracey is better and it is back to work. Busy weeks ahead.

  9. Why is it the drive thru can never get an order right.

  10. Monday again... Had a great weekend taking some photos, now just need to get some posted. :-)

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