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  1. I was responding to shivers9's post. Where is the 35 minutes of gameplay? I'm an insider, and didn't see that? Thanks, Mike
  2. by this stupid slow roll of a release where you guys get all excited every week on the same day over the promise of the "Flight Sim of the Gods" which is not a new engine as you were all excited about but a dressed up FSX/Flight in a new box. Have to agree with you, getting all excited every week over a 7 second video is an insult.
  3. I guess fireworks are excluded, but the trade off is a no brainer, considering the overall experience.
  4. I like to take a helicopter, low and slow. The animations and changing billboards are simply unbelievably accurate!! The road traffic moves at a more believable speed. I have never even checked my FPS, because it's so smooth as is. When people tell me where they have stayed, it's there!! Unbelievable. LOVE IT!!! Mike
  5. I just have to say that this is the most entertaining, and unbelievably accurate thing I've seen in 25yrs of flight simming! Been to Las Vegas several times, now I feel like I can visit without gambling!! It's Awesome. Mike
  6. I used Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, and the enrollment, survey showed up and worked. Mike
  7. Hey, bud. I had to use Google Chrome and it worked!! Hope that works for you. Mike
  8. A horse walked into a bar, bartender asked "why the long face?" Sorry, I am having fun with this "useless" forum. Haven't laughed like this in awhile!! It kind of diverts my anxiety over the next MS sim. Thanks for the humor!! Mike
  9. LOL !!! Even better, display an entire empty cabin (no passengers are ever modelled)! you're right, totally useless,lol. But lets have the ability for the Captain to use the bathroom, and clog it up, causing an odor that comes through the mic on your headphones. Useless??
  10. That's a good one! What about the ability to fly over the insects and bats, and fog them with insecticide, or replace the bulbs with those yellow BugLight's like I have on my decks? If not, when you pick a parking spot and crack a window or door open, you can get Malaria, and the mission fails?? Mike
  11. This is really funny, the useless thread!! Ok, how about when you touchdown in a heavy, 787 for example, could we please feel the foundation of our houses shake, and wake up anyone else in the house?? yes, no?? LOL!! Just a useless request!! Mike
  12. You're absolutely right, again! After all, Microsoft started this whole Flight Sim. going back to 1995(as I can remember using). Even P3D, FSW used the base. It's awesome to think they are taking it to the next generation! It's going to be the best yet, I think! Can't wait!! Mike
  13. You're right. I guess I was just hoping for more, up to date screens.
  14. Yeah...but the screenshots say they are from Feb/March? That's an update?
  15. I'm thinking that there should be a great choice of default aircraft, considering MSFSX had a nice, wide selection. If MS thinks they are building from the history of MS flight sim, then there should be a nice variety of default aircraft to choose from. Who Knows, wait and see is all we can do, right, ?? Mike.
  16. What missions do I want? Well, I liked Innsbruck Approach, Resort Supply, Quito Approach, Carrier Landing IMC. Secret Shuttle, Carrier Practice, Monsoon, High Altitude Intercept, Dutch Harbor Approach, Rocket Launch Air Cover. Anything even "similar", but with a whole new sim(MSFS) would be awesome to me. Thanks, Mike
  17. I was just thinking, maybe this new MSFS will have an option to fly in FSX as well, but with the new technology, or give you the option to fly the FSX missions, which I really love!!! Hmm? Mike
  18. Most every current internet plan starts at 100 Mbps. So we should be ok.
  19. Hi, Stan. I always save my emails that have serial numbers and activation keys numbers. Just log in to Fly Tampa's site, if you remember your login. if not, they will reactive you by email. Mike.
  20. Hi Holger. But He didn't say he had FSDT KLAS. I do, but I uninstalled it before installing FLY TAMPA KLAS, because I figured there would be issues and conflicts. Thank, Mike
  21. Hi, Stan. You need to download the "Universal" installer from the Fly Tampa site. FlyTampa_Universal_P3D_Setup , that's the name of the file. Maybe uninstall it first, not sure. But that's the file they recommend using for all of you purchases. When I last ran it, it showed everything that I have bought, and options to reinstall. Hope that works! Take care, Mike I meant maybe uninstall KLAS first
  22. Ok, thanks Mitch. Just wondered if you had anything for P3D. Take care, Mike
  23. Hi, Mitch. I live in Glens Falls, NY. (KGFL) and fly to KALB a lot. 2 questions...is your KALB scenery compatible with P3D V4.5? And, do you have any plans to do KGFL? That would be awesome !! I live between Lake George and Glens Falls. Thanks, Mitch. Mike
  24. So it has rain effects on the windshield? When I was about 9yrs old, my older brother(private pilot) took me up over Lake George, NY in a rented Bananza !
  25. Me, too. Is P3D going to incorporate any of the new technology from the new MSFS ? or will they in P3D V5? That would be great, unless they are ok with what they have just for training purposes ?
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