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  1. I have to agree here. when I think of what I have in P3D V4.5, It's quite a wide range. If I'm in the mood for military missions, I have the Raptor, F-35's F/A 18's, C130's,IRIS A-10 Warthog,etc.. and combined with VRS TacPac for a wide range of weapons that inflict damage, It's amazing. You can drop a variety of carrier config's and tankers for refueling. And for Airliners, I have PMDG 747-8, 777, and 737. I have MCE for Virtual Co-pilot commands, GSX amazing ground operations !! If I'm in the mood for general aviation, (which I do most of the time), I have add on helo's, Turbo props, which I can fly over my favorite add on airports...FLY TAMPA, FSDT, BTW.. FLY TAMPA LAS VEGAS is the most amazing !! I have real time weather (rex SKY FORCE), Old prop precipit FX which enhances rain and snow effects. Not to mention my ORBX airports!! So, I agree about the variety that we currently have. Therefore, we'll have wait and see what Microsoft puts out. Until then, I will probably try it when it's released, open minded, but there's always that "uninstall" option !! Take care, Mike
  2. 1.74 Stan. I just bought and downloaded it. About to try it now !!
  3. I miss about a hand full of missions from FSX, Innsbruck Approach, Resort Supply, Secret Shuttle, Amsterdam to London, Monsoon approach, And the carrier landing at night (can't remember the name). I'm using P3D V4.5 now. Mike
  4. I totally agree. Next, we'll be seeing post's about why an open SDK will be an immediate failure !!! LOL !!
  5. A very shrewd and clever plan to inject FUD into the FS community and create hysteria based on a tech demo. What is FUD?
  6. I would, couldn't hurt anything. Usually, when any aircraft goes "out of control", it's usually related to an "out of control" controller calibration. It does happen, once in awhile, after updates for addons and other products.
  7. Hi, Jozeff. Anytime that my helicopters were out of control, it was always my joystick calibration. Never knew what "knocked" it out of sync, but what I did was reset to default in p3d controller menu, then calibrate the joystick in the Windows option. Hope that helps, Mike
  8. Here's how I fixed the elevation issue. Easy, and all is perfect now: Open the FTX Vector Control panel, go to Airport Elevation Corrections and click the Run Auto-Configuration tab. Let it run, takes awhile. Then, open P3D and go to KLAS. Things will be all messed up(elevation). Then, close P3D. Go back to FTX Vector Control panel, Airport Elevation Corrections, look for KLAS on the "enabled" side(left) then click the DISABLE for that airport. Everything is awesome now, what an amazing add on!! Feels like being there!! WOW!!!
  9. I would say that Russ is spot on !
  10. I would say do the upgrades on your system, then move to P3D. Most (90%) off my add on purchases from the FSX days have the P3D install option!! Didn't even realize that when I bought them !! 64bt, performance is great ! No more popping up autogen, Great lighting, plus, at least it's still being upgraded, unlike FSX. You won't look back ! Although I do miss about 5 of the Missions in FSX. Oh well. Mike
  11. Thanks, Simbol. Maybe they'll ad it to more aircraft in v4.5? I hope. Mike
  12. Hello. Am I missing any other aircraft that have rain effects? Seems that there were more in v4.3 ? Thanks, Mike
  13. I used to have the Miracle on the Hudson mission when I had FSX. I remember that there was a config edit to "make plane floatable", If you google it, you will probably find it. Works great! Mike
  14. Hello. I was going to buy the 777, for P3Dv4. Should I wait until PBR is available, or would it just be an update when it's available? Thanks, Mike
  15. Hello. I'm looking for a good pay ware add on for the Falls. I searched, seems like Aerosoft is the only one. Has anyone found any other choices? Thanks! Mike
  16. Hello, Michael. Thanks for posting this. I didn't have a blurries issue, But, you did make me check my NVIDIA control panel and It was set the way that you recommended. Very useful info, incase I ever run into it. Thank you! Mike
  17. Hi, sevyns. I've had the same issue, still do sometimes, what I found was 1- make sure your controller is calibrated right, 2- make sure your pitch and speed are correct. Hope that helps, Mike.
  18. I hear ya, Ed. But thank God it's still developing, right?
  19. Hello. Regarding REX Sky force, I set the resolution's to 2048 HD. Pretty smooth! Mike
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