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  1. Good luck. Just make sure you slow down at cruise altitude. With a 1000 BHP cruise you might make it (Simbrief comes up with a trip fuel of 19663 lbs). Browsing through historical timetables, I noticed that often flights from KJFK to EGLL made a fuel stop at either CYQX, EINN or both. In addition, there are two different fuel tank layouts for the DC6: with 8 or 10 fuel tanks. The PMDG DC6 as 8 fuel tanks which obviously limits the range.
  2. The issue might be with PFPX or the data input in PFPX. I tried Simbrief with the following data: KMSP-TNCM, alternate TIST RST8 ALO DCT KK57K DCT KM45M DCT BNA J45 MCN DCT OMN Y585 ELMUC L451 SLUGO A638 PJM Cruise: 1000 BHP ZFW: 69968 lbs Altitude: 11000 The result was a trip fuel of 16706 lbs and 9h41m of air time, which leaves sufficient room for alternate, contingency and reserve fuel.
  3. On Friday I completed both tutorial flights without any issues. On Saturday morning I had CTDs at EHAM during taxi or during takeoff (if I skipped the taxiing), but no errors showing up in AppView. I had the throttle setup in FSUIPC. Removing the ini file and setting up the throttle in P3D didn't solve the issue: another CTD on takeoff. Deleting the throttle axis and using keyboard and mouse to control the throttle so far solved the issue for me (so far).
  4. They are. When you push PROC on the GPS you can load an approach which will add those waypoints to the flightplan.
  5. Were the packs on/auto and the engine bleeds on? If so, I'd consider the option of a corrupt panel state file.
  6. You're welcome. I'm glad you got it solved.
  7. Do you have hardware brakes? If so, you might Perhaps be able to confirm whether or not they're the source of the issue by disconnecting them and doing a flight without them connected.
  8. Something else you could try:
  9. Some suggestions for dealing with that issue: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=121964#p145169
  10. You don't have to remove the airway in PFPX. It's possible to solve this issue by changing "Cruise Altitude/FL" in PFPX from OPEN to OPEN OPT.
  11. Saitek Yoke, Throttle and Rudder Pedals work without issue for me in P3D and W10. I think the first question is whether your Yoke and Throttle do show up in your W10 Devices screen.
  12. Don't have the sim open, but I believe that after you request a route you get the options to either load or purge that route (but obviously only if there's a route available).
  13. How do you load the cargo and fuel? Might sound like a stupid question, but just to rule something out.
  14. Did three flights this weekend. Today was the first time I used autobrakes 2. The results: Friday: landing at MPTO, Vref 137, idle reverse thrust and manual braking - no issues, Saturday: landing at EHAM, Vref 137, idle reverse thrust and autobrakes 1 - no issues (brake temp value was 1.1 after landing). Sunday: landing at HTKJ, Vref 137, idle reverse thrust and autobrakes 2 - brake temps through the roof and tires deflated
  15. Three attempts. Each time the sim froze for a few seconds, but no CTDs today.
  16. 382.53, GTX 970, and in my case the 777-200LR. I'll be doing another long flight later today, and will try the storm lights again.
  17. I might have had a similar issue: I had two CTDs in a row tonight, both happened immediately after I switched the storm lights on. According to the Event Viewer the first CTD involved nt.dll and the second sound.dll.
  18. Just thinking out loud (no RW experience whatsoever). FCOM2 15.20.4 indicate the eight amber lights that are related to AIR COND on the system annunciator panel. Amber lights indicate conditions which require the timely attention of the flight crew (according to FCOM2 15.20.1). If there are no amber lights accompanying the indication on the system annuciator panel, I'd think it wouldn't be an issue that requires any action by the flight crew but that it would be just a maintenaince issue.
  19. I think the FMC is actually trying to draw a line from ODDEL to HAMMY to TUFFY and then to 18R, but it simply can't. Flying straight from ODDEL to HAMMY to TUFFY and then land on 18R is (in my opinion, but who am I) simply impossible. I think the only solution would be to create a PBD waypoint if you want to remove the vectors.
  20. I think ACF means Analyzed Contingency Fuel. My guess would be something like: 90% of the samples = 5 minutes 99% of the samples = 6 minutes Number of samples = 64 Standard deviation = 0 minutes
  21. Page 44 of the introduction manual provides the answer.
  22. 1 Charts for airports outside Europe, North America and Australia 2 Charts that are not available on the websites you mentioned (in particular parking charts for the USA) 3 One type of layout for all charts 4 Only one source needed for all charts
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