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  1. This is going to be an interesting and exciting release, but I will be interested in reading some feedback about the performance.
  2. I have exactly the same experience Glen and have been buggering around with it since the release of MSFS! It's bveen driving me mad, to the extent, at sometimes where I just close the sim down and walk away with frustration.
  3. This is great. I love this aircraft. Thanks for the heads up on this, appreciated.
  4. Hey Alan, thanks for the heads up on this. Can you confirm whether there is a virtual pilot available when in an external view? Cheers.
  5. Since the latest MSFS upgrade, with either of these two planes selected for a flight, MSFS will CTD while loading a flight. This happened 4 out of 5 times. It then became that I couldn't even start MSFS. The problem has only been rectified after uninstalling and removing these two aircraft from MSFS. I'd be grateful for some support on this as I now have two aircraft that I've purchased but cannot fly!
  6. I agree. It would be the lasrt resort for me too.
  7. I wonder if anyone has asked for a refund? It's perfectly legitimate, as the software is clearly unfit for purpose.
  8. I had issues with my two Carenado planes last week, now for some reason, I can't even start MSFS at all! It simply won't start, no matter what I do. Asobo, you need to get your act together and sort this darn nonsense. It's getting beyond a joke.
  9. Hi Dominique, to be honest, I have just basically switched the whole sim off and haven't started it since! I'm getting rather tired with chasing issues. I went through a phase a couple of years ago with similar issues with P3D, but since having sorted things out I've been simming pretty much without any issues since, until I started with MSFS! I have donea reinstall, and as suggested it hasn't addressed any of the problems.... however, my last attempt at trying to figure out what is going on points directly at the two Carenado planes I have installed. The Mooney and PA44 Seminole. I've only done some short tests, but some further testing may substantiate my initial thoughts. For some reason, at least on the last six startups, it seems if I start a flight fresh from the planning page, and start it with either of the Carenados, then the sim crashes while loading. However, if I create a flight with a defauilt aircraft, come out of the flight and then load the same flight scenario, but with a Carenado, then it seems to be OK. All flights with default aircraft are OK while loading. Very strange and darn irritating.
  10. Thanks David. I have to say, the way I feel at the moment, I may well uninstall the entire shooting match and wait until Asobo and MS have got their darn act together Can you remind me where the camera cfg is? I did make some changes but for the life of me can't remember the location!
  11. Everything was fine with my setup until the latest update last week. Basically MSFS crashes to desktop while loading from the 'setting up a flight page'. On the odd occasion that it did load, Yoke dead, throttle dead, Xbox controller that I use for views, dead, rudder pedals OK. I persevered with this nonsense for an hour and then thought I'd reinstall a backup from a couple of weeks ago. All good until the update, then same as before. Then I remembered, should I have emptied the community folder prior to the update, soooo, I reinstall the backup, check to see if working, all good. I then remove contents of community folder and install the update. Start up and crashes to desktop. Three attempts later it starts and again no working yoke etc. I then reinstall contents of community folder, exactly the same as before. I have FSUIPC installed and wondering if this could be an issue. I have to say this is getting very tiresome. Every time there is an update there are issues, but this takes the biscuit. Does anyone have any inkling of what might be going on? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks fellas.
  12. Interesting thread. I spent an absolute shed load of hard earned dosh on a complete new build, including an RTX3090, 32Gb RAM and an I7-10700@5Ghz. To say I am underwhelmed, would be to be frank an understatement. Yes, it has improved the fps, but the sim is still not smooth and to make things worse, it's less smooth now in P3dV4.5 than it was prior to the new build! The irony is, that this was supposed to eradicate my past frustrations with the performance of my sim, but in fact, now I haven't flown for about six weeks. I have no real enthusiasm any more and so need to take a step back until which time this sim actually performs as it should do.
  13. I've expereinced this on occasions. Never discovered the reason why, but it seems to always clear itself after a restart.
  14. Hi Fielder, thanks for tsking the time to reply, it's very much appreciated. You're right though, it does sound a little complicated! but I will re-read your post later when I'm sat at my sim. I do think though the issue I have may stem from having all my cockpit views as saved customised views. I just hope Chaseplane is released soon! Thanks again.
  15. Can you expand on this please... as I have gone round the houses with different profiles.
  16. Hi, I thought it was something to do with a profile, but I have gone through things rigorously and still not been able to ascertain the issue. Silly as it may seem, this little annoyance is becoming extremely annoying. I hope I can fathom the issue soon. Thanks again.
  17. I have to admit, that while I am enjoying MSFS it is becoming extremely frustrating for me not to still get to grips with the camera system. Yes, I understand the principles and can create a custom view etc, but no matter what I do, it seems when I try to create a customised VC pilot view, for some reason that I simply cannot understand, it reverts to some previous view that I have not created. All my views are assigned to my PFC yoke and an Xbox controller. So the comntroller is for external views and the buttons on the yoke for internal views. When I click to go to an external view that's fine, but when I then click a button on the yoke to return to the customised VC view, it is another view. I then have to click again to get to my customised view. It's probably easier to watch the YouTube video than me trying to explain it, but I hope the issue is clearly shown. It would seem logical to assume that the assignment is being duplicated somewhere else, but I have gone down that road and can't see any other duplicated views. Is this me, or is anyone else having these problems??
  18. Homer is wonderful! But PAEN Kenai is my faveourite of all.
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