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  1. I use FSACARS for this purpose (same VA). It's free and does the job.
  2. Sure, the information is in those documents, but they're not that easy to comprehend. I learned more by reading this thread than by reading those documents
  3. Just made an autolanding and had the same issue. I shut engine 2 down once parked, connected the GPU and switched both primary and secondary power from Avail to On, which I confirmed on the ELEC system screen. However, once I shut engine 1 down, the F/O screens and FMC shut down. After a few minutes, the screens and FMC switched on again, and it seemed as if the plane went from cold & dark to a powered state.
  4. I agree, but the question is whether that would mean that some people won't try it. Next week there's the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague with more than 50 world leaders. It was announced in January that security measures would include the deployment of Patriot air defense sytems, the continuous presence of AWACS aircraft, and continuous air patrol by F16s. Still, the thought came up whether the disappearance of MH370 could be related to the summit.
  5. Airbus: 319, 320, 330-200, 330-300 Boeing: 737-800, 747-400, 747-400M, 757, 767-300, 767-300ER, 777-200ER, 777-300 MD: MD-82
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