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  1. Hi, I have now flown for 3 years. No I am starting again and I was opening PMDG Operations Center.

    At first I had to update the Operations Center. Updated.

    Then I was going to the Aircraft and Liveries.

    There I see that my PMDG 737-600/700 NGX for FSX and PMDG 737-800/900 NGX for FSX is outdated.

    PMDG 737-600/700 NGX
    1.10.6461 is installed
    1.20.8465 is latest
    Button "Too old to update"


    PMDG 737-800/900 NGX
    1.10.6461 is installed
    1.20.8885 is latest
    Button "Too old to update"


    How I can update to the latest Build ?


  2. Hi Robert and Ryan,


    we have already discussed about it in this thread:



    I have flown a flight with the Aerosoft Airbus 321. It was working great (not 100%, but 95%).
    About the networking stuff what we did discuss, there would be for example a solution that users can install Hamachi VPN to create an own network. Then in the Configurator you put in the IP of your co pilot and he put in your Pilot IP. Then both start a Free Flight with the same Aircraft, Airport / Gate, Weather and Time information. Then they just need to connect. That is the way how it is working with the Aerosoft 320.
    It is stable and don't need IVAO or VATSIM.

    Do you think it wouldn't be possible for you to have this kind of feature ?


  3. I agree 100%. I am having a hard time trying to make it work on FSX-SE and it is hard to accept PMDG's decision to not provide support for it.


    They didn't say that they will not support. They had other goals at first.

    They made 777 and 737 compatible for the FSX SE.

    Now they will check the Legacy Versions (MD11 and 747).




    Everybody know they purchased MD11 for FSX, not FSX:SE. They will make it compatible but they need time. So give them the time. Anyway there are ways to get it work as you can see here in the thread.

  4. What I do not understand is why they have not changed the system requirements for the 777 already. They brought out a SP1d where it made it compatible for the FSX:SE. Also that there is a SP1d available is not listed there - only states about a SP1c. Strange. Maybe they are too busy to change the website  ^_^

  5. Check this thread:

    Otherwise wait as you can see on the actual thread from Robert.

    Other Legacy (including MD11) Products:

    We have not yet evaluated any of our legacy products to determine their suitability for FSX:SE compatibility update.  We will do so once the NGX and J41 are safely out the door- and we will update you as to our progress as we go!

  6. Great news ;)


    That means you have now more time to work on the compability of the other airplanes for the FSX:SE.


    If the P3D is the Future or not. Doesn't matter. I don't like these discussions. Everybody has their own preferable platform. For me I will not move because I spent already more than 700 Euros in Addons. I tried P3D but it was to complicated for me to configure the settings.

  7. I could install 737 NGX on the Steam without any problems. 

    But when I start the Simulator and sitting in the machine then I cannot use any knobs. They are not clickable. 

    So we have to wait until PMDG fine the root of the issue and then make it compatible for the Steam Edition as well. 


    We have to drink tea and relax. :)

    I still have my original FSX on another Windows partition so I have no rush :). But I could already see that FSX SE is more stable.

  8. Hi guys,


    I like to fly with a friend together who own PMDG Airplanes as well.

    With the FSX Airplanes the Multiplayer Function is working fine. But of course these airplanes are crap. That's why we have you :)


    Multiplayer is working with your airplanes as well but the controls are not shareable.


    We have tested only the PMDG 737 NGX so far and there it is not working to share the controls.


    There is one guy you made so far a good job http://www.desk-pilot.com/

    But not all functions couldn't be synced.


    1. What I would like to know if it would be easier for you (as you did develop the airplanes so you know exactly how the codes are) to develop that the airplane functions can be shared ?


    2. Is this behaviour only since 737 NGX because they were made more complex ?

    3. Would it mean that J41, MD11 and 747 should work without issues or would they have the same behaviour ?





  9. ........From "Day One" on this project, we have not projected a release timeline. I think some users forget this- and that is unfortunate. We have taken this approach because it prevents the development team from falling under the spell of some false timeline that is really meaningless.The only thing that matters to us is that the product be fully usable and not require excuses when you install it on your machine.You won't see us trying to explain away poorly coded LNAV/VNAV behavior as an artifact of some botched download process, nor will you see us trying to tell you that the airplane won't maintain the programmed flight altitude because you entered the wrong cost index, or have UAC running, you use the wrong anti-virus suite or some other distraction in an effort to take the focus off the fact that product quality is poor..........
    Hi Robert,that is the same what I am saying in the Aerosoft Forum to the german guys.If you bring out early and there some bugs, then they are frustrated that you brought out a product with a lot of bugs.I understand that you want to bring out the product without any bugs.The guys are saying better to bring out now and then to bring out updates. Make for me no sense.We see what happened for example with the famous Game Gothic 3. Customers were very angry because had bugs.We see for example with Windows Vista. Customers were angry because of the bugs. They didn't update to Windows Vista.For me:Of course I would like to have the NGX right now. But do I want to have an airplane what is always crashing the FSX or some functions are not working correctly. Answer - NO. So I have time. I still have the 4100, MD11 and the 747-8. They make the time still comfortable. I saw that you made a test flight in the Online World. I think in the VATSIM network. If you have record it - I think that would be great when you could post it. So see how the airplane is landing on an airport. I think that could mitigate they waiting Customers a little bit.Cheers!

  10. It is interesting that everybody is posting something what doesn't answer my question. I got now an official answer from one of the PMDG Team. - - - - - - - Marco,We are well aware of the differences - the 747-8 Extension product we made is a visual model only, it does not have systems/performance differences. The real 747-8i hasn't even flown yet.We will consider doing the -8 systems and flight model fully at a later date, but it will be a separate full product most likely.Ryan MaziarzTechnical SupportPMDG Simulations, LLC.www.precisionmanuals.com - - - - - In this case. The topic can be closed now.

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