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  1. Hey, who says Teddybear Startwinkles The Third is not my real name? Not so good regards, Teddybear Startwinkles The Third
  2. This is meant in the least offensive way possible, but it's only more realistic in people's minds. It's a bit of plastic with springs/elastics. It's not more realistic in any physical way except for being in the shape of a yoke. If you have ever, and I mean ever, held the controls of an actual aircraft in flight (large or small) you will know that no yoke from Saitek or CH is close to realistic. Again, not meant to offend anyone. It's just my opinion (as sim and actual pilot). Anyway, it should be interesting and it's still a long way away. They might make it more like MS Flight with GA aircraft focus. They could implement Kinect stuff to manipulate certain controls. And on the PC I'm pretty sure you'll be able to hook up whatever you want .
  3. Sounds like some of you have never played FSX or P3D with an Xbox controller... It's actually pretty darn satisfying since it's easy and accessible, having that little joystick under your left thumb for elevator/aileron. The right thumbstick for leisurely looking around and the two triggers for rudder... No need to purchase any extra hardware if you don't want it. They might even throw in Kinect later on for headtracking. And it might bring a bit of new interest to flight games/sims from hardware manufacturers, since it's a new audience (and a pretty decent sized audience at that). I'd say, don't knock it until you've seen it in action. It might actually be interesting if they take it seriously .
  4. Ok, I'm chalking this one up to a fluke. Just completed a full flight in an A330 MRTT variant without any issues. It's a shame it doesn't seem to work for all people and that Blackbox has a shady history, but I would dare to say that at the moment they have the best A330/A340 on the market. I'm really growing to like it.
  5. I bought the A330 in a sale quite some time ago. Decided to give it another go in P3D V2.5. I was actually pleasantly surprised. After calibrating the joystick and flying some manual circuits, everything seemed to work. Even managed a CAT3 autoland pretty well. I have not worked in an Airbus cockpit, but it looks and feels believable, though not top notch graphically. The overhead panel could use some better texturing along with some of the other cockpit areas like around the side windows etc. The main panel is quite nice with the shadowing provided by P3D. The flight model is also believable (to me). No fighter roll rates or something like that. But.... When I tried a quick flight with a flightplan set in the FMGS, it failed to make the first turn. After setting a direct for the next waypoint it went hunting for "T/P" which I'm guessing is a Turning Point, but somehow failed to fly over it every time... Deleted it from the F-Plan and finally it goes to the next waypoint. And then misses the next turn completely as well and starts hunting again... I'm hoping it's me screwing something up, and will try again later. I actually want to give them the benefit of the doubt and for me personally, the A330 and A340 models I have now are worth the price I paid, once you get some of the better repaints that get rid of the plastic look. I have no other experiences with PSS or any other part of the history of BBS, so I am trying to look at it from a neutral perspective.
  6. Got it (standard version, I don't have any use for TacPack). It's a really nice warbird indeed, and it flies lovely. Do read the manual though, if you don't get your speed right for landing you might break a nose gear or two . I do wish it had a Cold & Dark mode or something similar included, and perhaps some of the common power settings (like most A2A warbirds for example). And by that, I mean include them in the Quick Start instead of digging through the Pilot Training Manual .
  7. I don't fly on a Metroliner, but on a type with the same TPE331 engines. The SRL is what the name says, it takes the EGT from the actual sensors and converts it into a 'conditioned' EGT for display on the gauge. The main benefit is that you have a Single Red Line limit to worry about as pilot. It does not do anything to control fuel flow or enrichment (perhaps maybe 'instruct' the fuel control unit during an autostart procedure). With SRL off, the actual temperature limit will change with flight conditions, environmental variables and more. So a limit of 600C at takeoff might decrease to 580C in climb or cruise. With SRL off, the highest EGT limit is around 635C if I'm not mistaken (and that's in +50C OAT, a more reasonable +20C OAT will give you around 600C as limit). So if you are pushing the EGT to the red line without SRL, you are quite definitely overheating the engines . You can fly without SRL just fine, as long as there is a reference table somewhere in the manual to give you the correct EGT limits for the conditions (temperature, speed, RPM setting). Anyway, just thought I'd drop this in here since I was reading up on this addon myself.
  8. I've posted my first impressions mostly in the "Pilatus PC12 (In development)" thread, but I'll copy some over to this one. First impression: Some info about torque limiting and flight model General feeling right now and a reply to some worries about taxi behaviour
  9. It has been limiting the torque just fine for me so far.
  10. 1: Not seeing this issue, I'm running it in P3D V2.3 2: Yeah, it does seem a bit weird but it seems to work OK with FD and/or AP on. 3: Noticed this, but doesn't really affect the use of the plane, so no big deal to me. 4: The nose-down attitude seems to be inherent to this type. And as mentioned before, the faster you approach, the worse it is. You can happily ram it down at 100kts, flight idle and 15-20 degrees nose-down .
  11. If I'm not mistaken it's Shift+Enter for higher and Shift+Backspace for lower. Or Ctrl+Enter/Backspace, one of those two.
  12. Not using that particular one, but I've got a Philips 21:9 monitor sitting at home, 29" and 2560x1080. Works just fine and is great for games and movies. I personally also enjoy the extra width for regular use, but some people would rather have more height.
  13. Thanks guys, glad you like them. And for casual viewers, here are some screenshots:
  14. Ok, I think it's about done. I've uploaded it to the library, but until it's available there, you should be able to use this link to download it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j6zjc9neaixly2z/js4100_air_new_zealand_pack.zip It's a small pack with two paints, one is the normal ANZ livery, the other the All Blacks version. The normal version is available as clean and as dirty. The All Blacks version has two options for the engine nacelles, black or white. I hope you guys can still enjoy it after a long wait!
  15. Sorry guys, I spent an uncomfortable amount of time offline due to a broken laptop and an incompetent customer support. I had the livery backed up but have not had much time to finish the rough edges Let me see if I can finish it by Tuesday.
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