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  1. edpatino

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Look here: http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html Cheers, Ed
  2. edpatino

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    Many thanks, good to know. Cheers, Ed
  3. edpatino

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    I don’t have it, but for sure it’s the best Airbus simulation you can have. I understand the systems are its strongest point, but wonder if regarding the exterior and VC modeling it’s also the best one around. Probably somebody could say something. Cheers, Ed
  4. edpatino

    LorbyLiveTraffic 1.14 released

    Hi Oliver, thanks for letting us know. Cheers, Ed
  5. edpatino

    P3D v.4.3 and new rig

    I would recommend looking for the faster CPU processor you could afford (close to 4.5 to 5.0 GHz) with no need to overclock. P3D is heavily dependent on the CPU. Your choice of graphics card looks Ok (I have a GTX 1080Ti 11 GB too). IMO overclocking in general tends to reduce you CPU life due to the extra heat. In all cases, the H110i Pro looks very convenient, as Jim explained. For the PSU, I would get the Corsair RX1000, which have some extra Watts of reserve for your future expansions and overall configuration. Remember that PSU tends also to reduce their life in operated close to their maximum ratings. In case you add a monitor look for the LG 34 in curved UWHD (ultra wide). I have a smaller one, and It was really a pitty for me not buying the bigger one. Good luck. Cheers, Ed
  6. edpatino

    Sad News......FlyBe Up For Sale

    Sad news. but this has been the case of commercial aviation companies for a long time. They need to reinvent themselves quite often, otherwise this happens and will continue to happen. Cheers, Ed
  7. edpatino

    Defrag SSD

    Not recommended. They're probably advertising that, because a lot of people are moving to SSD drives and they could possibly be losing market. Cheers, Ed
  8. Hi P: I'm using the FFTF range from 0.01 to 0.33 (the default range I guess), and AGL range from 0.00 to 3,000 ft. Frames locked up to 27. If I set my frames to unlimited, I get noticeable stuttering. Very, very smooth experience. Cheers, Ed
  9. FFTF Dynamic works perfect for me. I don't have my FPS set to unlimited, since after several tests conducted on my system it was clear to me that I should locked them to 27 to reach my best ever fluid experience in P3D. Anyway I would recommend reading the FFTF Dynamic manual. Cheers, Ed
  10. edpatino

    nV 416.81

    Which simulator are you using?. Cheers, Ed
  11. edpatino

    Taxi2gate VHHH

    Hi: I think you can do it. Simply point to your main P3Dv4 folder when asked browsing to that directory. The scenery should be installed into the SimMarket folder (if you don't have it already there it will be created by the installer, inside the main P3Dv4 directory). To finish, you'll have to manually add your new scenery into your existing scenery.cfg, or into your addons catalog in case you prefer to use the addons-xml method. Hope this helps. Cheers, Ed
  12. Ok. Understood. The B777 settings should also be adjusted in VFXCentral?. Cheers, Ed
  13. edpatino

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    Let me clarify for you that this survey is sponsored not only by Navigraph, but also by other developers or sim companies, according to the list below: Aerofly FS 2 Alabeo Avitab CaptainSim Carenado Flight1 FlightSim FSExpo HiFiSimTech IVAO JonFly Just Flight Laminar Research MilViz ORBX QualityWings SimBrief SimFlight VATSIM And yes, to my surprise IPACS (Aerofly FS 2) is also sponsoring the survey. Cheers, Ed
  14. Hi: I have the Immersion Packages for the Q400, B777, B717 and the A320 (although the A320 is not installed in my sim yet). After I select one of the first three planes in my simulator (P3Dv4.3) the Immersion Manager (IM) inside the sim tells me with a grey screen that I should load a supported aircraft in the simulator, when in fact there's one of them loaded up in the sim, and the IM is "Disconnected". I had a first time successful installation of the Immersion Packages and never had this before. By the way, all the Immersion Packages correctly show in VFX Central. What should I do now?. Thanks, Ed
  15. edpatino

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    I think they're so disconnected, that maybe that idea will never cross their minds. Cheers, Ed