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  1. Propane

    PMDG + P3D +Windows 10....

    Hey, who says Teddybear Startwinkles The Third is not my real name? Not so good regards, Teddybear Startwinkles The Third
  2. Propane

    Brisbane to Auckland - B777-300

    Thanks! Yes, see the listed 'addons' ^_^.
  3. Here's a whole bunch of screenshots from a flight I just finished from Brisbane to Auckland in the PMDG 777-300. Addons: A bunch of Orbx stuff (AU, YBBN, NZNI) Godzone Auckland Supercity PMDG 777-300 FSGRW REX Soft Clouds and other textures Reshade + MasterEffect All set up from Cold & Dark In sequence behind these little guys Initial climbout done, autopilot on and enjoy the view for a bit We've turned all around the airport, anyone want to try a STEEP approach? Wingview / Lensflare #1 Wingview / Lensflare #2 Lensflare #3 / Flightdeck #1 Lensflare #4 / Flightdeck #2 I'm ready for my close-up Just cruisin' Time for some work again, here's the planned arrival First glimpse of the New Zealand coast Pax view REX Soft Clouds are stunning, best work of them yet Turning for downwind basically Turning base Established And safely on the ground
  4. Alright, I don't play flight games on my phone, so I'll take it from you. But keep in mind that this is from the guys that made Aerofly FS, a really good looking but not particularly realistic 'sim'. They say this about their own Aerofly 2: I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but don't get your hopes too far up :-). It will still be more eye candy than sim probably.
  5. Well, your first post and topic title is wildly enthusiastic over something that is essentially a really basic flying game... Unless there are basic frameworks for features we know and love on the PC sims, there's not much potential there (in my opinion). Nice shots none the less of course.
  6. No problem, I hope it's useful, but of course your mileage may vary ^_^
  7. I did not find the Framework interface particularly user friendly to be honest. I'd rather use Notepad .
  8. Download the ReShade core, then download the MasterEffect files. The MasterEffect files work similar to SweetFX/ENB... Drop them in the sim folder, open MasterEffect.h with a text editor and start changing disabled effect to enabled by changing the zeros into ones . Then tweak the settings further down in the file. Most settings have explanations, those that do not you can just change, save the file and the effect will update directly in the sim.
  9. Thanks guys, glad you like them. Here's a link to my MasterEffect.h file:
  10. This is meant in the least offensive way possible, but it's only more realistic in people's minds. It's a bit of plastic with springs/elastics. It's not more realistic in any physical way except for being in the shape of a yoke. If you have ever, and I mean ever, held the controls of an actual aircraft in flight (large or small) you will know that no yoke from Saitek or CH is close to realistic. Again, not meant to offend anyone. It's just my opinion (as sim and actual pilot). Anyway, it should be interesting and it's still a long way away. They might make it more like MS Flight with GA aircraft focus. They could implement Kinect stuff to manipulate certain controls. And on the PC I'm pretty sure you'll be able to hook up whatever you want .
  11. It's amazingly fun for screenshots (and with milder setting, for flying as well).
  12. Sounds like some of you have never played FSX or P3D with an Xbox controller... It's actually pretty darn satisfying since it's easy and accessible, having that little joystick under your left thumb for elevator/aileron. The right thumbstick for leisurely looking around and the two triggers for rudder... No need to purchase any extra hardware if you don't want it. They might even throw in Kinect later on for headtracking. And it might bring a bit of new interest to flight games/sims from hardware manufacturers, since it's a new audience (and a pretty decent sized audience at that). I'd say, don't knock it until you've seen it in action. It might actually be interesting if they take it seriously .
  13. Haha, exactly. As long as you're in the envelope, it's all good. I got told off here in this subforum once for saying you can climb with whatever speed you want as long as you stay within limitations... "No, the manual states 172kts! You can not go slower or faster!" The manual for my plane (the J41's predecessor) states to climb with 160kts until 15.000ft, then reduce with 3kts for every 1.000ft above. But on some days it's better to climb with 200kts and end up arriving earlier with less fuel burned. Anyway... going offtopic, sorry :rolleyes:.
  14. Yes, IAS mode is broken on any sim other than basic retail FSX as far as I'm aware. Just fly it like a man :rolleyes:.
  15. Propane

    BBS A330/A340 Screenies

    ORBX are actually working on NZAA again apparently.