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  1. I am not. And in any case the problem is not affected by, nor has anything to do with weather. The Flight1 registry repair tool does not of course fix the problem for the reasons outlined above. However if you want to try it, google 'Flight1 registry repair tool'.
  2. Yes, Juan and I appear to have the same problem. Already done. As explained above, it did not solve the problem (see above).
  3. I am if you get to see my screen image. But it don't work :(
  4. You explained it well. Thanks Juan. And here is my image (I hope):
  5. As I mentioned initially, fsx.cfg was deleted and fsx recreated it in the correct folder, so I would doubt it would be a path problem in the registry, especially since my PMDG 737 works perfectly as mentioned above. However, in the interests of doing everything anyone suggests to fix the problem and ensure it does not come back, Flight1 registry repair tool run. No change. The autopilot flies the track perfectly, it just does so with 10 to 20 degrees of yaw. Everything else works perfectly.
  6. The image was a screen capture showing the yawed track on the ND. For some reason it has not been uploaded :( Yes, I always use the PMDG load manager. A reinstall is indicated now that I have established it is only the PMDG 744, not my PMDG 737. Weather on or off makes no difference. It is not the S-Turns, it is constant.
  7. After 6 months of working very well, my PMDG B744 has suddenly decided to add 10-20 degrees of yaw whenever the autopilot is flying. It does not happen when the plane is being flown semi-manually by MCP input, nor does it happen when the plane is being flown hands-on manually. Dark & Cold, deleting fsx.cfg, deleting fsuipc4.ini, etc etc do not solve the problem. It is not yoke or pedal related. I am at my witts end, so any lifeline would be appreciated, even though I haven't tried everything. The Cockpit photo is attached. Note the ND photo below :) Thanks in advance,
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