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  1. I have precipitFX, and the PMDG 777 Emersion. I love the effects!! Mike
  2. I gave Ryzen a try, new build, I have a ton of add-ons, So far, it's the best performance I've had after 20yrs of this great hobby! Also, this motherboard will accept the Ryzen Thread Ripper CPU. Just waiting for the price to come down!! Mike
  3. I am not seeing the rain effects on the 400 either. P3D V4.4 Thanks, Mike
  4. Sounds like some add on is conflicting. I've had that happen.
  5. Thanks, Doug. That's interesting, I'll check the BIOS. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hello! Can someone tell me if I even have the option to turn of HT? I've looked in the BIOS and don't see anything related to HT on or off. But it's an 8 core Ryzen 7 1800X. Thanks, Mike
  7. Merry Christmas to all and your families. God Bless! Mike
  8. Hello. Am I reading this right? The 777 is only P3D V3 compatible ? I have P3D 4.4 Thanks, Mike.
  9. Andreas, I had the same concern...here's what I learned. Check out this link, it's from REX. https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/48678-skyforce-3d-and-rex-texture-direct/&_fromLogin=1
  10. I just built a new computer, for the money, my builder(Microsoft Certified) suggested to try the AMD Ryzen 8 core. I have never seen P3D run any smoother than now. Unbelievably smooth and stunning graphics!! See my specs below. Cooler Master Tower. ASUS Crosshair VI Hero Republic of Gamers Motherboard.(1TB SAMSUNG960 EVO SSD Directly connected to MB) MSI GEFORCE GAMING GTX 1080 8GB AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight Core Processor 32 GB G.SKILL RIPJAWS V DDR4 Memory. Thanks, Mike
  11. Thanks, Shane. Just wonder why LM didn't include all variations, but I'll follow your instructions! Mike
  12. But how do you port the models into P3D? copy them from FSX and they will work? By the way, do the guns fire in the spectre version for you guys? They did in FSX, but the weapons panel won't arm them or fire them in P3D, for me anyway?
  13. sightseer, respectfully, do you realize that it's dead, and nobody is working on anything??
  14. I gave up on it, even while it was being developed. Looked bad, scenery wise, and they never fixed it. Had high hopes, but it was horrible!! Sad.
  15. I like the guides right here on the front page under Hot Spots on the right side of the site. Mike
  16. I totally agree with this. Concerns me as well.
  17. +1 I feel the same way, Stephan! Couldn't have said it better! It's not even close to done(I hope), but they are selling "missions" for it?? Maybe they are grasping for money and need the cash flow to do anymore improvements. Mike
  18. That makes sense. Maybe why Lockheed calls it P3D? Because I thought LM bought the rights to change the code, but maybe you are right as they changed the title, so did DTG. I just hope FSW surprises us in the long run! Time will tell. Mike
  19. Weird, but I get surround sound front and back. while in VC mode. I don't think any other Aircraft does that?? Mike
  20. Hi, lain. I think it is a quirk just for that plane in FSX. Sometimes the engine sounds are there, but faint. All of a sudden they come back at normal volume. And it is when I'm changing views. Delayed sound for a few seconds, then it comes back. ? hasn't really bothered me too bad, but I wondered if it was just me, so thanks for the post! Mike
  21. Hi, Stephen. I hope your eyebrows are still there! lol!! All I am trying to say is what I am seeing from True Sky is out of focus, you have to check the box in the FSW interface that says "stable cloud motion" to stop the clouds from looking like the smoke from my ashtray when I lay my cigar or cigarette in it. Even DTG say they are still working with True Sky to get it optimized! Have you looked down to the ground while flying through clouds and seen the whited out ground and the 2D trees? Have you seen the dull water animation while the flickering is going on near the shore? If you know of anyway to fix True Sky, please let me know! Thanks, Mike
  22. I have an 8 core processor, and it was explained to me that it spreads processes out more evenly and there should be no need to assign any cores to anything? And I have no affinity mask, everything seems so awesome, stunning actually!! I am not changing anything unless anyone here has any other hints or recommendations that could make it any more awesome!! Thanks, Mike
  23. Is it just me, or can anyone else not notice any improvements other than the Cub? And I don't see that as anything important, when the water still doesn't look like water! Ok, maybe we still see the flickering trees, the weird look on the ground through the clouds, the terrible anti-aliasing, The "locked spot" view has never been locked, as it floats and changes during flight. We are supposed to believe that it's not "optimized" yet because they are still working with True Sky? Scrap it, and work with Active Sky or REX and cloud issues solved!! Or, even the default FSX cloud textures were better! Had my hopes up and still do for DTG, but can they at least make it look good first, then move on? I will keep hanging in there, hoping! Mike
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