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  1. Interesting. I did a clean install using the newest installers in August and have all the manuals (FCOM1, FCOM2, FCTM and QRH for the 737; FCOM and QRH for the 747; FCOM and QRH for the 747-8; FCOM1, FCOM2, FCTM and QRH for the 777 - all P3Dv4).
  2. There are a lot of rumors about the cause, for example on pprune, but no NTSB report yet.
  3. LOC/VNAV is a valid indication according to FCOM2 10.11.14. Looking at FCOM1 NP.21.73-NP.21.77 I think (haven't tried it) that LOC/VNAV can be achieved by pressing VOR/LOC instead of APP.
  4. Check the date in P3D. I believe the default date is 21 September.
  5. I haven't seen it yet, but you can find it on page 12.54 of the 747-8 QRH: Fuel temperature is predicted to be low after reserve transfer occurs.
  6. My guess would be that it’s an issue related to the panel state file.
  7. I am not near my computer right now, but I’m pretty sure I found the 747-8 FCOM and the QRH in a folder, I believe it was “Prepar3D\PMDG\747\Documentation” or something like that.
  8. PMDG Setup -> Aircraft -> Equipment --> Page 16/19 Third option on that page is EFB Installed. Switch No to Yes.
  9. You’ll probably have to cool the brakes first. FS Actions -> Ground Maintenance.
  10. I am pretty sure that you can paste the password using the right mouse button (Ctrl + V didn’t work).
  11. Navigraph has some parking stand charts for the 748 or type F aircraft in general (for example EGLL 10-9C2, EDDF 10-9C3). In some cases the 748 taxi map will show the available stands (for example KMIA and KLAX). If those charts aren't available, I'd probably use Flightstats or Flightradar24 to lookup the real world gate used. Of course, you can always change the maximum allowed wingspan for a stand in GSX (page 30 and 34 of the manual).
  12. That plan definitely came from Flightaware. I’ve seen numerous flight routes that started with such PBD-waypoint on Flightaware. I’m not sure why, but my guess is that it might be related to aircraft being vectored on departure instead of following a published departure procedure.
  13. The MyTraffic 6 scenery files could be the cause of the issue. See for example http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=16177.0
  14. My guess is that you didn't switch the fuel crossfeed valves 1 and 4 to on (the unguarded fuel crossfeed switches) before the flight. As a result, Main Tank 1 was supplying engine 1, Main Tanks 2 and 3 (and the Center and Stab Tanks if they contained any fuel) supplying engines 2 and 3, and Main Tank 4 supplying engine 4. However, Main Tanks 2 and 3 can hold much more fuel than Main Tanks 1 and 4. Therefore, you have to switch the crossfeeds valves to on to use Main Tanks 2 and 3 (and Center and Stab Tanks) to supply engines 1 and 4 with fuel if you depart with more than 54.400 kgs / 120.000 lbs of fuel.
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